J. M. Knox to Richard Yates

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Knoxville June 4 1861

My Dr Governor

The Press, I notice, is busy with the question who is to be the Successor of Senator Douglas?

Here, as elsewhere, that question has been a good deal discussed. Our Circuit Court is in session and in conversation with a good many of our Citizens I find that all would be highly gratified by the appointment of Hon O. H. Browning. Having been intimately acquainted with him for twenty five years, and seen his intellectual resources tested under trying circumstances, I

am satisfied that the government could not in its present emergency have an abler adviser than Mr. Browning.

As Whig & Republican he has done, at least on this side of the State, more effective service in the cause of the Country, than any man I can name.

In connection with the place I see the names of good Anti-Nebraska Democrats suggested

It seems to me that that branch of the Republican party is sufficiently represented by Judge Trumbull, and that the old Whig branch of the party have a right to be heard.

I see that the Chicago Tribune takes the ground that a Doug

las Democrat should be his Successor.

Now without stopping to discuss the policy of such a measure (which I cannot admit) it is enough for me that I cannot think of a man of that School who will compare in ability with Browning or Davis, or Palmer or several others I could name.

I beg you will not Regard me as obtruding gratuitous advice in this matter. I am aware of the delicacy of the duty you have to perform, and I write more to advise you of the feeling in this Section, than to volunteer advice -

Very Sincerely

Your friend

J. Knox

His Excellency

Richard Yates

Gov &c

J. M. Knox