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January 13th [186]4.

Hon John E Dietrich

Alton Ills.

My Dear Sir:

I am in receipt of your letter of 28th Decr. which I have been unable to give earlier attention because of great press of business. I will consider carefully your recommendation in regard to Major James Farnam 5th Ills. Cavalry I have often thought of the noble stand Randolph has taken in this trying period of our history. His sons have contributed their full share to the renown of regiments which have given the state such lustre in the good fight for Government and Republican principles. I have regarded

your labors so unselfishly given to the country as being one of the strongest agencies we have enjoyed in that county and District and your reward will come (as surely as the good are ever repaid) - "in ten fold measure".

Your friend trly

Richd. Yates