L. H. Waters to Richard Yates

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Macomb Ills. April 7 1862

To His Excellency

Governor Richard Yates

Dear Sir. Yours of the 5th inst. was recd. this morning. I made the application for the Colonelcy of the 7th Cavalry at the instance of Kellogg who assured me that he would resign on the 1st of April. I am now satisfied that he will never resign until his position as Judge is in danger. Compelled to resign at a time when a man with any political aspirations, would most regret it. by the conduct of Col. Johnson, I have been exceedingly anxious ever since to reenter the service that I might set myself right, but nothing could induce me to go into camps, hunting for an opening. Johnson was not required to see whether his appointment would be satisfactory to the men

and officers of the 28th. before it was made. Whilst he was borrowing their money, I was involving myself for their benefit in my Efforts to arm them, and have been refused pay for the reason that I turned over in an "irregular way" the miserable guns furnished us by Fremont. He, at last accounts was near $6000 ahead, whilst I shall be if I cannot get a satisfactory settlement with parties who know nothing but "Fremont & him glorified" as many dollars behind. I regret that I have troubled you so much already in the premises. I am under many and lasting obligations to you for the appointments you have seen fit to confer on me. I beg of you to give no further thought or trouble on my behalf, and believe me

Yours Very Truly

L. H. Waters

Lt Col L. H. Waters

McComb April 7

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