Stephen T. Logan to Gustave Koerner

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Springfield January 9th 1850

Hon G Koerner

Dear Sir

I have communicated with Mr. Holloway who is the owner of the claim against Snyders Estate From his answer I feel authorised to make you a proposition if it be promptly accepted and complied with. instead of your mode of calculating interest I propose to take the lands at nearly Four dollars per acre say three dollars per acre and four hundred and fifty dollars besides. this is to leave enough to pay expenses in relation to the land examining titles for & agency for a short time. this in truth amounts to very near the same thing as your proposition in effect but I thought it would be more acceptable to him in that shape. The ballance to be promptly paid in cash. Please let me hear from you as soon as practicable. I expect to be at St Louis in about ten days & should like to close the matter there. I will write you as soon as I reach St Louis, but hope that will not delay your answering me here

Yours respectfully

S T Logan