Agnes Bartlett to Ignatius Grossman

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"The Box" April 15th 1885

Dear Mr Grossman

I cannot resist sending you a little word of heartiest congratulations---for winning sweet Edwina's love. You have gained a rare true heart combined with such grace of manner and such a wealth of personal attractions that she is indeed a [find?] of rare symmetry of character

with a nature pure womanly. Indeed your are to be rejoiced with---and it is a great comfort to feel that you appreciate dear Edwina and will treat her tenderly and with a life's devotion. We are very desirous of meeting you and already accord you the hearty welcome of friendship. My daughter Agnes and myself hope to know you---or at least to

see you before the wedding. Mrs Lillie speaks of you so cordially that we feel we know you already---and our affection for Edwina warms our hearts to all whom she loves. I do not know when anyone's happy news has so appealed to me and I am so glad and thankful for dear Edwina and can congratulate you so unreservedly. How her love honors you. What a blessed gift it is. Very earnestly do I pray for you both---wishing you

all that is good---and a hope---which time and the experience of life may deepen and stengthen. My dear husband's friendship for Mr. Booth would cause me to feel a warm interest in all that concerns him or his and---the tenderness of my affection for Edwina makes her happiness a personal joy to me. This will answer as my reason for writing this little word to you.

Sincerely yours Agnes Bartlett

Mr. Grossman