On Hearing from Mr. Marsh of President Lincoln's Proclamation January 1863

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Madam Ranke wife of German Historian [Lincoln]

On hearing from Mr Marsh of President Lincoln's Proclamation.

Jan. 1863.

My heart leapt up, aye! higher than the skies,

Up to the throne of God, with grateful joy,

When to mine ears were brought (tho' with alloy

Of pending cares, political and wise)

The glorious news, that Slavery now lies

Even as a Snake, that stricken would annoy

Yea in its rage of Death would fain Destroy

The Avenger of unnumbered agonies.

Oh ever blessed be that Funeral Band

That suffering stands Determined to lay low

Earth's most malignant and oppressive foe

Oh! task Divine! For God with His own hand

Once led His people to their promised land

Out of the house of bondage and of woe.

C. Ranke.