J. F. Finley to Richard Yates


J. F. Finley to Richard Yates


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Camp Parolle Annapolis Md Apr 28 63

Respected Sir

I shall write you a few lines in my plain way At Which I pray your honor not to take offence for if you can do nothing for me just throw this scrip aside Very unluckly I was taken prisoner for which I am sory, but I could not help for I was deceived by the enemy ware dressed in our uniform but now I wish to ask a favor which your honor may deside as he thinks proper for I rather think my self you can not if you did wish to give me

I am here among strangers entirely and have no money and perhaps shall not have till I get back

to my reg which is the 80 Ill My eyes being very sore and I should like to have them cured up a little so that when I go back to the field I shall be a more efecient soldier

I asked the doctor here if he could do any thing for me and he said he could not so I though I would write to you and see if you would send me a transfer to my State that is if you can I hope you will excuse if I have offended for I do not wish to give you any trouble more than you have for you have a great burden on your mind as well as your hands

your obidient servant

J F Finley

If you should send me a pass to any place in my state I am not particular where pleas Direct

United States general hospital

Annapolis Md

for my letters all come to the hospital for I have just come from there some time since

Ans May 6 1863

J F Finley

Annapolis Md April 28 63.

Is a member of the 80th Regt Ill Vol now confined in the Hospital Wishes to be transferred to Ills.


Recd Ex O. May 5 1863.



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