Lewis Baldwin Parsons Papers, 1783-1908


Lewis Baldwin Parsons Papers, 1783-1908



Parsons, Lewis Baldwin (1818-1907)


Papers, 1783-1908 [1836-1908]


18.33 linear feet (40 manuscript boxes, 16 oversize volumes, and 1 oversize folder)


            Assistant quartermaster in Union Army who became Chief of Rail and River Transportation during the Civil War. Brought order and efficiency to the business of supplying the western armies with steamboats and barges by eliminating the charter system of hire.  Reforms and regulations aroused considerable complaint, especially from steamboat interests.  Also a lawyer, Ohio and Mississippi Railroad manager (1857-1878) and Southern Illinois farmer.  Active in state Democratic Party politics (1876-1884) and candidate for lieutenant governor in 1880.  First and second wives were nieces of Governor Ninian Edwards.


            Collection contains correspondence, reports, orders, affidavits, certificates, telegraphs, abstracts, tables, travel journals, and land and financial records.  Documents Parsons role in supervising rail and river transportation during the Civil War.  Pilot associations, strikes and the ownership, value, use and destruction of steamboats are recorded.  Also documents Parsons’ family and educational background, travels, landowning and financial affairs, and political activities and associations.  Members of the Hoar and Parsons families are also represented.


            Major correspondents include Robert Allen, John Murray Corse, Samuel R. Curtis, David Davis, U.S. Grant, W.D. Griswold, Henry W. Halleck, George F. Hoar, W. S. Holman, Gustave Koerner, Abraham Lincoln, John A. McClernand, James McPherson, Montgomery C. Meigs, William R. Morrison, John M. Palmer, John H. Oberly, Sarah E. Parsons, David D. Porter, J. F. Quimby, William T. Sherman, Adlai E. Stevenson I, William K. Strong and Lyman Trumbull.


            Several photographs, published items, and Abraham Lincoln letters were transferred out of the collection.


            Access:  Open for research  


Acc. No.: 1951 and 1952


Processed by:  Nancy Hunt, September 1980



                                                            Lewis Baldwin Parsons                                              Page 2                                                                Biographical Sketch


General Lewis Baldwin Parsons, lawyer, railroad manager, Illinois statesman and farmer, and Chief of Rail and River Transportation of the Union armies during the Civil War, was born on April 5, 1818, in Genesee County, New York.  His parents, Lewis Baldwin Parsons and Lucina Hoar Parsons, were both from families that had settled in Massachusetts in the mid-seventeenth century.  Parsons’ grandfathers, maternal and paternal, fought in the Revolutionary War.  Parsons’ youth was largely spent in his father’s store in St. Lawrence County, New York.  At the age of eighteen he entered Yale College, from which he graduated in 1840.  After teaching in a classical school for two years in Mississippi, he entered Harvard Law School, receiving his LL.B. in 1844. 

In the spring of 1844 the young lawyer moved west.  He settled in Alton, Illinois, where he formed a law partnership with Newton D. Strong and later with Judge Henry W. Billings.  He becameAlton’s city attorney in 1846, a position he held until 1849 while carrying on his regular practice.


In 1847, Parsons married Sarah Green Edwards, the daughter of Doctor Benjamin F. Edwards of St. Louisand niece of Governor Ninian Edwards.  She died in 1850, shortly after giving birth to their daughter, Sarah, and two years later he married her younger sister Julia.  Two children of this marriage, Charles and Julia, survived their mother, who died in 1857.


In 1853 Parsons become the legal advisor for the banking concern of Page and Bacon, which was then engaged in constructing the Ohioand Mississippi Railroad (now the Baltimore and Ohio) from St. Louis, Missouri, to Cincinnati, Ohio.  Parsons became greatly interested in the building of this railroad, and he moved to St. Louis in the following year.  Upon the completion of the road in 1857, he was named its general western manager and in this position came into close contact with George B. McClellan, who became the railroad’s president in 1860.  Parsons maintained his connection with the railroad until 1878, serving in the capacities of attorney, treasurer, director, and president. 


Bringing the value of his earlier railroad career to his military tasks, Parsons enlisted in the Union Army in October 1861.  He was appointed an assistant quartermaster with the rank of captain.  After a brief period serving in Washington, D.C., under his former railroad acquaintance, now General McClellan, Parsons was ordered to report to Chief Quartermaster Robert Allen in St. Louis.  There he served, with Captains Phillip Sheridan and Henry M. Hoyt, as a member of the military commission that investigated the great mass of claims brought against the government while Major General John C. Fremont headed the Western Department. In December 1861, Allen notified Parsons that he was to take charge of all river and rail transportation in the Department of the Mississippi.  In this position, Parsons responded to the demands for ordinary transportation of troops and their immense supplies, supervised the seizure, charter, or purchase of required vessels and railroad material, and made contracts and audited the resulting accounts and claims.  In addition, he met frequent requisitions for the transfer of whole armies, along with their animals and supplies.  During the more important transfers, he supervised personally in the field. After helping to furnish transports for the use of Brigadier General Ulysses S. Grant in his expedition against Fort Donelson and Fort Henry in February 1862, Parsons was promoted to Colonel and aide-de-camp on General Henry W. Halleck’s staff in April.  In December 1862, on seven days notice, Parsons provided river transportation for 40,000 men under Major General William T. Sherman from Memphis, Tennessee, to Vicksburg, Mississippi, a movement requiring the use of seventy to eighty ships.  In June 1863 he provided transportation for Major General Ambrose E. Burnside and 10,000 men from central Kentucky by rail and river through Ohio, Indiana, and                                                                 Lewis Baldwin Parsons                                              Page 3                                                                 Biographical Sketch


Illinois to Cairo, Illinois.  The entire movement, covering over 1,000 miles, required only four days. Meanwhile, Parsons instituted reforms with new sets of regulations and was responsible for bringing efficiency and order to the business of supplying the western armies by means of boats and barges on the western rivers.  Not only did he arouse bitter complaints from the railroad companies when he re-instituted competitive bidding for all railroad transportation (a practice that had been abandoned under Fremont’s administration), but he also set out to break the charter system of hiring steamboats and barges.  Because troops and supplies had to be moved at a moment’s notice and since destinations of boats were often changed, the government had inaugurated the charter system.  This system involved paying a lump sum for each day in which a boat was employed by the government – a costly practice subject to abuse.  Parsons insisted that boats carry freight for the government in the same manner in which they carried it for the mercantile world, namely by the piece or hundred pounds.


Parsons’ reforms were not accomplished without considerable complaint, however, especially since transportation agents in other departments allowed higher rates. Parsons recommended that there should be one officer located at a central point who, subject to the Chief Quartermaster of that military department, should have the general supervision of all steamboat transportation on the Mississippiand its tributaries regardless of departmental lines.  As a result, in December 1863, Quartermaster General M.C. Meigs assigned Parsons to duty as Chief Quartermaster of Western River Transportation, with headquarters in St. Louis. All quartermasters in charge of river transportation on the Mississippi and its tributaries thereafter made reports to and acted on instructions from Parsons.  He at once applied the contract system to the Cumberland and Ohio rivers, effectively combating the steamboat interests that fought against the loss of the lucrative charter trade.  Transportation became far more efficient because boats under contract carried twice the cargo that chartered steamboats had transported and discharged it in less the time.  While it had taken 123 streamers on the Cumberland to supply General William Rosencrans’s army in the winter of 1862-1863, it required only 66 to supply not only that army but those of Grant and Sherman as well in the winter of 1863-1864.  Moreover, it was estimated that, in the Department of theCumberland alone, a savings of from $2,000,000 to $3,000,000 was made by the change from the charter to the contract system.


