J. B. Wolfe Jr. to Richard Yates


J. B. Wolfe Jr. to Richard Yates


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Head Quarters S. C. Kentucky

Munfordville, Dec 20 1863.

His Excellency

Richard Yates

Gov. of Illinois

Hon Gov:

By the earnest solicitations of my friends in the army - those with whom I entered the service as well as those whose acquaintance I have formed since my entering the service, I have the honor of transmitting herewith enclosed. recommendations for a commission in some Illinois Rigiment. I have often been urged by officers of this (Ky.) state to accept a commission in one of their regiments, but ever priding myself with the interest and honor of my native "Prairie State" I declined the generous offer. I am but an humble young man, whos aspirations are principally in a civil Literary life; but so long as reddened fields of strife demands my feeable co-operations for the welfare of my country - the suppression of the rebellion, restoration of the Union, and the perpetuity of our Republican institutions, however peaceful and welcome the assiduities of

home may be, they are but discontentments, and I can but wish to mingle in the confusions of war, but when Anarchy and Treason are driven from our country by the glittering swords of the Sons of Freedom I will gladly substitue the "Pen" instead of the weapons of warfare for the welfare of my people - with them to bask in the glorious sunlight of peace, union and universal liberty. I have the recommendations as to business qualities, moral character &c. but the herewith enclosed are sufficiently explanatory &c,- would mention Hon's Laurance Weldon and Thos. Snell, with whom you are doubtless well acquainted, who reside in Clinton Ills., for further refference.

if it should meet with the approbation of His Excellency to issue me a commission it shall be my pride to never disgrace that com'ion, but act in honour to my state and Country.

Early report from His excellency upon the subject will be very much accommodate and oblige, Very Respectfully

His Obt. Sert.

J.B. Wolfe, Jr.

Head Qrs. S.C.. Ky




Mail matter for me will be addressed to the care of Brig. Genl. E.H. Holson - please to Columbia Ky.


Wolfe J.B. Jr.

Munfordsville Ky

Dec 20 1863.

Encloses recommendations for a commission in some Illinois Regiment, Is a resident of Illinois, has long been connected with the military service - Was tendered a position in a Ky Regt but refused to accept, priding himself with the interests and honor of his own "Prairie State"-

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Ex Office Jany 8 1864



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