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Philad'a Jan'y 26, 1865.

Hon. Richard Yates, Senator &c Dear Sir: I am not sure that your will remember me, except as a former candidate for Surgeon of the 22d Illinois Inf. rejected on the score of homeopathy. Knowing you to be not inimical to the system, and noting the introduction of a bill for the reorganization of the regular army, I take the liberty of addressing you as in my official capacity of Professor in Homeopathic Medical College of Pennsylvania - as well as in view of my position, held from 1862 to 1865, of Surgeon of the 29th Missouri Infy.

My desire and hope are, in common with a million of my fellow citizens, to see the paragraph relating to the Medical Department simply prohibit distinctions among candidates for

the positions under that Department, based on the school of practice of which they may be members. We wish each to stand or fall by his own merits.

My own military history I am confident in referring to.

With much respect, I remain, Very Truly Your Obt Sv't. John C. Morgan, M.D.

J C Morgan MD Philadelphia Pa.

Is President of Homeopathic Medical college -- was surgeon of 23d Mo Vols. and defeated for a like position in an Illinois Regt. In reorganization of the army desires no disability of surgeons on acct of the school of Practice.

Answd Feb 25th 1866 Would consider the matter (strng Acknowledge will give careful consideration