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Irvin M. Peithmann worked at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale beginning in 1931 as the manager of the university farm. Peithmann explored Native American occupation sites in southern Illinois leading to the Southern Illinois University Museum curator placing Peithmann in charge of the organization's Native American collections in 1949. His career focused on studying archaeology remains from pre-historic Native Americans in southern Illinois. Peithmann discovered the Modoc Rock Shelter in 1951 containing skeletons over 11,000 years old. Peithmann also worked with the Seminole Indians in Florida, helping them create a memorial to Osceola. During his career, Peithmann published several books on Native Americans in the United States. Peithmann received the Distinguished Service Award from Southern Illinois University in 1975.

Photographs in this collection include several images of Peithmann's collection at the Southern Illinois University Museum.

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