Writ of Capias in Carson v. Greenawalt

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The Commonwealth of Kentucky to the sheriff of Hardin County Greeting. we command you to take Lodawick alias Lewis Greenawalt if he may be found in your bailwich and him safely keep so that you have his body before the Judges of our Hardin Circuit Court at the court house in Elizabeth Town on the 1st day of our next September Term to answer John Carson in a plea of Trespass on the case damages five hundred dollars and have then there this writ witness Benjamin Helm Clerk of our said Court at the Court house aforesaid the 13th day of August 1811 in the 20th year of the Commonwealth

Ben Helm

20 August 1811 Executed Robt Bleakley D. S. for Wm Withers S.H.C.

John Carson vs Lodawich Greenawalt


To September Term 1811 1st day

Came to hand 1st August 1811 Robt Bleakley

An action on the case and no bail required G A Gaither R [Atteste?] Ben Helm