Vote for Abraham

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To all true lovers of our common country.

Vote for Abraham

Campaign song of '64 by UNION.


BURLINGTON, Vt Published by H. L. STORY.

Entered according to act of Congress AD 1864 by H. L. Story in the Clerk's office of the Dist Court of Vt.

H.F. [Greene?] [illegible] [Eng?] [illegible]



Allegretto. By Union.



1. We

2. The

all will vote for Abraham, For President-for President; He

reb-els now be-gin to show That Abraham, that Abraham Is


is a tried and honest man, Then vote for Abraham, And An-dy, too, of

dealing them there last death-blow;Then vote for A-bra-ham; And Copperheads may hiss and groan,May hiss and groan,may hiss and groan, Yet one will still lean on the van, "Tis honest A-bra-ham.

Tennessee, Of Tennessee, of Tennessee, Brave An-dy, too, is just the man, To go with A-bra-ham.

3. With Grant and Sherman in the field, with Abraham, with Abraham; We soon will make the traitors yield; Then vote for Abraham. Your time is short, ye copperheads, Ye copperheads, ye copperheads, For in November Uncle Sam Will go for Abraham.

4. The Union ever will remain, For Abraham, for Abraham Has blotted out that vilest stain Of human slavery; As blest and honered shall go down As Washington's,as Washington's, To unborn millions through the land The name of Abraham.


Air. We'll vote for Abraham, my boys,For Abraham; He Alto. Tenor. We'll vote for Abraham, my boys,For Abraham; for Abraham, He Bass. Piano.

is both tried and true, my boys; Then vote for A-bra-ham. is both tried and true, my boys; Then vote for A-bra-ham.