In August 1864, after General Grant was made commander of all the Union forces, Parsons was promoted to the position of Chief of the Fourth Division, the Division of Rail and River Transportation.  From this position of general supervision of transportation of the Union armies, Parsons personally supervised the feat of which he was most proud:  the movement of General John M. Schofield’s 23rd Army Corps from Eastport, Mississippi, to the Chesapeake Bay in January 1865.  This 1,400 mile movement of 20,000 men and 1,000 animals was pronounced “an achievement without a parallel in the movement of armies” by Secretary of War Edwin Stanton.  It was safely conducted under severe weather conditions in the midst of winter in an average of eleven days, one third the predicted time needed. As a result of this movement, which helped to bring an end to the Civil War, Parson’s career in the transportation department was brought to the personal attention of President Lincoln (an old acquaintance from his Illinois law practice days), and he was promoted to Brigadier General on May 11, 1865.  After the fall of Richmond and the surrender of Lee, Parsons helped direct the disbanding of the Union Army and the sale of government property, primarily steamboats and barges, on the western rivers.  He was brevetted major general and mustered out of the Army on April 30, 1866.

                                                            Lewis Baldwin Parsons                                              Page 4                                                                Biographical Sketch


After the war, Parsons traveled abroad with his daughter Sarah for two years and, shortly after his return, he married Elizabeth Darrah of New York City.  She died in 1877.


Parsons was prominent in the councils of the Democratic Party for several years.  He served as vice-chairman of the Democratic State Central Committee of Illinois in 1876.  In 1880, after receiving considerable public attention as a potential gubernatorial candidate, Parsons ran for lieutenant governor of Illinois.  He would have consented to run for governor if former U.S. Senator Lyman Trumbull had not agreed to be the Democrats’ candidate.  Parsons was also a delegate to the National Democratic Convention in 1884.


In 1875 Parsons aided in establishing ParsonsCollegein Fairfield, Iowa, with money his father had left to found a collegeof Presbyterianfaith in this state.  From 1895 to 1898 he was a trustee of the Illinois Soldier’s and Sailor’s Home in Quincy.  He was also a member of the Grand Army of the Republic, Society of the Army of theTennessee, Society of the Sons of the Revolution, Society of the Colonial Wars, and Loyal Legion.


Parsons owned 3,000 acres inClayCounty, land that he began buying in the 1850s. As one of the largest farmers in southernIllinois, he resided at Elmwood Farm from 1875 until his death in 1907. He was a leading citizen in Flora, the town adjoining his farm.



                                                            Lewis Baldwin Parsons                                              Page 5                                                                 Scope and Content


The Lewis B. Parsons Papers, 1783-1908, consist of 17 cubic feet and 16 oversize volumes and 1 oversize folder of correspondence, reports, orders, affidavits, certificates, telegraphs, abstracts, tables, travel journals, autograph books, and land and financial records.  Most of the material dates from 1836.  This comprehensive collection documents Parsons’ role in supervising river and rail transportation during the Civil War.  In particular, it documents Parsons’ relations within and criticisms of the Quartermaster’s Department, his conflicts in forcing the end of the charter system as the government’s method of boat hire, and the responses of steamboat companies and owners to his reforms.  In addition, the collection provides a compilation of diverse records regarding the capacity, tonnage, value, and ownership of steamboats and barges as well as their rates and times of employment, government purchases, sales and seizures, and boats destroyed and damaged.  Pilot associations and strikes, weather conditions, fuel shortages, Confederate guerilla warfare, steamboat accidents and claims, and problems with secessionist pilots are discussed.  The collection also documents Parsons’ ancestry, his college years at Yale, his family relationships, his travels abroad with his daughter (1867-1868), his development of a modern farm at Flora, Illinois, other landowning and financial affairs, and his political activities and associations in Illinois’s Democratic Party (1876-1894).


The collection has been divided into two series:  Civil War Papers, 1860-1866; and Personal Papers, 1799-1908.


Series I:  The Civil War Papers, 1860-1866 (Boxes 1-25 and Oversize Manuscripts 1-7), have been divided into three sections:  Correspondence, 1860-1866; Transportation Records and Reports, 1861-1866; and Money and Property Records, 1861-1866.


            The Correspondence, 1860-1866 (Boxes 1-18 and Oversize Volumes A-G), consists of      fourteen letterpress volumes of outgoing letters (1861-1866), ten indexed tip-in volumes of      incoming letters (1861-1864), three indexed tip-in volumes of telegraphs (1862-1864),      eight boxes of chronologically arranged loose papers (1860-1866), and seven indices of          letters sent and received (1862-1864).  The loose papers consist chiefly of correspondence             (incoming and copies of outgoing) but also include proposals, bids, agreements and contracts        for transportation, statements of rates or amounts shipped, certificates and affidavits   regarding incidents of loss and damage, and bills of sale.  Correspondents include more than           fifty ship owners and captains, the officials of more than a dozen railroads, particularly the Illinois Central Railroad, and the following individuals:  Quartermaster General M.C. Meigs,   Brigadier General Robert Allen, General H.W. Halleck, General Samuel R. Curtis, David Davis, General Ulysses S. Grant, W. D. Griswold, W. S. Holman, Abraham Lincoln, General       John A. McClernand, General James             McPherson, Rear Admiral David D. Porter, General             William T. Sherman, General William K. Strong, and Lyman Trumbull.  A portable copying         press with writing case and letters is included at the end of the correspondence.


            The Transportation Records and Reports, 1861-1866 (Boxes 18-21 and Oversize Volumes            H-M and Oversize Manuscripts 1-7), contain incoming and outgoing narrative reports,          abstracts (tabular reports of a unique nature regarding steamboats, railroads, and coal), and           printed material (contracts, circulars, rate broadsides, proposal and sale notices, orders, and     the proceedings of the 1863 convention of steamboat owners). Of particular note is the                                                                      Lewis Baldwin Parsons                                              Page 6                                                                 Scope and Content


Series I:  The Civil War Papers, 1860-1866


            The Transportation Records and Reports, 1861-1866-cont. “burlesque by disgruntled        steamboat men” dated May 30, 1864, a widely distributed broadside that mocks Parsons     and his order establishing rates of transportation for officers, soldiers, and government             employees (Box 20, Folder 1).  Also included are testimony and affidavits concerning Elijah Cheek v. the United States (other documents regarding this claims case are scattered    through the Loose Papers), and Parson’s compilation of copies of significant orders, letters,          and reports.


        The Money and Property Records, 1861-1866 (Boxes 21-25 and Oversize Volumes N-P)         

  consist chiefly of abstracts, statements, and reports to the U.S. Government regarding

    Lewis B. Parsons’ account, including expenditures and requisitions, the disposition of 

            animals, stores, and articles, and persons hired.  It also includes vouchers, receipts, bills of             lading, and U.S. orders and certificates for transportation (transportation passes). Additional   Civil War material is included with the biographical papers (Box 38, Folders 2-4).


Series II:  The Personal Papers, 1783-1908 (Boxes 26-40 and Oversize Manuscripts 8-15), have been divided into three sections:  Correspondence, 1836-1908; Genealogical Papers, Journals, and Other Memorabilia, 1783-1907; and Land and Financial Records, 1841-1908.  Most of the personal papers date from 1836-1908.


            The Correspondence, 1836-1908 (Boxes 26-35), consists of four letterpress volumes of     outgoing letters (1859-1867 and 1879-1894), two of which contain some army letters and   one that is chiefly political in nature; seven indexed tip-in volumes of incoming letters      (1856-1867); and loose letters (1836-1908).  In addition to documenting Parsons’ political           activities and contacts in the late 1870s and early 1880s, these papers include family              letters, letters of his farm manager and friends, and letters of a financial or legal nature.              Correspondents include General John Murray Corse, David Davis, W. D. Griswold, U.S. Senator George F. Hoar, Gustave Koerner, William R. Morrison, John H. Oberly (editor of     a Bloomington newspaper), General John M. Palmer, Sarah E. Parsons, Adlai E. Stevenson      I, and Lyman Trumbull.  Of particular note are Parsons’ letters to his mother during the          Civil War and his father’s letters of 1846, written while traveling toTexas on horseback.


