Reminiscence of Philip Lord Kimball


Reminiscence of Philip Lord Kimball


Ninety year old Philip Lord Kimball recounts hearing John Wilkes Booth and another man on a horse-drawn bus discuss the murder of an unnamed person. He later comes to understand that they may have been referring to a plot to assassinate President Lincoln. Kimball's son adds a note to his father's manuscript stating that his father worked in a Massachusetts cotton mill from an early age and wrote this account in 1929.


Kimball, Philip Lord


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I am going to tell you something now, that no, othel liveing man in this country can. John Wilks Booth shot Abreham Lincon in Fords Theater I think it was Aprill 13th 1865 by the side of his wife and then jumped on to the stage and so doing brook his leg the young folks of to think it was done on the impulse of the moment it was not So I can prove it to you in 1864 May 11th I working for Lord and Ross on the old Colony [paper torn away] at South Boston. I stade abord the pile driver all aloone [paper torn away] Sunday Monday morning I had orders to meet them at the Eastern Depot, with a rope, and a cart hook I got abord the horse car for the Eastern Depot I did not leike to go inside of the car with my old clothes and rops so I got on with the driver I had not been on it 1 minet & Mnsen got on with us that brout us all to togethee 1 of them was the best looking and best dresst man I ever laid my eyes on I will tell you how he was dressed he had on a tall hat a white (paper torn) with gold charm, (paper torn) it, blue coat blue pants

he had a smoth face with a hevy mustash black eyes-the other man was comenly dresset But both bank Coperheads ar cusing our govermint he was planning to put a ball through some one but no names caled the other man sed I think John I think it would be a resky job Booth sead why it can be done as easy as the roling of a log take him when he is cming down Sutch A Avenew step up and Put a ball through Him and skaale down Sutch Avenew I thought at the time they belong (paper torn) Boston but when he did put the ball through him I soon found out who thoese men was that I heard in Boston 11 months before he done it

This was written by my father, Philip Lord Kimball around 1929 when he was 90 yrs old. He left school (from choice) at 12 yrs of age to work from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the Spurwich Mass Cotton Mill (ineligible as paper is torn away)



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Kimball, Philip Lord, “Reminiscence of Philip Lord Kimball,” Chronicling Illinois, accessed December 13, 2019,