Ira A. W. Buck to Richard Yates

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Aurora Ills

Oct 30th 1862

Hon Richd Yates

I am somewhat out of sorts in relation to an act of our Adjutant General, Lt Col Joslyn of the 36th Reg left his regiment on the 1st of August last and resigned his commission, since which time he has been busily engaged at work for the Democratic Party. When last in Springfield you informed me that Capt Jenks was to have his place and his commission should issue as soon as notice was received that his resignation was accepted. We believe that Gen Fuller wrote as he told me he would write in relation to it. If he has requested that he should be retained he has done another mean thing. Joslyn received

his order on Friday last to report to his Regt on Saturday he presided over a Democratic Convention in this County, [then?] Monday he [illegible] from the Paymaster in Chicago over $1200 and at night made a [dirty?] speech for Sherman. He is to make another tomorrow night in Chicago. All of this may be right but we do not see it.

I have been in DeKalb County for the past three days and our prospects are bright.

Sincerly Yours &c

Ira A.W. Buck

Ira A.W. Buck.

Aurora, Ill. Oct. 30.

Concerning Lt. Col. Joslyn of 36th Regt; thinks Adjt Gen. Fuller has not done right in not appointing Capt. Jenks to his place: Joslyn has been around making democratic speeches for Sherman &c. &c