Edwin Booth to James Lorimer Graham

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My dear Graham

A desire to give you a cheerful letter in reply to your very agreeable one induced me to delay writing 'till after I had "launched my book upon the waters of London criticism," well knowing that any good report of me would not be unwelcome to you.

Not to dwell too long on a subject which may smack perhaps of egotism, suffice it to say that my debut

is considered by many a successful one, but I am far from being pleased---or even satisfied with it.

I almost envy you the delightful time you are passing away those whose tastes are so congenial, and whose memories are fraught with poetry. I can well imagine the enjoyment "Dr Graham of America" has in such society, but I fancy my less sprightly spirit would rejoice more in those [dreams?]


of 'Auld Lang Syne' which this very air sighing over the graves of departed poets must conjure up; I have had some little experience of them here in Westminster.

I am sincerely rejoiced at your good fortune in finding all things so agreeable, and hope Dr S. may remove all fears of any future annoyance.

Mrs Booth joins me in the best wishes for Mrs Graham's speedy recovery.

We are very comfortably situated in a quiet, pleasant

street with Russell [Sqr?] at one end and Bloomsbury at the other.

If there is ought I can do for you in London please let me know it , at all events let me hear from you again

Yours very truly

Edwin Booth

15 Bedford Place Bloomsbury Sqr

Oct 6th 1861

Jas L Graham Jr