E. C. G. Nickens to Richard Yates


E. C. G. Nickens to Richard Yates


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Ullin Illinois Dec 18th 1863

Mr Richard Yeates Gov

Honered Sir:-

I have a brother, a prisoner at Camp Chase, Ohio; He desires to take the oath of allegiance very much, He has wrote to me several leters on the subject. And I know from his anteceedent, that he never was a secessionist, But after Buells retreat from out of Tennessee and Bragg got possession there, then my Brother Harvey, C, Nickens, like many other good and loyal citizens were compelled into the Rebel Service, He too like many others there had a large family, and nothing to get away with, Hence an awful necessity stared them in the face, Which you understand beter than I can describe, - He wants to take the oath and come down here, and get som of his friends to go and get his family out of Marshall County Tenn; And bring them here to him, And I am shure that he will be as Loyal citizen as the State of Ills containes, - But who am I; that gives you this assureance; I am a humble citizen; By reference to the files of your office you will find that I simply bear a Justices Commission at your hand

At the commencement of this conflict I with my family fled from the land of Dixie, as from the deadly [illegible] of the Great Saharah Desert, My brother desired to come, but owing to the oposition of his wife, the golden moment passed away from him, Often has he and his wife repented it, But it was too late - and now while he is here he wants to stay, And my dear Governor I want you to assist him; and that as soon as you can; That is if you have any power; and I suppose you have.

If you desire any further information about me I will refere you to Caleb Hooffner Esq, Geo S Piggeori. Esq. J.M. Davidge County Judge, Henry M Smith Circuit Clerk, Alfred [Soule?] &c. I should hav said that I have a farm here at Ullin; and am engaged in farming and gardening; and have been for the last 3 seasons, Suppose that I am permanently located here, Yours with high regard and Esteem

E.C.G. Nickens

File "N"

Ansd. Jany 15. 63 Nickens E C G.

Ullin Ills Dec 18 1863.

Has a brother a prisoner at Camp Chase Ohio. who desires to take the oath, he is not a rebel but was compelled to enter the service, wishes the Governor to assist him, his family are in Tennessee & he proposes to send for them and remain in Illinois,

State of Illinois

Executive Dept

Springfield Jany 15. 64

Respectfully referred to Hon. E.M. Stanton Secy of War.

Richd Yates


Executive Office Dec 22 63



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