Biographical sketch of Preston Bailhache

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Preston Heath Bailhache was appointed Assistant Surgeon to Camp Yates Springfield, Ills, on April 17, 1861; Assistant Surgeon 19th Regiment Illinois Infantry, in July 1861; Surgeon 14th Regiment Illinois Cavalry March 4, 1863; served during the War of the Rebellion and was mustered out with his Regiment July 31, 1865.

First met Abraham Lincoln in 1857 when he opened his office in same block with The Great Emancipator, little thinking of the great privilege granted him at that time in knowing this wonderful man. He practiced medicine and surgery in Springfield until the war broke out, and numbered Mr.

Lincoln's family among his patients. During these years he frequently met Mr. Lincoln who was always genial and kind. Played several games of "Fives" with him and others. (It is a ball game, played with open hand driving the ball against a wall, alternately by each player). Mr. Lincoln was an expert at this game, his long arms and legs being to his advantage.

During the campaign Mr. Lincoln was frequently met by the writer whose brother was Editor and Proprietor of the "Illinois State Journal" where Politicions gathered of evenings to discuss the "situation". Witnessing his departure from Springfield for Washington was very impressive and memorable.