            The Genealogical Papers, Journals, and Other Memorabilia, 1783-1907 (Boxes 35-38 and Oversize Manuscripts 8-11 and 13-15), contain genealogical papers regarding Parsons’                     ancestry, including Parsons and Hoar family letters (1783; 1789-1830); a medicinal and            culinary recipe book (ca. 1841); journals of Parsons and his daughter Sarah describing            their journeys through Europe, Russia, Egypt, and India (1867-1871); autograph books;         and a clippings scrapbook documenting Parson’s military and political career.


            The Land and Financial Records, 1841-1908 (Boxes 38-40 and Oversize Manuscript 12), include farm journals; deeds, mortgages, and other land records; financial records; and tax         receipts.


                                                            Lewis Baldwin Parsons                                              Page 7                                                                    Container List


Series I:  The Civil War Papers, 1860-1866


Box     Folder             


                                    Correspondence, 1860-1866

1          1 (BV)             Outgoing Letters [letterpress], December 1861-March 1862

            2 (BV)             Outgoing Letters [letterpress], March-June 1862

            3 (BV)             Outgoing Letters [letterpress], June 1862-December 1863

            4 (BV)             Outgoing Letters [letterpress], September-November 1862


2          1 (BV)             Outgoing Letters [letterpress], November 1862-June 1863

            2 (BV)             Outgoing Letters [letterpress], June-October 1863

            3 (BV)             Outgoing Letters [letterpress], October 1863-March 1864


3          1 (BV)             Outgoing Letters [letterpress], January-March 1864

            2 (BV)             Outgoing Letters [letterpress], March-June 1864

            3 (BV)             Outgoing Letters [shorthand], March 28-July 13, 1864

            4 (BV)             Outgoing Letters [letterpress], June-September 1864


4          1 (BV)             Outgoing Letters [letterpress], September 1864-May 1865

            2 (BV)             Outgoing Letters [letterpress], August 1865-February 1866

            3 (BV)             Outgoing Letters [letterpress], January-June 1866

            4                      Incoming Letters [tip-in volume #1], December 1861-March 1862


5          1                      Incoming Letters [tip-in volume #1], December 1861-March 1862

            2-4                   Incoming Letters [tip-in volume #2], February-July 1862

            5-7                   Incoming Letters [tip-in volume #3], January-December 1862


6          1-4                   Incoming Letters, Transportation Pass Office [tip-in volume #4],

                                      February-August 1862            

            5-7                   Incoming Letters [tip-in volume #5], August 1862-January 1863

            8                      Incoming Letters [tip-in volume #6], April-December 1862


7          1-3                   Incoming Letters [tip-in volume #6], April-December 1862

            4                      Incoming Letters [tip-in volume #7], November-December 1862

            5-8                   Incoming Letters [tip-in volume #8], December 1862-April 1863

            9                      Incoming Letters [tip-in volume #9], December 1862-August 1863


8          1-2                   Incoming Letters [tip-in volume #9], December 1862-August 1863

            3-6                   Incoming Letters [tip-in volume #10], July 1863-January 1864


9          1-2                   Telegraphs [tip-in volume #11], December 1861-October 1862

            3-6                   Telegraphs [tip-in volume #12], November 1862-January 1864


10        1-2                   Telegraphs [tip-in volume #13], November 1862-March 1864

            3                      Loose Papers, n. d.

                                                            Lewis Baldwin Parsons                                              Page 8                                                                     Container List


Series I:  The Civil War Papers, 1860-1866


Box     Folder             


                                    Correspondence, 1860-1866

10        4                      Loose Papers, June 1860-December 1861

            5                      Loose Papers, January-March 1862 and n.d. 1862

            6                      Loose Papers, April 1862


11        1                      Loose Papers, May 1-June 9, 1862

            2                      Loose Papers, June 10-July 15, 1862

            3                      Loose Papers, July 16-August 12, 1862

            4                      Loose Papers, August 13-September 9, 1862

            5                      Loose Papers, September 10-November 30, 1862

            6                      Loose Papers, December 1862


12        1                      Loose Papers, January 1863 and n.d. 1863

            2                      Loose Papers, February-March 1863

            3                      Loose Papers, April 1863

            4                      Loose Papers, May 1863

            5                      Loose Papers, June 1863


13        1                      Loose Papers, July 1863

            2                      Loose Papers, August 1863

            3                      Loose Papers, September-October 1863

            4                      Loose Papers, November-December 1863 [Includes “Papers in Regard to                              Rates for Services of Pilots on theMississippi River and its Tributaries”]

            5                      Loose Papers, January 1-16, 1864 and n.d. 1864


14        1                      Loose Papers, January 17-31, 1864

            2                      Loose Papers, February 1-15, 1864

            3                      Loose Papers, February 16-29, 1864

            4                      Loose Papers, March 1-18, 1864

            5                      Loose Papers, March 19-31, 1864

            6                      Loose Papers, April 1-15, 1864


15        1                      Loose Papers, April 16-May 14, 1864

            2                      Loose Papers, May 15-31, 1864

            3                      Loose Papers, June 1-14, 1864

            4                      Loose Papers, June 15-30, 1864

            5                      Loose Papers, July 1-16, 1864


16        1                      Loose Papers, July 17-31, 1864

            2                      Loose Papers, August 1-14, 1864

            3                      Loose Papers, August 15-31, 1864

            4                      Loose Papers, September 1864

                                                            Lewis Baldwin Parsons                                              Page 9                                                                     Container List


Series I:  The Civil War Papers, 1860-1866


Box     Folder             


                                    Correspondence, 1860-1866

16        5                      Loose Papers, October 1864

            6                      Loose Papers, November-December 1864


17        1                      Loose Papers, January-February 1865

            2                      Loose Papers, March-May 1865

            3                      Loose Papers, June-July 1865

            4                      Loose Papers, August 1865

            5                      Loose Papers, September 1865

            6                      Loose Papers, October 1-15, 1865

            7                      Loose Papers, October 16-31, 1865

            8                      Loose Papers, November 1865

            9                      Loose Papers, December 1865


18        1                      Loose Papers, January-February 1866

            2                      Loose Papers, March-December 1866

Oversize BV A           Index of Letters Sent with Summary of Contents, December 1861-June 1862

Oversize BV B            Index of Letters Sent and Summary of Contents, November 1862-February 1864

Oversize BV C            Index of Letters Received with Summary of Contents, February-October 1864

Oversize BV D           Abstract of Letters Written to Brig. General M.C. Meigs, Brig. General Robert                     Allen and Lieutenant Colonel J.D. Brigham, December 1861-October 1863

Oversize BV E            Register of Letters Received, No. 1, December 1861-February 1864

Oversize BV F                        Index to Register of Letters, No. 1

Oversize BVG                        Register of Papers Received, October 1863-January 1864

            3                      Portable Copying Press with writing case containing letters, November 1862     

            4                      Copies of Letters and Telegraphic Dispatches and Telegraph Stubbooks,                                            July 1862-June 1864


                                    Transportation Records and Reports, 1861-1866

            5 (BV)             Lists of Boats Chartered, and Propositions for Transportation, 1862

            6 (BV)             Record of Boats Taken and Assigned, December 1862-March 1863

Oversize BV H           Tabular Descriptions and Statements of Steamboats on Western Rivers –                                           “Louisville-no value,” n.d.

Oversize BV I            Tabular Descriptions and Statements of Steamboats on Western Rivers –                                           “Cincinnati-no longer in use,” n.d.

