Jesse W. Weik to John E. Boos with envelope


Jesse W. Weik to John E. Boos with envelope


Jesse W. Weik writes to John E. Boos regarding various Lincoln papers and identifying certain individuals. The accompanying envelope has the Greencasle Telephone Co. return address with Weik's name handwritten above it.


Weik, Jesse W.


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Greencastle, Ind. Feby, 11 24

Mr JE Boos Albany, N.Y.

Dear Sir: The man referred to in my last letter has just sent me two papers one in the hand of Lincoln's first partner Stuart and the other written and signed by Logan. He says items of that kind are hard to find and asks four dollars each for them but finally intimated that he would accept seven dollars for both. Before I closed up with him I decided to forward them to you. I therefore enclose them herewith. Please acknowledge their receipt so that I may know promptly whether they have reached you safely.

The man I wrote to said he had nothing written by Herndon. Meanwhile I wish you would indicate if you still want something in Herndon's hand. If you do I will try to put you on the track of it. I have in mind a man who once showed me a paper written by Herndon. It was about the size of the Stuart document which I am sending you. I shall make him no offer till I hear from you; and besides he many not have it still.

The significant thing about the Logan paper is the file mark endorsed by the clerk on the back of the sheet "June 17 1853." The name J. H. Matheney clerk was written by a man I knew well when I was in Springfield. Later he was County Judge. He was Lincoln's best man at the marriage with Mary Todd.

The name "E. Douglas" in the Stuart paper is that of a Springfield lawyer and should not be confounded with "Stephen A. Douglas" altho the latter was also a lawyer.

Hartily Jesse W. Weik

Greencastle Jan 24 1130 AM 1924 IND United States Postage 2 cents

After 5 days, return to J. W. Weik Greencastle Telephone Co., 15 South Indiana St. Greencastle, Indiana

Mr. J. E. Boos 10 Lexington Ave Albany New York




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