James R. Boyce to Richard Yates

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Jacksonville Ills. January 26th 1865

Hon Richard Yates,

Dear Sir

I this day take the

liberty of droping you a few lines, for the

purpose of asking you to assist me in receiving

a situation as Surgeon, in our Army: I have

made up my mind not to return back again

to California, but send on for my family, early

in the spring to come to this city, for the purpose

of educating my two daughters.

I am out of business

at this particular time, or at least not a sufficient

to justify me to lay still, and being informed that

I could get a situation, as Surgeon in Some one

of the General Hospitals, if I would accept.

I at once came to the conclusion, I would write

you for your aid and assistance in this matter.

I would like very much to be located, if convenient

at Memphis Tenn: in charge of one those Hospitals.

My experience in Hospital Treatment for the last

twelve years in the City of San Francisco, Cal'a

has been extensive, and for Reccommendation

I can give the following Gentlemen, Drs [C.?] M. Long

and English: (My preceptors.) of this place. Dr John T.

Cassell, and our friend Mr Martin H. Cassell

besides our old and venerable friend General A.

McDowell, Commander in chief, on the Pacific Shore

will attest them all with his autograph.

I feel it nothing more, than my duty, as

a loyal citizen of this State, and a member of

these United States, to lend what little ability I may

possess in the restoration of our brave and noble

Illinoisans: "God Grant," that this day is not far

distant, when all will be bound together, again, as

one universal family, and a loving union people.

I was up to Springfield to see you, upon

this business, but you was so much engaged at

the time in regard to you election, for United

State Senator, I did not wish to make knowned

my business. If there is not a [showing?] in the army,

and I could receive the appointment of the

Examining Physician, of this city, in the Provost

Marshals office, it would be very acceptable,

providing it would not be interfering, or injuring

my friend Dr English, as it has been rumored

around town he was to be removed.

Please give me your opinion,

in the above matter, and what you think my chances

are in obtaining, a situation, by so doing you

will greatly oblige a friend and me

[illegible] Yours in F.L.& T.

James R. Boyce


Hon Ex Gov. R Yates

Springfield Ills.

P.S. I have just met Dr David [Prince?] & he will also give me a recommendation

Boyce Dr Jas R

Jacksonville Jan'y 26/65

Wants assistance to

procure position

Surgeon of Vols in