Benjamin Trumbull Family Papers, 1775-1896


Benjamin Trumbull Family Papers, 1775-1896


Trumbull, Benjamin (1769-1850)


Family Papers, 1775-1896 [1790-1866]


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Son of Connecticut minister and historian Benjamin Trumbull (1735-1820) who graduated from Yale College in 1790 and became a lawyer in East Haddam and Colchester, Connecticut. He and

his wife, Elizabeth Mather Trumbull was the parents of 11 children, 8 of which lived to adulthood, including Illinois senator and jurist Lyman Trumbull.  Benjamin Trumbull served as probate justice, state representative and postmaster.  His sons, Benjamin Mather, George and Lyman settled in Illinois, while sons John, Erastus and David settled in Rives Township, Jackson County, Michigan.  Benjamin Trumbull moved to Michigan with his daughters Julia and Sarah in 1844 to be near his sons.  He died in 1850.


Family correspondence, documents, Revolutionary War documents, school exercise book, newsclippings, and miscellaneous.  Primarily the correspondence between Benjamin Trumbull and his grown children and the siblings themselves, particularly sisters Julia and Sarah.  The letters concern family matters, daily routines and social life.  Some letters written by Lyman Trumbull are included.  Several letters and documents from Rev. Benjamin Trumbull’s Revolutionary War service are included.  Subjects covered include news of Colchester, Connecticut; pioneer life in Jackson County, Michigan; and visits to Belleville and Springfield, Illinois.  Sarah Trumbull, who moved to Brooklyn, New York, wrote of her life in the city.  An 1826 school exercise book, a memorial tribute to Mrs. Lyman (Julia Jayne)Trumbull, documents relating to the Colchester, Connecticut post office and newsclippings concerning Lyman Trumbull’s political career are also included.


A photograph and 17 published items were transferred out of the collection.


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Box     Folder


1          1          Benjamin Trumbull (1735-1820):  Correspondence and Documents, 1775-1779

            2          Benjamin Trumbull (1769-1850):  Correspondence, 1790-1839

            3          Benjamin Trumbull (1769-1850):  Correspondence, 1840-1850, n.d.

            4          Benjamin Trumbull (1769-1850):  Post Office Documents, 1821-1841

            5          Family Correspondence, 1839-1845

            6          Family Correspondence, 1846-1849


2          1          Family Correspondence, 1850-1866, 1888, n.d.

            2          Legal Documents, 1793-1862, n.d.

            3          Receipts, Accounts, etc., 1797-186?, n.d. [1797-1848]

            4          David D. Trumbull:  School Exercise Book, 1826

            5          “In Memory of Mrs. Lyman Trumbull,” 1868

            6          Political Party Tickets, 1884 Presidential Election

            7          School Essays, Writings, Report Card, 1888, n.d.

            8          Newspaper Clippings, 1866-1867, 1882, 1885, 1896, n.d.

            9          Empty Envelopes, Miscellaneous Material, 1849, 1866, n.d.


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Born:               September 21, 1769, North Haven (New Haven) CT.


Died:               June 14, 1850, Henrietta (Jackson) MI


Buried:                        East Rives Cemetery, Rives Township (Jackson) MI


Line:                Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Benoni3, Joseph2, John1


Marriage:         March 15, 1800, Colchester (New London) CT, Elizabeth Mather, b. August 2, 1782,                    Saybrook (Middlesex) CT; d. October 20, 1828, Colchester, CT; daughter of Dr.                           Elisha Mather (March 18, 1755-October 30, 1836) and Elizabeth Selden of Essex                                     (Middlesex) CT.


Children:         All born Colchester (New London) CT:


                        Benjamin Mather, b. May 17, 1801


                        Julia, b. February 3, 1803; d. October 7, 1806


                        John, b. December 23, 1804; d. September 11, 1806


                        John Seldon, b. March 3, 1807


                        Erastus, b. May 11, 1809


                        David Daggett, b. June 29, 1811


                        Lyman, b. October 12, 1813


                        Julia Elizabeth, b. March 28, 1816; d. April 17, 1851, Barry, Rives Township                                 (Jackson) MI; unmarried


                        George, b. June 4, 1818


                        Sarah Maria, b. May 11, 1820; m. July 1850, Jackson Co., MI, John Hayward                                Trumbull (b. February 24, 1812, Brooklyn, NY; d. 1884), son of John M. Trumbull                        and Anna Gibbons of Elizabeth, NY.  Sarah Maria (Sallie) Trumbull reportedly lived              in New Haven, CT after her husband’s death.  No children.


                        Jane, b. August 12, 1822; d. June 4, 1839,Colchester,CT; unmarried




Source:  Charles Trumbull



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