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Naples Ill.

Sept 16th 1864.

Gov. Richard Yates

Dear Sir,

I am requested by the boys, whose names are subscribed to the enclosed "statement", to present the same to you.

I suppose you will know the nature of their case and if any wrong is being done them it is enough for you to know that they are soldiers in trouble in order to insure them whatever assistance is within your power.

And I don't know how you feel about it, but if I were in your place I would feel proud of the confidence the Soldier boys place in "Gov Yates".

I will be much obliged to you for anything you may do in their behalf and am certain that the boys will be forever grateful to you for your kindness.

I remain

Your [illegible]

J. G. Henderson

To Gov. Rich. Yates

A [illegible] Answer Do not fail

Henderson, A. G.

Naples Ills. Sept 16th 64

Encloses a statement from eight soldiers of Co "H" 32nd Regt. who represent that their officers threaten to hold them over their time.

Executive Office

Springfield Ills

Sept 26th/64

Respectfully forwarded to Comdg Officer. Louisville Ky. with request that he examine the written statements and cause the men named to be discharged at the expiration of their time.

At direction of Gov. Yates

Jn M Snyder

Col & A.D.E.

[illegible] [Mility?] Comdr.

Louisville Sept 29 64

Respectfully [illegible] the within name men are not in this Command. They could not be mustered out of service until their term of service expires from date of muster in. They cannot be held a day longer without the exigencies of the service, demand their services.

J H hammond

Lt Col and ADG

Chas A Lane

Lt & [illegible]