Richard Yates to Wood

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State of Illinois

Executive Department

Springfield Nov 5th 1861

Dear Governor

In view of the wants of our troops which are soon to press heavily upon us, I have caused to be made out by one of your clerks an approximate statement of what we shall probably need and I send you a copy. The amounts perhaps are larger than we ought to contract for now, but we ought to contract for some of them as soon as possible. Mr Sarmiento of Philadelphia, who is still here assisting me in my sickness, is an old friend of mine and his house can be relied upon for any contracts they may make. I feel very desirous that you would give him a contract for at least a portion of what may be needed provided he can furnish you as cheaply and upon as good terms as others. There are good reasons, I think also why we should at least distribute somewhat the patronage provided the State loses nothing by it. I would not request Mr Sarmiento to have the least preference over any other contractor, but if he offers as cheap and of as good quality as any other, then I would consider it a favor if you would give him a contract because I regard him as a good friend and most worthy man

Truly Yours

Signed Richard Yates

Copy of R. Yates to Gov. Wood.