Oversize BV J            Tabular Descriptions and Statements of Steamboats on Western Rivers, 1863

Oversize BV K           Report of Persons, Articles [and Transportation] Employed and Hired                                               (Book A), February-August 1862

Oversize BV L            Report of Persons, Articles [and Transportation] Employed and Hired,                                              April-June 1862

            7                      Reports of Arrivals and Departures of Steamboats


                                                            Lewis Baldwin Parsons                                              Page 10                                                                  Container List


Series I:  The Civil War Papers, 1860-1866


Box     Folder             


                                    Transportation Records and Reports, 1861-1866

19        1                      Daily Record of Steamers Arriving to and Departing from St. Louis,                                                  January-June 1864

            2                      Abstracts regarding Purchase, Chartering, and Sale of  Steamboats; Rates,                                         Distances, and Numbers of Steamboats Present at a Location

            3                      Abstracts regarding Railroad Transportation and Sale of Coal

            4                      Abstracts regarding Steamboats Destroyed, Lost, or Damaged

            5                      Incoming and Outgoing Narrative Reports, 1862-1866

            6                      Elijah Cheek vs. the United States-testimony and affidavits


20        1                      Printed Material:  contracts, circulars, rate broadsides, proposals and sale                                           notices, proceedings, and orders, 1861-1866; 1896

            2                      Journal and Record of Proceedings of Col. Parsons…under order of the                                            Assistant Secretary of War to transport the Army of the Ohio, General                                           Schofield commanding, from Eastport, Mississippi, to Annapolis,                                               Maryland, 1865

            3                      Manuscript Copy of Rough Draft of July 1, 1865, Report to Quartermaster                                       General

4                      Parsons’ Reports to the Quartermaster General, 1863, and to the War

                           Department, 1867; and Quartermaster General’s Report, 1864

5-6                  Parsons’ Compilation of Copies of Significant Orders, Letters, and Reports


21        1-2                   Parsons’ Compilation of Copies of Significant Orders, Letters and Reports

Oversize BV M           Index to Letters Received, 1864?

            3 (BV)             Index to Book A of Embracing Reports, December 1861-July 1862

            4 (BV)             Index to Book B of Embracing Reports, April-June 1862

            5 (BV)             Index to Book C of Embracing Reports, August-October 1862


                                    Money and Property Records, 1861-1866

            6                      Summary Statements (Number 1)

            7                      Reports of Persons and Articles Employed and Hired (Number 2)

            8                      Monthly Returns of Public Animals (Number 5)

            9                      Account Current of Lewis B. Parsons (Number 10)

            10                    Quarterly Returns of Quartermaster’s Stores (Number 23)


22        1                      Monthly Returns of Quartermaster’s Stores (Number 23)

            2                      List of Persons and Articles Transferred (Number 53)

            3                      Abstracts of Purchases Paid for (Abstract A-Number 11)

            4                      Expenditures (Abstract B-Number 13)

            5                      Advances to Officers (Abstract Bb-Number 14)

            6                      Receipt Rolls of Hired Men (Abstract B-Number 15)

            7                      Commutation of Quarters and Fuel (Abstract B-Number 21)           

                                                            Lewis Baldwin Parsons                                              Page 11                                                                  Container List


Series I:  The Civil War Papers, 1860-1866


Box     Folder             


                                    Money and Property Records, 1861-1866

 22       8                      Abstracts of Purchases (Abstract D-Number 24)

            9                      List of Stores Received (Abstract E)

            10                    Stationery (Abstract I-Number 37)

            11                    Special Requisitions (Abstract K-Number 40)

            12                    Abstracts of Articles Expended, Lost, etc. (Abstract L-Number 41)

            13                    Lists of Stores Expended (Abstract L-Number 42)

            14                    Special Requisitions (Abstract K-Number 40)

            15                    Articles Lost or Destroyed (Abstract L-Number 43)

            16                    Account Sales-Auction (Abstract L-Number 44)

            17                    Lists/Abstracts of Articles/Stores Transferred (Abstract M)

            18                    Abstract of Articles Received from Various Sources (Abstract N)


23        1-8                   Vouchers (Abstract B-Numbers 20-22; Abstract A-Number 12; Abstract D-                          Number 25)


24        1                      Vouchers (Abstract B-Numbers 20 and 22; Abstract A-Number 12; Abstract                         D-Number 25)

            2                      Internal Revenue Tax

            3                      Condensed Reports of Troops, Stores, etc., transported by Chas. Parsons

            4 (BV)             Record of Articles Purchased and Vouchers Issued, December

                                    1861-April 1866

            5                      Remarks on Parsons’ Money and Property Accounts

            6 (BV)             Portage List of Chartered Steamboats, and Remarks on Money and Property                                     Accounts of Parsons, 1863-1864

            7-8                   U.S. Orders for and Certificates of Transportation, 1862-1863


25        1                      U.S. Orders for and Certificates of Transportation, 1862-1863

            2                      U.S. Orders for Transportation, 1862-1863

Oversize BV N           Steamboat Bills of Lading, January-May 1862

Oversize BV O           Railroad Bills of Lading, January-April 1862

Oversize BV P                        Railroad Bills of Lading, April 1862-January 1863

            3-4                   Bills of Lading, 1862-1863

            5-6                   Receipts, 1862-1864

            7                      Checkbook, 1863-1864


                                    Oversize Civil War Papers, 1862-1865

Oversize MS 1            Map of Corinth, Mississippi, and of position of our forces at its evacuation,                                       May 1862

Oversize MS 2                        Map ofCorinth,Mississippi, June 1862

Oversize MS 3                        Plan of Attack on Haines Bluff by Porter and Sherman, December 30, 1862

Oversize MS 4                        [Vicksburg andJackson,Mississippi, Area Map], 1862

                                                            Lewis Baldwin Parsons                                              Page 12                                                                  Container List


Series I:  The Civil War Papers, 1860-1866


Box     Folder 


                                    Oversize Civil War Papers, 1862-1865          

Oversize MS 5            [Map of theMississippi andYazooRivers in theVicksburg Area],

  (Presented toAdmiralD.D.Porter from General William T. Sherman)

Oversize MS 6                        Survey of the Approaches to Fort Hindman, Arkansas, Post captured by the                                      U.S. Mississippi Squadron, January 11, 1863, showing position of                                                   Gunboats during the attack (presented to Col. Parsons by Admiral David                              D. Porter)

Oversize MS 7            List of Boats destroyed on the Mississippi River and its tributaries from                                            May 1, 1861, to the surrender of General Kirby Smith’s Army and the                                            cessation of hostilities, June 2, 1865


Series II:  The Personal Papers, 1783-1908


                                    Correspondence, 1836-1908

26        1 (BV)             Outgoing Letters [letterpress-some army letters included], 1859-1862

            2 (BV)             Outgoing Letters [letterpress-some army letters included], January-                                                       December 1864

            3 (BV)             Outgoing Letters [letterpress-some army letters included], December 1864-                                                   June 1867

            4 (BV)             Outgoing Letters [letterpress-political letters], December 27, 1879-                                                     December 24, 1894


27        1-4                   Incoming Letters [tip-in volume #1], 1856-1857

            5-7                   Incoming Letters [tip-in volume #2], February 1857-January 1858

            8                      Incoming Letters [tip-in volume #3], 1858


28        1-2                   Incoming Letters [tip-in volume #3], 1858

            3-5                   Incoming Letters [tip-in volume #4], 1858-1861

            6                      Incoming Letters [tip-in volume #5], 1860-1864


29        1-4                   Incoming Letters [tip-in volume #5], 1860-1864

            5-6                   Incoming Letters [tip-in volume #6], 1861-1865


30        1                      Incoming Letters [tip-in volume #6], 1861-1865

            2-5                   Incoming Letters [tip-in volume #7], 1865-1867

            6                      Loose Letters, n.d.

            7                      Loose Letters, 1836-1841


31        1                      Loose Letters, 1844-1846

            2                      Loose Letters, 1847-1850

            3                      Loose Letters, 1851-1854

            4                      Loose Letters, 1855-1866

                                                            Lewis Baldwin Parsons                                              Page 13                                                                  Container List


