James R. Loomis to Richard Yates

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Shawneetown Oct 30. 1862.

"His Excellency"

Governor Yates

Springfield Ills.

I hastily write to inform you somewhat of matters pertaining to the object of my mission in south Ills.

Upon my arrival in the District, I immediately visited Maj Kuykendall, and delivered you letter, after the perusal of which he informed me that he had withdrawn from the contest, and was no longer a candidate for the Senate.

He declines in favor of Green, whom he assures me will "vote for all measures" for the success of the Union cause. Green heartily denounces his former course in the Legislature, pretends to be "unconditional union", and in short promises anything, and everything, if an opportunity is only granted him to redeem his lost character. These are Kuykendall's own expressions to me, and although I have my own misgivings as to Greens future course, we will have to abide the result of the election as Green has now no opposition, and will

as a matter of course be elected

Upon the subject of the Legislature, we have come to this conclusion. The counties of Union, Alexander and Pulaski, will send Smith unconditional "Whangdoodle". Pope, Johnson and Massac, will elect Willis "unconditional War democrat," and who will vote "Yates" for U. S. Senate.

Williamson and Jefferson, will send Wm Logan (Genl Logan's brother) whom Kuykendall says can be "gotten right" without doubt.

The hardest fight will be in this (my own) Rep Dist, between Lusk and Turner. We are organizing the opposition in view of this, and intend to put Lusk through if money and hard work will do it. I am here to day confering with our excellent friends the Mssrs Peeples & Ridgway, who with their usual energy, ably second all measures designed to promote the good of the cause, by "material aid" and otherwise.

Our labors shall not cease until Tuesday night, and though we feel grave doubts as to this county - still we hope Lusk may get it. I returned from Saline yesterday. Our friends there, Dr Mitchell and others, are quite sanguine of carrying the county for Lusk. Lusk thinks

his chances are best in Hardin.

Josh Allen will beat Bartley for congress. His arrest and imprisonment, has made him 2500 votes in the District. Kuykendall thinks so, and he ought to know I think.

At Kuykendalls instance I am looking after the matter of tickets for Saline, Gallatin and Hardin, and through Mssrs P & R's assistance have them all supplied. Bartleys tickets for Saline Co were without the names our of candidates for State Officers. I have gotten up new ones and will distribute them tomorrow.

Our friends generally are much dissatisfied with Kuykendall for his withdrawl, and great numbers of them decline to vote for Green under any consideration. They hope he'll do right if elected, yet have very little confidence in his professions. I think myself that he is so thoroughly committed that he cannot do otherwise than perform the promises so publicly made.

With many expressions of regard and hopes for your ultimate success.

I am Your Excellencys

Ob't Serv't

James R. Loomis.

James L. Loomis

Shawneetown Oct 31

Political prospects in that portion of Egypt - not encouraging.

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