Frederick E. Ransom Sketchbook, 1874-1882

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[illegible] G. Ransom


March 25th 1880

(Written expressly for the Young Men of America

God Save Our Land.

By Jas. Barrett.

O'Er one hundred years ago

When George Washington, you know,

Fought so bravely, for to free our glorious land;

Let our country be free

From all British tyranny,

Was the watchword by that heroic little band.

With the enemy hard by

they prayed to God on high,

Mighty was the odds against that patriot band.

But beneath the starry sky

They waved their flag on high,

And the prayer they utter'd was: God save our land.

Forward; Washington did cry,

We'll gain victory, or die,

With the help of God, we'll conquer [illegible] this

Liberty! responds the cry.

Raise our starry flag on high.

British power shall never rule America.

Then the mighty clash of war

Was heard both near and far.

The stars and stripes waved gloriously and grand

General Washington did say:

Freedom for America,

The Cry Responded then: God Save our land.

Onward, men, never despair,

The good Lord will hear our prayer.

manly meet each foeman bravely on the field.

Ay! we'll battle day and night

For to gain our nation's right,

To the British enemy we'll never yield,

On! brave comrades, came the cry,

On! for the victory or die,

Was the war-cry by that little patriot band.

We'll pull down the rebel rag

And hoist up our starry flag,

The cry resounded then: God save our land.

Raise the stars and stripes on high

For that good old flag we'll die,

We fear not the odds, or dread the battle's [illegible]

On! for liberty or die!

we surrender! came the cry,

Wave our starry flag, the Lord has heard our [illegible]

The stars and stripes doth wave

O'er ev'ry hero's grave,

Fame and glory to that chief who took comm [illegible]

General George Washington,

Brave Columbia's honor'd son,

He fought nobly, and gained freedom for ou [illegible]

Major General Meade The Hero of Gettysburg July 1863

Philadelphia, Pa. Die Reiterstatue des General Meade. (Nach einer Photographic von 21. Calder.)

J. B Hickock- Wild Bill.

Brooks Seminary [illegible] [illegible] Ladies Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Superior advantages, moderate charges and No Extras, except Art Studies and Greek. Preparation of students for Vassar College a specialty. Next Session Begins September 17 Record Sent on application.

The Sergeant at West Point 1871


27 Thomas Edwin Greenfield Ransom. Brigadier General Commanding 17th U.S. Army Corps in Georgia October 1864

Head Quarters U. S. Forces, Brazos de Santiago, Nov. 8th 1863

[illegible] with [Genl?] [Orders?] [illegible] dated Hdad Quarters 3d Illinois 15th [Cavalry?] Corps Nov. 7th 1865, the undersigned [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] U.S. Forces do [illegible] [illegible] and an- nounces the following officers and staff: Capt. C.E. [Nietz?] [Apt?] [illegible] [illegible] [Charles?] [B.?] [Sirfoth?] 13th [illegible] [illegible] [PE?][illegible] [Brig?] [illegible] [illegible]

General Order No. 2 The [following?] [illegible] [confering?] its [illegible] [illegible] at [illegible] on [tonight?] [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] 20th [illegible] 34 [illegible] [illegible [illegible] [8 lines illegible]

28 II [illegible] J. L [Lilton?] R. A. M 15th [illegible] Inf is hereby appointed A.C.S. for the [Expedition?] By order of Brdg Gen T.E. G. Ransom C. E. [illegible] A. A. [G?] Head [illegible] 3rd Brig 2nd Div Fort Esperanza Texas General Orders [Oct?] 2nd 1863 No 3 II The staff of the Brigade will consist of the following [illegible] officers, Capt C. E. [Delkey?] Asst. Off. [Ge?] [illegible] [James?] [illegible] 15th [illegible] A. A. [illegible] M. Capt. [Charles?] S. [illegible] 15th [illegible] [Arch?] [Inspector?] [General?] II [illegible] the present and the future [illegible] the following orders will be strictly [decreed?]: A camp guard for the Brigade will be [illegible] and will perform its duties as prescribed in the Army. Regulations. All officers with non [illegible] officers when in charge of detail on duty and enlisted men with papers from Regimental or [Bat?] [illegible] will be permitted to [help?] the line. 2nd The Brigade guard will be [illegible] daily at [illegible] Hd Qtrs. under the directions of a [Regstd?] [illegible] detailed for that purpose, at 8-30 A [Ne?] 3 All loaded guns will be discharged daily under the directions of the [Brg?] off of the [illegible] directly after guard [illegible] and at no other times. 4 [illegible] roll call will be had daily as [illegible] orders from [Div.?] Hd. Qrs. 5 Detach for wood and water [illegible] be [illegible] in charge of a [illegible] [illegible] off. and details for [illegible] must be approved by the Brig. Commander.


6. Company commander will [illegible] [illegible] each morning to [guard?] and company drill, and will make daily inspection of arms and ammunition.

7. Regimental Commanders will hold [battalion?] drills daily (Sundays excepted) at 2 P.M. and will require all officers and men not on duty [unexcused?] by the [Surgeon?] to attend all drills, [illegible] parades and inspections and will promptly [illegible] any officer to these Hd. Qrs. who is negligent in the matter.

8 Reveille will be best at 6 1/2 A.M. Sick call at 7 1/2 " " Breakfast at 7 1/2 " " Regit Guard [illegible] 8 " " Dinner at 12 M Prep Parade at 4 P.M. Retreat at 5 " " Fall in at [8?] " " Taps at 8 1/2 " " 9. The men will be required to wash their clothes and persons frequently and keep [illegible] personal appearance as [creditable?] as [illegible] and its Regt [Camps?] and [illegible] [illegible] [policed?] daily. By order of Brig. Gen. T. E. G. Ransom [illegible] [illegible] [illegible] "There is no such word as fail." General Ransom's motto in life.

Thomas Edwin Greenfield Ransom was born at Norwich Windsor County Vermont Nov. 29th 1834. and died at Rome Ga. October 29th 1864 and was in discharge of his duty com- -manding the famous Seventeenth Army Corps in Sherman's March to the Sea. Young and brave, and liked [illegible] was beloved by all his comrades-in-arms. Professor [Becthers?] [illegible]


Head Quarters 13th Maine Reg. Infty Fort Esperanza Texas Jany 1st 1864 General I have the honor to report that in accordance with the instructions received through you from the Major General Commanding [illegible] Expedition I [illegible] on the evening of the 28th last with one hundred men of my Regiment on the Good Boat "Granite City" and [forwarded?] that night outside of [Matagorda?] [Pe?] [illegible] to a point seven miles from the head of it. In the morning we landed in small boats [through?] the surf on a reconnaissance in landing to restore onboard when our object was obtained, but shortly after our [illegible] the surf was so increased by a strong southerly wind as to cut off all communication with the [illegible] boat. A detachment under Lt. [illegible] having returned from a [illegible] up the Peninsula, I deployed a load of [illegible] [illegible] across and moved down [illegible] convoy of the "Granite City" driving back the Rebel forces to cut off by land. Our [illegible] was in [illegible] on the night [illegible] from the [illegible] that by 2 o'clock P.M. we had advanced [illegible] or eight miles and was obliged to shorten our [illegible] of [skirmishes?]. At this time I was warned by the [illegible] of our Convoy, and [illegible] [skill?] from the 30 persons [illegible] of an [illegible] in the rear. [Soon?] by aid of my