Samuel S. Strider to Allen C. Fuller

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Nokomas Jny 23d 1862

Hon A. C. Fuller

Sir your very kind letter in reply to mine of the 18th of october addressed to Gov Yates came duly to hand in which you stated that you had writen to Col Cook if the facts were as stated in relation to my son to have him discharged I considered it my duty to send Col Cook a writen statement of the facts with my affadavit, some five weeks have elapsed and he has not honered my note with a reply beleiving that you are disposed to respect my claim to my son I have thought it my duty to apprise you that your orders to Col Cook have been so far disregarded I will feel under many obligations to you if you will do me the favour to attend to getting his release My son is very anxious to get in the academy at West Point where he can get a thougher military education To that I will not object,

If their is any thing more necessary for me to do to get his release please inform me

I am Sir

Resp yrs

Saml S. Strider

S. S. Strider

Nokomas Jany 23d

In regard to the discharge of his son, a minor