Lindley M. and Grace Selby Smith Family Papers, 1903-1973


Lindley M. and Grace Selby Smith Family Papers, 1903-1973


Lindley M. (1881-1966) and Grace Selby (1883-1967) Smith Family


Papers, 1903-1973


17 linear inches (3 manuscript boxes)


Lindley M. Smith (1881-1966), Assistant State Entomologist (1906-1914) and orchardist (1914-1966) of Ozark, Illinois, active in Ozark Missionary Baptist Church, Johnson County Farm Bureau, Fruit Belt Service Company, Federal Land Bank of St. Louis, Illinois Horticultural Society, and the Ozark Public School. Instrumental in development of University of Illinois Extension Service experimental farms in Johnson County. Married Grace Selby of Bartlett, Ohio on December 28, 1906. Together they operated a three hundred acre apple and peach orchard and raised a family of eight boys and two girls. Five of their sons serviced in the military during World War II, one of which died in New Guinea in 1944. Grace was active in the Ozark Missionary Baptist Church, girl’s 4-H, Tri-County Home Bureau, Ozark Home Bureau, Ozark District School Board and the P.T.A. (Parent Teacher Association). In 1952 she was proclaimed Mother of the Year by the Illinois Golden Rule Company. A daughter, Alice Elisabeth (Betty) Smith (1913-1973), graduated from the University of Illinois (B.S. degree in Home Economics) in 1937 and the University of Colorado (M.A. degree in Home Economics) in 1943; taught home economics in the Crete Public schools (1937-19743); served as a University Home Demonstration Agent (1943-1947), and worked as Assistant State Girls’ 4-H Club Leader with the University of Iowa at Ames (1947-1954). Betty completed a series of home economics overseas assignments through the Agency for International Development in the United States State Department that took her to thePhilippines (1955-1957), Iran (1957-1961), Morocco (1962-1963), Nigeria (1963-1966), and Southern Vietnam (1967-1970). She returned toIowa in 1970 to serve as Extension Home Economist and Head of the Extended Nutrition Program in Des Moines. Betty was in charge of Mrs. Patricia Nixon’s visit to the program on March 1, 1971.



The collection contains letters, diaries, programs, speeches, notes, and account books documenting daily activities between 1903 and 1973 which were compiled by Malcolm L. Smith and included in his book, Working with People, Bugs and Apples. There are two distinct files within this collection . The Account Books and Diaries File, 1903-1959 includes the diaries of Malcolm’s father, Lindley M. Smith.



These pocket diaries document his activities as an entomologist, orchard and nursery inspector and fruit grower as well as his involvement in the Ozark community. The diaries and family account books created by Grace Selby Smith document family activities and expenses during the years of 1907-1918. The Correspondence File, 1912-1973, contains correspondence primarily between parents and children in the form of circular letters (1912-1967). Betty Smith’s letters (1955-1973) document her career as a Home Economic Extension Advisor overseas in the Philippines, Iran, Morocco, Nigeria, and South Vietnam. Her correspondence also related to her work asIowa’s Home Extension Advisor and Head of the Extended Nutrition program until her death in 1973.




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About one linear inch of photographs, broadsides, were transferred out of the collection.


The following autographed letters are included in the collection:


Stevenson, Adlai E, TLS, March 19, 1952, Office of the Governor, Springfield, Illinois, to Mrs. L.M. Smith ofOzark,Illinois[Box2, folder 3]


Douglas, Paul H., TLS, May 10, 1952 United States Senate, Washington, D.C. to Mrs. L.M. Smith ofOzark,Illinois[Box2, folder 3]


Nixon, Patricia, TLS, March 17, 1971, The White House to Miss Betty Smith of Des Moines, Iowa [Box 3, folder 6]


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                                                                 Container List


Box     Folder

                        Account Books and Diaries, 1903-1953


1          1          Grace Selby Smith Account Books:

                           1907-1909, 2 vols.

                           1912-1914, 2 vols.


            2          Family Record Book, 1910-1911

            3          Family Account Book, 1917-1918 with Farm Expense and Receipts,  1919-1920

            4          Lindley M Smith Diaries:

                           January 5-August 31, 1903; March 5-April 19, 1906; February 17, 1907-February                          2, 1908; March 29-May 20, 1909; 3 vol.

            5            September 5-21, November 10, 1909-December 31, 1910; January 1–December                 30, 1911; January 2-August 27, September 23-December 26, 1912’ January 1-4,                        1913; 3 vol.

            6             March 16-December 11, 1913; October 5-26, 1913; March 11-June 25, August 4-                          November 19, 1914; March 21-May 1, 1915; 3 vol.

            7             January 1-November 15, 1934 [sporadic]; April 5, 1950-August 18, 1959                                        [sporadic]; 2 vol.

            8          Copy of the University of Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station Circular, No.                                189, “Chinch-Bug Outbreak of 1910 to 1915”


                        Correspondence, 1912-1973

2          1          [Family Correspondence], 1912-1936

            2          [Family Correspondence], 1937-1945

            3          [Family Correspondence], 1946-1952

            4          [Family Correspondence], 1953-1957

            5          [Family Correspondence], 1958-1962

            6          [Family Correspondence], 1963-1967


3          1          Betty Smith’s Letters from thePhilippines, 1955-1957

            2          Betty Smith’s Letters fromIran, 1943, 1957-1961, 1970

            3          Betty Smith’s Letters fromMorocco, 1962-1963

            4          Betty Smith’s Letters fromNigeria, 1962-1966

            5          Betty Smith’s Letters from South Vietnam, 1967-1970

            7          Betty Smith’s Letters from Des Moines, Iowa, 1971-1973



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