Series II:  The Personal Papers, 1783-1908


Box     Folder 


                                    Correspondence, 1836-1908

31        5                      Loose Letters, 1867-1868

            6                      Loose Letters, 1869-1872

            7                      Loose Letters, 1873-1874


32        1                      Loose Letters, 1875-1876

            2                      Loose Letters, 1877-1878

            3                      Loose Letters, 1879-February 1880 and n.d. 1880

            4                      Loose Letters, March 1880-May 1880

            5                      Loose Letters, June 1880-December 1881

            6                      Loose Letters, 1882-1884


33        1                      Loose Letters, January-June 1885 and n.d. 1885

            2                      Loose Letters, July-December 1885

            3                      Loose Letters, 1886

            4                      Loose Letters, January-September 1887 and n.d. 1887

            5                      Loose Letters, October 1887-1888


34        1                      Loose Letters, 1889-1891

            2                      Loose Letters, 1892-1894

            3                      Loose Letters, 1895-1896

            4                      Loose Letters, 1897-1898

            5                      Loose Letters, 1899

            6                      Loose Letters, 1900-1901


35        1                      Loose Letters, 1902-1905

            2                      Loose Letters, 1906-1908


Genealogical Papers, Journals, and Other Memorabilia, 1783-1907

            3                      Parsons and Hoar Family Letters, 1783; 1799-1830

            4                      Genealogical Papers, 1843-1907 [1891-1907]

            5                      Genealogical Papers [includes 1656 Joseph Parsons document]

            6-8                   Genealogical Papers


36        1                      Ancestral Tablet

            2                      Family History Notebook [includes Parsons’ essays on wives Sarah Green                                            Edwards and Julia Maria Edwards]; Genealogical Notebook

            3                      Medicinal and Culinary Recipe Book, ca. 1841

            4                      Lewis B. Parsons Autograph Book, 1840; and Elizabeth Darrah [third wife]                                      Autograph Book, 1851-1865

            5                      Lewis B. Parsons Travel Journals (4), 1867-1868

            6                      Sarah E. Parsons Travel Journals (4), 1867-1868

                                                            Lewis Baldwin Parsons                                              Page 14                                                                  Container List


Series II:  The Personal Papers, 1783-1908


Box     Folder 

Genealogical Papers, Journals, and Other Memorabilia, 1783-1907

37        1                      Sarah E. Parsons:  Travel Journals (3), 1868-1870; and Autograph Book-                                           Cairo,Egypt, 1868-1871

            2                      Julia E. Parsons: Autograph Book, 1881; and Passport, 1919

            3 (BV)             L. B. Parsons Scrapbook, 1861-1906

            4                      Newsclippings, 1876-1878

            5                      Parsons Obituaries, 1907


38        1                      Poems, Reminiscences, and other Memorabilia

            2-4                   Biographical Papers [includes phrenological character sketch and Civil War                                       papers]

            5                      Lewis B. Parsons Account Books:  Yale College, 1836-1844 [Includes                                              composition subjects and other notes], and “Wahalak, Kemper Co.,                                                 Mississippi, June 1842, “1842-1844”


                                    Land and Financial Records, 1841-1908

            6                      Land and Financial Records, n.d.

            7                      Land and Financial Records, 1840s

            8                      Land and Financial Records, 1850s

            9                      Land and Financial Records, 1860s


39        1                      Land and Financial Records, 1870s

            2                      Land and Financial Records, 1880s

            3                      Land and Financial Records, 1890s

            4                      Land and Financial Records, 1900-1908

            5 (BV)             Elmwood Farm Journal, 1864-1865 (and 1867, 1890, 1893)

6 (BV)             Farm Journal of Henry D. Bacon re: Parsons and/or joint property, 1878-1887


40        -                       Tax Receipts, 1848-1906 [10 bundles and 1 folder]


                                    Oversize Personal Papers, 1840-1899

Oversize MS 8                        Yale College-Bachelors Degree, August 19, 1840 [Latin]

Oversize MS 9                        Yale College-Masters Degree, August 17, 1843 [Latin]

Oversize MS 10          American Home Missionary Society-Life Membership Certificate, October                                        5, 1844

Oversize MS 11          Yale College-Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degree, July 11, 1872 [Latin-for                                             Lewis Greene Parsons]

Oversize MS 12          Elmwood [Farm]-Flora,ClayCounty,Illinois, November [18]70

Oversize MS 13          Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the U.S.-Certificate, April 1, 1891

Oversize MS 14          Harvard University-Bachelor of Laws Degree, June 24, 1891 [Latin-                                                  Parsons in Class of 1844]

Oversize MS 15          Sons of the Revolution-Membership Certificate (Missouri) October 23,                                              1899

                                                             Lewis Baldwin Parsons                                             Page 15

Partial Index to Major Correspondents


Agriculture                            Letters of Thomas H. Lowrey to Parsons from Flora about his land                                                                during the Civil War

Allen, Brig. Gen. Robert      Letters to Parsons:  Dec. 9, 1961 (2); Jan. 3, May 19, Sept. 19, Nov.                                                   20, Dec. 11, 1962; Oct. 28, Nov. 23, Dec. 1, 1863; Mar. 10, 19,                                                       May 15, Sept. 20, 1864

Allen, William                        Letters to Parsons, Carbondale, Ill.:  Apr. 24, May 31, June 2, 1880

Altgeld, John P.                     Letters to Parsons, Springfield, Ill.:  Dec. 31, 1896; nine letters from                                               Parsons to Altgeld in copy book “Political Letters, 1874-1894”

Badeau, Adam                       to Col. Parsons, Nashville, Tenn.:  Feb. 16, 1864

Bancroft, George                  to Mrs.Haines,New York: Nov. 1, _____

Banks, Gen. Nathaniel P.     to Brig. Gen. Robert Allen, New Orleans, La.:  Jan. 27, 1864 (copy)

Bellows, Henry                      to Miss Harris:  Jan. 27, 1859

Belknap, William W.Washington:  Mar. 7, 1873

Bissell, William H.                 to Parsons, Springfield, Ill.:  Feb. 14, 1857

Black, Gen. John C.             to Parsons, Danville, Ill.:  Feb. 13, 1880; May 27, 1884, Oct. 26,                                                     1885; three letters of Parsons to Black in copy book “Political                                                          Letters, 1874-1894”

Blair, Frank P.                      to Parsons, House of Representatives:  July 3, Aug. 28, and Dec. 1862

Blair, Frank P., Jr.                to President Lincoln, St. Louis: Sept. 28, 1863; Copy in “Parsons                                                    Personal History File”

Browning, Orville H.             to Parsons: Oct. 15, 1863; copy in “Parsons Personal History “file;                                                  Apr. 20, May 31, 1880

Bryan, Judge Silas                to Parsons, Salem, Ill.:  July 24, 1878

Burnside, Gen Ambrose E.  to Parsons, Cincinnati, Ohio:  Aug. 4, 1863; Telegrams:  June 4,                                                       Aug. 3, Aug. 7, 8, 9, 1863

Burritt, Elihu                         to Miss Kortwright:  Mar. 20, 1855

Burroughs, John                   to Miss Robinson, Roxbury, N.Y.:  Sept. 4, ______

