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  • Rachel Richardson Collection

The Rachel Richardson Collection features the family and colleagues of Illinois Speaker of the House William Granville Cochran. Cochran served as Speaker of the House from July 1890 through early January 1891 and again from July 1895 through early January 1897. Cochran and his son, Oscar F. Cochran, served as judges in Illinois. William Granville Cochran was an Illinois Circuit Court Judge based in Sullivan Illinois, while Oscar F. Cochran served on the County Court of Moultrie County.

Photographs from this collection include images of William Granville Cochran, members of the Illinois General Assembly, and Cochran family members including William Granville Cochran's children Arthur, Cochran, Archibald Blaine Cochran, Laura O. Cochran Thompson, and Grace M. Cochran Richardson.

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