On the Job in Illinois Collection


On the Job in Illinois Collection


Illinois Labor History Society


The On the Job in Illinois Collection chronicles men and women at work in a variety of industries throughout Illinois. The images appeared in an photography exhibition and a book entitled On the Job in Illinois: Then and Now put together by the Illinois Labor History Society.

Images include workers at General Mills, Sara Lee, and the Schwinn Bicycle factory.

Items in the On the Job in Illinois Collection Collection

Steve Carr, a photographer for "On the Job in Illinois", uses his Nikon camera to photograph himself the mirror of a vehicle.

Two women sit on top of a power shovel dipper while two men stand behind a horse-drawn wagon and its driver at the side of the dipper.Photo caption: "Largest all-manganese steel power shovel dipper ever made, 15 cubic yards 37 tons, shipped Feb.…

An employee scoops dry ice into a container on top of a piece of unidentified machinery at Chemetron in Chicago.

A woman uses the "Mailomat", a coin-operated postage machine, outside of a Chicago post office.

A United States Mail parade float featuring two men in postal employee uniforms in front of a large mailbox appears in a parade in Chicago on behalf of the United States Postal Service.

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