Cameron, Simon                   Count Gurowsky:  Mar. 9, 1862; to W.H. Osborne, War Dept.: Aug.                                               15, 1861; to David Davis, Joseph Holt, Hugh Campbell:  Dec. 20, 1861

Cass, Lewis                            to his son,Wash., Mar. 28, ____

Cleveland, Pres. Grover       Letter of Parsons to Cleveland in copy book “Political Letters 1874-                                               1894”

Corse, John Murray             to Parsons:  Aug. 26, Dec. 11, 1876; Jan. 3, 1877; Sept. 22, 1879:                                                    Jan. 21, Mar. 18, May 1, 1880; two letters of Parsons to Corse in                                                     copy book, “Political Letters 1874-1894”

Cullom, Gov. Shelby M.       letter o f Gen. L.B. Parsons to Cullum in copy book:  “Political                                                        Letters, 1874-1894

Curtis, Gen. Samuel R.         to Col. L. B. Parsons:  Dec. 17, 20, 1861; Parsons to Curtis: Dec. 25,                                              1861; Apr. 5, July 26, 1862; Telegrams:  June 13, 20, 25, Aug. ____,                                               1862; see Gen. McPherson telegram to Parsons, Oct. 19, 1862

Curtis, Gen. Samuel R.         to E.M. Stanton, Keokuk, Iowa:  Sept. 19, 1863; copy in “Parsons                                                  Personal History File”

Dana, Charles A.                   to Col. L. B. Parsons, War Dept:  Jan. 11, 1865 (on moving Schofield’s                                          Army from West to East)

Dayton, Ohio                                     Description in Jan. 1846 in P. Odlin to L. B. Parsons, Dayton, Ohio:                                               Jan. 20, 1846

                                                            Lewis Baldwin Parsons                                              Page 16

Partial Index to Major Correspondents


Davis, David                          Letters in L.B. Parsons Papers:

                                                1)  (Copy) David Davis to Edwin M. Stanton, St. Louis, Mo.:  Feb. 24,                                                         1862; 1 p.-recommends Parsons’ appt. to Gen. H.W. Halleck’s staff

                                                2)  ALS-David Davis to James E. Yeatman, Bloomington, Ill.: Dec.                                                   16, 1864; 1 p.-promotion of Parsons

                                                3)  ALS-David Davis to L.B. Parsons, Bloomington, Ill.: Sept. 17,                                                     1872; 4 p.-illness of their children and the 1872 election

                                                4)  David Davis to L.B. Parsons, Washington, DC: May 23, 1877,                                                       78, 79? 1 p. (pencil)-speech in U.S. Senate and illness of himself                                                     and daughter

                                                5)  David Davis to Miss Julia E. Parsons, Washington, DC: March                                                      12, 1882 with envelope; 1 p.-has received her autograph book

                                                6)  David Davis to Miss Julia E. Parsons, Washington, DC: June 21,                                                   1882; 1 p.-returning her autograph album

                                                7)  David Davis to Gen. John A. McClernand:  Feb. 19, 1863

                                                8)  David Davis to L.B. Parsons:  Feb. 24, June 24, 1862; Aug. 3,                                                       1863; Dec. 16, 1864; May 23, 1873; Feb. 27, 1886

                                                9)  David Davis to Pres. Lincoln, Bloomington, Ill.:  June 28, 1864;                                                    Copy in “Parsons Personal History” file

                                              10)  David Davis to E.M. Stanton, Bloomington, Ill.: Aug. 31, 1863;                                                   Copy in “Parsons Personal History” file

                                              11)  David Davis to E.B. Washburne, Bloomington, Ill.:  Feb. 18,                                                         1865; Copy in “Parsons Personal History” file

                                              12)  LS-David Davis to Major Robert W. Allen, St. Louis, Mo.: Jan.                                                    23, 1862 

                                              13)  Lyman Trumbull to L.B. Parsons, Chicago, Nov. 1, 1881 on                                                          Davis inU.S. Senate

                                              14)  Wm. A. Sparks to L.B. Parsons, Jan. 14, 1879; Davis’s views on                                                   Parsons’ chances of appt. to R.R. Comm.

                                              15)  H.B. Thayer to L.B. Parsons, Bloomington, Ill.:   Oct. 26, 1878;                                                    Davis’ Politics

                                              16)  L.B. Parsons to David Davis, St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 8, 1862 with                                                   Davis’ reply of Sept. 16, 1862 written on same letter

                                              17)  The Daily Bulletin, Bloomington, Ill.: July 7, 1881-says it                                                              published in full on Tues., July 5th -speech ofDavis on Mon. July 4

Davis, Mrs. David                 to L.B. Parsons, Como, Ill.:  Oct. 5, 1887

Dodge, Grenville M.              to L.B. Parsons:  Oct. 17, Dec. 24, 1906

Donaldson, J. L.                    L.B Parsons, Nashville, Tenn.:  Mar. 4, May 4, July 1, 1865

Doolittle, John R.                  to L.B. Parsons:  Feb. 5, 1880 (clipped from Chicago Times)

Doud, John, Jr.                     Fort Dodge, Iowa-to L.B. Parsons:  Nov. 10, 1880; July 14, 1885

Dubois, Jesse K.                    to Parsons:  Aug. 18, 1863

Echols, John                          to L.B. Parsons:  Feb. 9, 1886 (see. D.A.B. for Echols)

Edwards, Mrs. Benjamin S. to L.B. Parsons, Springfield, Ill.:  Feb. 20, 1888 (letter and clippings                                                  of her daughter, Alice E. Ferguson)

Foster, Major J. G.                to Capt. Edward Hillier, Fort Monroe, La.:  Oct. 16, 1862

Fremont, Mrs. Jessie Benton to Miss Harris:  Nov. 1, 1864

                                                            Lewis Baldwin Parsons                                              Page 17

Partial Index to Major Correspondents


Gaubert, C.H.                        Capt. and A.Q.M.-50 letters:  July-Oct. 1864

Gladstone, Wm. E.                to Rev. R.C. Jenkins:  Nov. 21, 1876

Grant, Gen. U. S.                  1)  Gen. U.S. Grant to Col. L.B. Parsons:  Nov. 17, 1862 (3); Nov.                                                     19, Dec. 3, 1862; Jan. 30, 1863 (2); Feb. 9, 13, Mar. 4, 7, 31,

                                                   Apr. 4, July 25, 1863; May 20, 1865

                                                2)  U.S. Grant to W.T. Sherman, St. Louis:  Jan. 31, 1864 (copy);                                                       Note on back by Brig. Gen. R.N. Buckland

                                                3)  U.S. Grant-telegram to Col. L.B. Parsons:  Feb. 5, 1864

                                                4)  Gen. U.S. Grant to Col. L.B. Parsons:  Sept. 22, 1864; order                                                         about pilots S.S. Metcalf

                                                5)  Grant to Lt. Col. C.A. Reynolds, Young’s Point, La.:  Apr. 5,                                                       1863 (copy)

                                                6)  U.S. Grant-telegrams:  Nov. 24, 1862; Mar. 7, 1863

                                                7)  U.S. Grant-Telegram to Gen. Robert Allen, Grant’s headquarters:                                                 August 24, 1862

                                                8)  U.S. Grant to Gen. Robert Allen:  Aug. 15, 1863 (copy); July 24,                                                  1863 (copy); July 25, 1863 (copy)

                                                9)  U.S. Grant to W. Myeres:  Aug. 4, 1863; note on J.D. Bingham (copy)

Grierson, Mrs. Gen. B.H.     to Gen. L.B. Parsons:  May 4, 1903

Griswold, W.D.                     1)  W.D. Griswold to L.B. Parsons, St. Louis, Mo.:   Jan. 14, 25, 1862

                                                2)  W.D. Griswold to Pres. Lincoln, Terre Haute, Ind.:  Nov. 11863;                                                  Copy in “Parsons Personal History” file

