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  • Chicago and Illinois Midland Railroad Collection

The Chicago and Illinois Midland Railway Company began in 1888 as the Pawnee Railroad, running from Pawnee, and later Taylorville, to the Illinois Central Railroad mainline. The Chicago Edison Company (later Commonwealth Edison Company) purchased the Pawnee Railroad in 1905 to transport coal from Illinois' coal fields to Chicago Edison's power plants in Chicago. The railway's name changed to Chicago and Illinois Midland Railway Company at this time.

Commonwealth Edison attempted unsuccessfully to sell the railroad after the passage of the Clean Air Act in the 1960s. After changes in company coal usage, the railroad went back into use, this time transporting coal from western states into central Illinois. After railroad deregulation in the 1980s, Commonwealth Edison sold the railroad in late 1987. The railroad was sold several more times.

The finding aid for the Chicago and Illinois Midland Railway Company (Springfield, IL) Records, 1889-1956 at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum may be found at

Photographs in this collection include images of railroad employees at work, railroad operations, railroad engines and cars, and railroad accidents.

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