Resolutions of American Citizens in Dundee


Resolutions of American Citizens in Dundee


Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865
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American Citizens in Dundee


Record Group 59: General Records of the Department of State, 1763-2002, Entry 177: Foreign Messages on the Death of Abraham Lincoln, 1865, National Archives at College Park, College Park, MD


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The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Late President of the United States of America, and the Attempted Assassination of William H. Seward, Secretary of State (Washington: Government Printing Office, 1866), 210-11.
The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Late President of the United States of America, and the Attempted Assassination of William H. Seward, Secretary of State (Washington: Government Printing Office, 1867), 276-77.


Meeting of American citizens in Dundee.

At a meeting of American citizens held at the United States consulate, Dundee, on the 3d of May, 1865, Dr. Smith, consul at Dundee, on being called to the chair, spoke as follows:

The object of our present meeting, as you are aware, is to express our sorrow at the appalling calamity which has befallen our people and nation in the sudden removal, by cowardly assassination, of our excellent and beloved Chief Magistrate, and at a time when that great and good man had, under God, by his fortitude, consistency, prudence, and sagacity, brought the nation safely and triumphantly through one of the most dreadful conflicts ever witnessed upon the earth; also to express our detestation and abhorrence of the conduct of those who devised, and the tools who carried the diabolical purpose into effect, but too successfully, in the case of our beloved President, while we trust the attempt upon the worthy Secretary of State, and his son Frederick, has proved abortive. Another object we have in view is to convey to the bereaved widow and orphans our sentiments of deep sympathy and condolence under the heavy affliction which God, in His inscrutable wisdom, has permitted to befall them; also, to convey to Secretary Seward and his family our sentiments of sorrow and sympathy with them under the great calamity which has befallen them, and to express our earnest desire that they may be restored to health, and their lives be long spared as a blessing to our beloved nation. In the circumstances, it will be also becoming to express our high confidence in the ability and integrity of our present Chief Magistrate, Andrew Johnson, whose antecedents are our guarantee for the future, and our assurance that, by his energetic, judicious, and Christian course, he will live down the vile slanders heaped upon him by the enemies of our great republic.

Mr. Mackenzie having been chosen secretary, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted:

“1. Whereas we have heard with deep and heartfelt sorrow, and at the same time with a just indignation, of the cowardly and brutal assassination of our excellent and illustrious President, Abraham Lincoln, and of the dastardly attempt on the lives of Secretary and Assistant Secretary Seward, &c., we hereby tender to our sorrowing countrymen and fellow-citizens our heartfelt sympathy, and would desire to mingle our tears with theirs over the grave of the best and greatest citizen of our country, whose death at this critical period of our nation’s history we feel to be a most fearful calamity. We mourn with them the loss of the sagacious statesman, the true patriot, and the pious Christian, whose name and fame will be a sweet savor in the memory of his countrymen in the ages to come.

“2. That we deeply sympathize with Mrs. Lincoln and her afflicted family in the heavy blow which has so unexpectedly deprived them of the kind husband and the fond and affectionate father, and trust that He who has heretofore by His heavenly grace sustained her in previous trials will continue to support her in this her greatest sorrow; and that the affectionate remembrances of a great nation for him who died a martyr’s death for the cause of liberty and justice may prove a solace to her in her widowhood.

“3. That while we deeply sympathize with Mr. Seward and his family in their heavy affliction, we congratulate the nation that the life of him whose wise councils and prudent action have done so much for his country at home and abroad is likely to be yet spared; and we would fervently pray that his invaluable services may long be continued to guide his country in her path of progress and civilization.

“4. That we trust speedy and condign punishment may soon overtake the villanous and cowardly wretches that devised, planned and carried out these nefarious and diabolical deeds, from which universal humanity has recoiled with horror.

“5. That we have perfect confidence in the integrity and ability of our present Chief Magistrate, Andrew Johnson, believing that his antecedents are sufficient guarantee of his energy, wisdom, and prudence in the future, and that under his leadership the nation may soon arrive at a righteous and lasting peace.

“6. That a copy of these resolutions be forwarded through our minister, Mr. Adams, signed by the chairman and secretary of this meeting.”



The meeting then terminated.



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