Jackson Grimshaw to Richard Yates

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Quincy Ills. 17th July 1861

Governor Yates:

I see by the papers that another Regiment of Cavalry has been accepted from this State. Permit me to suggest the name of Major L. M. Hays now Major of the 17th Ills. Volunteers, as Colonel of the new regiment. I have known Major Hays who resides in Pittsfield Pike County Ills. for many years. He served with much credit in Mexico and was in Gen Hamers regt. [illegible] in several battles. He is a Democrat & while that is neither a recommendation nor objective for appointment in the Army, he personally deserves much consideration in this matter. Major Hays was amongst the first of the Democrats of influence & position in this portion of the State to dare for himself say that he was for the Union, prior

to the propriety of such course being indicated from head quarters. He was one of the first of his party to raise a Company for 30 days and for the War. He is well fitted for the post is personally brave has business capacity and understands his duties as an officer. His appointment will do more to strenghthen the cause of the Government in this region than that of any man I know particularly of Democratic antecedents.

I feel grateful to him for his standing side by side with my old Pike friends in opposition to disunionists who had been his former allies & friends.

If you can do appoint him.

Respectfully Yours

Jackson Grimshaw

I concur most cordially in the foregoing recommendation

Archibald Williams

Jack Grimshaw


Maj. L. M. Hayes