Richard Yates to Callender

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State of Illinois

Executive Department

Springfield April 6, 1862

Maj. F. D. Callender

Dear Sir,

A short time since I sent to the Secy. of War a letter of which the enclosed is a copy. I have received a letter form the friend who presented it suggesting "that I send my Adjutant General or some other competent officer to Genl. Totten in St. Louis, or to the Chief Officer of Ordinance of the Western Department with my request for the guns and ammunition" referred to me the foregoing letter or requisition;

Now I suppose you are the proper person to give me the approval of the requisition and if you will do so I will be much obliged. The reason I wrote for the 12 pounders was that nearly every company has expressed a desire for them. They have been so well satisfied with the 6 pounders that

they desire the 12 pounders of the same pattern. Please endorse the copy I send you or take any method you may desire best in effecting the object.

These guns and ammunition can be ordered directly to St. Louis if you so desire. I would prefer this as we are overcrowded here. My only desire is that the Illinois troops would have the guns.

Very Respectfully,

Richard Yates

P.S. An early reply is solicited.

copy to Maj. F. D. Callendar St. Louis

Requisition for James guns and projectiles.