W. L. Newberry to Richard Yates

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See other side for telegrams and letters with this telegram. (1861?)

Caton Lines. Illinois and Mississippi Telegraph Company. In connection with all other lines in the United States and Canadas. Terms and conditions on which messages are received by this company for transmission: The public are notified, that, in order to guard against mistakes in the transmission of messages, every message of importance ought to be repeated, by being sent back from the station at which it is to be received to the station from which it is originally sent. Half the usual price for transmission will be charged for repeating the message. This Company will not be responsible for mistakes or delays in the transmission or delivery of unrepeated messages, from whatever cause they may arise; nor will it be responsible for damages arising from mistakes or delays in the transmission or delivery of a repeated message, beyond an amount exceeding two hundred times the amount paid for sending the message; nor will it be responsible for delays arising from interruptions in the working of the Telegraphs, nor for any mistake or omission of any other Company over whose lines a message is to be sent to reach the place of destination. All messages will hereafter be received by this Company for transmission, subject to the above conditions.

J. D. Caton, Pres't, Ottawa, Ill. 186

By Telegraph from Chicago 6 186

To R Yates

We now get Treasury notes at Par for our Receipts will exchange the money We receive for Treasury notes and give them good circulation W S Newberry

E4 Col 12S

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