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  • Doud-Herdman, Kirby and Huff Families Collection

William H. Herdman, a blacksmith and early resident of Mount Vernon, Illinois, was the son of Robert and Jane Hanson Herdman. He married Mary A. Kirby, the daughter of Moses and Lydia Williamson Kirby.

Herdman moved to Mount Vernon from Pennsylvania in 1850. In 1865 his brother, Thomas, a Methodist Episcopal minister, came from Ohio to head the Methodist Seminary at Mount Vernon which closed down during the Civil War. He remained there for four years and then acted as minister for several different churches in the area. In 1890 he was elected president of McKendree College. He remained at the college in various positions for approximately ten years.

William Hamilton and Mary had eight daughters including Ada I. Herdman, Ina B. Herdman, Florence V. Herdman, Ellen A. Herdman Gowenlock, Henrietta "Etta" Herdman Doud, Octavia L. Herdman Huff, and Grace Herdman Harris. Henrietta "Etta" Herdman married Menzer Fairchild Doud of St. Louis, Missouri, a newspaper writer for various papers in Kansas and Missouri. Their daughter, Grace, was a school teacher and served as chairman of the Missouri State Association of Childhood Education in 1939. Their oldest daughter, Ada, was also a schoolteacher and taught in the Mount Vernon area for many years.

Henrietta Doud's youngest daughter, Virginia, provided many of the photo identifications on the photographs.

Photographs in this collection include images of the Herdman family with a high number of images featuring the families of Henrietta Doud, Grace Harris, Ellen Gowenlock, and Octavia Huff.

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