                                                3)  W.D. Griswold to Col. L.B. Parsons, Cincinnati, Ohio:  May 17, 1864

                                                4)  W.D. Griswold to L.B. Parsons:  Feb. 9, 19, June 12, 13, July 25                                                   (2), 1858; Aug. 9, 16, 22, 1858; Nov. 10, 1880; May 13, 1886; May                                                25, 29, 31, 1888

                                                5)  W.D. Griswold in 1857-1858 letter book, p. 57, 112, 133, 189, 215

Halleck, Gen. H.W.               1)  Gen. H.W. Halleck to Col. L.B. Parsons: July 7, 8, 11, 12, 15,                                                       Dec. 11, 1862; Nov. 1, 1863

                                                2)  Gen. Henry W. Halleck to Gov. H.R. Gamble, Pittsburg Landing,                                                 Tenn.:  May 2, 1862 (copy)

                                                3)  Gen. Henry W. Halleck-Telegrams:  Apr. 29, June 5, 7, 22, July 7,                                                 29, 31, Dec. 3, 1862; Apr. 4, 23, Oct. 1, Nov. 1, 1863

Haupt, H.                               (In charge of transportation) several letters

Hay, John                               to Gen. L.B. Parsons:  June 27, 1887; Dec. 25, 1899

Hayes, Mrs. Rutherford B. Gen. L.B. Parsons to Mrs. Hayes, Flora, Ill.:  Oct. 9, 1877; Gen.                                                      Parsons’ letters to daughter Julia:  Oct. 7, 1877; Gen. Parsons to                                                         Congressman A.J. Sparks, Ill.:  Oct. 9, 1877

Hendricks, Thomas A.          (Vice President) to Gen. L.B. Parson, Indianapolis, Ind.:  Oct. 20, 1880

Hewitt, Abram S.                  to Gen. L.B. Parsons:  July 2, 1880

Hitt, R.R.                                to Gen. L. B. Parsons:  Dec. 25, 1899

Holt, Joseph                           to Col. L.B. Parsons, Washington:  Mar. 22, 1862

Hoar, Ebenezer Rockwood to L.B. Parsons:  Dec. 24, 1890; June 3, 1891; Nov. 14, 1894

Hoar, U.S. Senator George F. to L.B. Parsons:  Nov. 18, 1890, Washington; May 16, 1891; Oct.                                                   5, 1897; Sept. 12, 19, Nov. 21, 30, Dec. 8, 1898; July 16, 1900,                                                       Worchester, Mass.

                                                            Lewis Baldwin Parsons                                              Page 18

Partial Index to Major Correspondents


Hoar, Samuel                         Lewis B. Parsons, Concord, Mass.:  Dec. 11, 1843 (father of U.S.                                                      Senator George F. Hoar); Jan. 16, 1844

Holman, W.S.                        1)  W. Holman to Col. L.B. Parsons, Aurora, Ind.:  Dec. 25, 26, 1856;                                               Oct. 8, Dec. 8, 1859; May 5, Nov. 24, 1861; Jan. 9, 1862

                                                2)  W. Holman to E.M. Stanton, Aurora, Ind.:  Aug. 20, 1863, copy in                                               “Parsons Personal History” file

                                                3)  W.S. Holman (Congressman from Indiana) to Gen. L.B. Parsons:                                                  Dec. 2, 1877; Mar. 2, 1884; Mar. 27, 1885; Jan. 6, 1897

Howe, Sam Storrs                 to Parsons, Iowa City, Iowa:  May 24, 1865; (see also Gen. Samuel R.                                               Curtis; Gen. Grenville Dodge; John Doud, Jr.)

Hurlbut, Gen. S.A.                ANS - Memphis:  Feb. 14, 1863 (see Cameron)

Illinois Central                       (this is only a sample of letters from officials of the Illinois Central                                      Railroad)

                                                1)  Forsyth, Robert to Col. L.B. Parsons, Chicago:  Dec. 24, 1864

                                                2)  Witt, Osborn (President, Ill. Central) to Parsons:  Dec. 19, 1862                                                    (2); Dec. 20, 22, 24, 27, 1862; Feb. 25, April 3, 5, 7, 9, 13, 16,

                                                   18, 1863

                                                3)  Douglas, J.M. to Co. L.B. Parsons:  Apr. 27, May 11, 1863;                                                           telegram:  Oct. 26, 1863

Judah, Samuel                       to L.B. Parsons:  Sept. 19, 1859; June 4, Oct. 25, 1860 (possibly 2                                                      other 1860 letters); Jan. 27, 1861

Kemble, Fanny                      ANS – to Lenox, n.d. (In autograph book)

Koerner, Gustave                  to L.B. Parsons:  Feb. 11, 1862; Jan. 21, Apr. 13, 27, 1880; Aug. 23,                                                  1882; Mar. 12, 1888 (also 3 letters of Parsons to Koerner in copy                                         book “Political Letters, 1874-1894”

Lanphier, Charles H.            to Gen. L.B. Parsons, Springfield, Ill.:  Feb. 9, 1878; July 8, 1880

Lincoln, Abraham                 1)  ANS - “Sec. of State please see Mr. Gerard, Dec. 31, 1861.  A.                                                     Lincoln

                                                2)  L.S. – Lincoln to Sec. of War, Wash., D.C.:  Mar. 9, 1865

                                                3)  L.S. – Lincoln to Sec. of War, Wash., D.C.:  Mar. 17, 1865

                                                4)  D.S. – Lewis B. Parsons to be Colonel:  July 30, 1862 (oversize)

                                                    The above items are in the Lincoln Collection

                                                5)  L.B. Parsons to Pres. Lincoln: Mar. 17, 1865 (copy)

                                                6)  E.L. Baker to Lincoln, Springfield:  Oct. 27, 1861

                                                7)  John P. Hart to Lincoln, Chicago:  Aug. 11, 1863

                                                8)  Lt. Col. J. Condit Smith to Lincoln:  June 26, 1864

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth to Dear Field, Cambridge:  Feb. 9, 1851?

Lossing, Benjamin                 ANS – NY:  Oct. 10, 1854

McClernand, Gen. John A. 1)  Gen. John A. McClernand – to Pres. Lincoln:  Feb. 19, 1863; to                                                    David Davis:  Feb. 19, 1863; to Gen. H.W. Halleck:  Dec. 19, 1862                                                (copy); to Col. L.B. Parsons:  Jan. 22, 25, 26, 28, 30 (2), 1863

                                                2)  Gen. John A. McClernand – to Pres. Lincoln, Springfield, Ill.:                                                       Sept. 9, 1863 (copy in “Parsons Personal History” file

McCormick, Cyrus H.          to Gen. L.B. Parsons, Chicago:  Nov. 29, 1876

McPherson, Gen. James B. to Col. L.B. Parsons:  Aug. 3, 13, 29, Sept. 5, Oct. 19, 1862;                                                              telegrams:  July 7(2), 9, 10, Nov. 25, 1862

                                                            Lewis Baldwin Parsons                                              Page 19

Partial Index to Major Correspondents


Marshall, S.S.                         to Gen. L.B. Parsons: Feb. 18, 1879; Also 2 letters of Gen. L.B.                                                        Parsons toMarshall in copy book “Political Letters, 1874-1894”.

