Young Eph's Jubilee

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Young Eph's Jubilee

(Answer to Young Eph's Lament)

Song and Dance as Performed by Thomas Gethings of Kelly & Leon's Minstrels

Words by J.B. Murphy Esq.

Oh de mighty deed am done and de Union Battles Won

Music composed by W.H. Brockway

Published by ROOT & CADY 67 Washington St, Chicago

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1866 by Root & Cady in the Clerks Office of the District Court of the U. S. for the Northern District of Illinois.

Lith. by Chas. Shober, Chicago.



1. Oh! de mighty deed am done and de Union battles won, And de darky gins to find just whar to go: Massa Lincum's Proclamation saved dis great and glorious nation: While it hustled old secession down below. In Charl'ston ober dar In Richmond ober here: De Chivalry dey chuck'ld in dar sleebe. But Grant he put em thro' And so did Sherman too, While dey told de darkies all to cut and leebe. And dats just want dey wanted for to do.

2. Oh! I've got de recollection bout de Alabama section, When I used to pick de cotton whar it grow'd, When old massa lick'd dis nigger 'case de picks wasn't bigger Tho' I always work'd de berry best I know'd. But when de sojers come: Oh! den I cut and run: And jine de Union ranks ob Uncle Sam: Tho' I couldn't read or white: I soon learn'd how to fight And I help to gain my freedom in de land. And dats just what I wanted for to do.

3. Oh! dars room enough for all ... white and black and great and small. In dis great and happy land ob Liberty: I can work as well as fight: and I'll do whate'er is right: If you'll only try and do the same by me. We soon will understand Our places in de land: And couldn't hurt de country if we would. And its plain enough to see: Dat now we all are free We wouldn't hurt de country if we could. Dats what we neber wanted for to do.