S. S. Leach to Richard Yates

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with W. L. B. Jenney letter 11/25/62

Dixon April the 6 1862.

Gov Yates


I halve got an honerable discharge from Cheeneyes batrey for disability I have a famoley of five children and am obliged to soport them by dais worke. I wish to do what I can for my country and at the same time assist my Famoley Is thare a place in the state that you can give me for a recomend I would refur you to Cap John T. Ceeney and the within from the Engeniers of Memphis

Respectfuley yours S S Leach

S S Leach

Dixon April 6 1863.

Was discharged from the service for disability is very poor - has a wife & five children wishes a position of some kind.

Ans April 10 63

none in the gift of this Dept. - throw blame on Treasurer

Recd Ex O April 9 1863.