Meigs, Montgomery C.         to Col. L.B. Parsons:  Feb. 17, May 19, 27, July 29, Aug. 5, 15, Dec. 8                                              (2), 9, 25, 1863; Feb. 22, 29, Mar. 31, Apr. 15, 22, Sept. 21, 28, 1864;                                             Mar. 15, May 9, 10, 19, June 5, Oct. 9, Dec. 18, 1865; Nov. 17,                                                      1866?; Apr. 8, 1873 (this is a only a sample of the Meigs letters.  27                                                May 1863 toStanton withStanton’s approval (copy)

Morrison, Wm. R.                 to Gen. L.B. Parsons:  Feb 29, Apr. 12, May 13, June 4, 1880; Mar. 13,                                             May 1, Nov. 2, 1884; Mar. 28, Nov. 15, 1886; Six letters of Gen.                                                    L.B. Parsons to Morrison in copy book “Political Letters, 1874-1894”

Morrow, G.E.                        (Prof. of Agr.) to Gen. L.B. Parsons:  Sept. 4, 1886

Oberly, John H.                     (editor of newspaper in Bloomington, Ill.) to Gen. L.B. Parsons:  Feb.                                                16, 1881; Jan. 30, May 5, 20, June 8, 11, 1884; Feb. 18, 1888

Oglesby, Richard J.               telegram to Gen. L.B. Parsons,Springfield,Ill.: Mar. 25, 1867

Orme, Gen. Wm. W.             to Gen. L.B. Parsons, Rolla, Mo.:  Sept. 15, 1862

Osterhaus, Gen. P.J.             telegram to Gen. Curtis:  Oct. 9, 1862

Palmer, Gen. John M.          1)  Gen. John M. Palmer to L.B. Parsons:  Feb. 7, 24, April 12, 19,                                                     May 31, 1880; copy of Parsons to Palmer, Jan. 10, 1877; see also                                         Parsons to daughter, Julia:  Jan. 7, 10, 1877; four letters of Parsons                                              to Palmer in copy book “Political Letters, 1874-1894”

                                                2)  Gen. John M. Palmer to Col. L.B. Parsons, New Madrid, Mo.:                                                      Mar. 4, 1862

Parsons, Gen. Lewis B.         (unusual letters to his mother)

                                                1)  St. Louis, Mo.:  May 12, 1861-fighting in the city

                                                2)  Pittsburgh Landing:  May 25, 1862-movement of troops of Genls.                                                            Jeff C. Davis and Asboth fromCape Girardeau toPittsburgh Landing

                                                3)  Helena, Ark.:  Dec. 21, 1862-transportation of Sherman’s army                                                     fromMemphis toYazoo

                                                4)  Yazoo River:  Dec. 27, 1862-transportation of Sherman’s army                                                     fromMemphis toYazoo

Parsons, Sarah E.                  (daughter of Gen. Lewis B. Parsons) 35 letters, 1867-1869 on                                                            European tour

Peters, Chief Justice John A. (Maine Supreme Court) many letters to Parsons from this college                                                      classmate

Pope, John                             1)  John Pope to Maj. Gen. H.W. Halleck, St. Louis, Mo.:  Feb 18,                                                     1862 (copy)

                                                2)  Gen. John Pope to Col. L.B. Parsons:  Apr. 22, 1862

                                                3)  Gen. John Pope-telegrams: April 10 (2), 19, 1862

Porter, Rear Admiral D.D. 1)  Rear Admiral D.D. Porter to Col. Lewis B. Parsons:  Gen. Order                                                  #26, Dec. 31, 1862; Jan. 8, 10, 12, 18, 25, 1863; Jan. 10, Feb. 21,                                                    24, Mar. 6, June 25, July 22, 1864

                                                2)  Admiral D.D. Porter-telegrams:  Feb. 16, 17, 1864; ANS on                                                          Parsons to Col. W.P. Fenn, St. Louis, Mo.:  June 3, 1864




                                                            Lewis Baldwin Parsons                                              Page 20

Partial Index to Major Correspondents


Quimby, Gen. J.F.                 1)  Gen. J.F. Quimby to Col. L.B. Parsons, Columbus, Ky.:  July 6,                                                    Aug. 15, Sept. 29, 1862

                                                2)  Gen. J.F. Quimby – telegrams:  June 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 (2), 18 (2),                                         23, 30 (2), July 5, 10, 24, Aug. 30, 1862

Rawlins, Gen. John A.          to Col. L.B. Parsons, Young’s Point,La.: Feb. 1, 1863

Rinaker, Gen. John I.           to Gen. L.B. Parsons:  July 19, 1904

Roosevelt, Theodore                         to Dear Jake, Wash., D.C.:  Jan. 19, 1904

Rosecrans, Gen. W.S.           telegrams:  Mar. 12, Aug. 20, 1863

Schofield, Gen. John M.       1)  Gen. John M. Schofield to Col. L.B. Parsons:  May 7, 10, June 1,


                                                2)  Gen. J. M. Schofield to E.M. Stanton, St. Louis:  Sept. 26, 1863.                                                  Copy in “Parsons Personal History” file.  Also to Gen. H.W. Halleck,                                             St. Louis: Sept. 25, 1863

                                                3)  Gen. John M. Schofield to Gen. L.B. Parsons, St. Louis:  July 5,                                                   Oct. 25, 1863; N.Y. City:  July 6, 1887

                                                4)  Gen. J. M. Schofield-telegram to Col. Parsons, Cape Girardeau,                                                    Mo.:  Apr. 28, 1862

Sheridan, Gen. Phil H.          to Gen. L.B. Parsons, Chicago:  Apr. 12, 1882; ANS 16 Jan. 1866 on                                                 Parson’s letter, 13 Jan. 1966

Sherman, Gen. Wm. T.        1)  Gen. Wm. T. Sherman to Capt. L.B. Parsons:  Mar. 26, 1862

                                                2)  Gen. Wm. T. Sherman to Gen. L.B. Parsons, Memphis:  Aug. 30,                                                  1862; Yazoo, Dec. 28, 1862; Millikens Bend, Jan. 4, 1863, Sp. Order                                              #3: July 19, 1863 (copy); Big Black, Aug. 20, 1863; Sept. 14, 1863;                                             St. Louis, Oct. 29, 1865, copy in “Parsons Personal History”; Dec.                                              29, 1866; July 30, 1875.  Proc. To Citizens of Greenville (no date)                                           copy; telegrams-St. Louis: Feb. 4, 12, 1862

Shurtleff College                   Des. Lewis B. Parsons to his brother, Alton:  Sept. 1, 1845

Sparks, Jared                        short note, n.d. in autograph album

Sparks, Wm. A.J.                  many letters in 1876 to 1880 of congressman

Stevenson, Adlai E.               to Gen. L.B. Parsons:  Apr. 4, 1876; Feb. 11, 1885; Feb. 20, 23, Mar.                                                 22, 1886; Dec. 15, 1889; seven letters of  Parsons to Stevenson in                                                   copy book “Political Letters 1874-1894”.  Bloomington Daily                                                      Bulletin, July 7, 1881, says speech of his will be published tomorrow.

Stevenson, Mrs. Adlai E.      to Gen. L.B. Parsons, Washington, D.C.:  Oct. 7, 1887

Strong, Gen. W.K.                1)  Gen. W.K. Strong to Col. L.B. Parsons:  Mar. 20, 24, Apr. 23, 25,                                                May 2, 3, 18, 20, 1862

                                                2)  Gen. W.K. Strong-telegrams:  Apr. 13, 16, 17, 19 (2), 22, 25 (2),                                                   26, May 23, June 23, July 3, Aug. 5 (2), 1862

Sully, Gen. Alf.                      to Col. L.B. Parsons:  June 24, 25, July 8, 1864; to Col. Fred Meyers,                                                 Sioux City:  May 18, 1864 (copy) Surplus coal and boats sold in                                                      1865 (40 letters)

Trumbull, Lyman                 1)  Lyman Trumbull – to Gen. L.B. Parsons:  Sept. 25, 1863; Jan. 27,                                                 1879; Nov. 1, 1881; May 29, 1884; Sept. 30, 1887; Chicago: July 8,                                                13, 14, 1864 



                                                             Lewis Baldwin Parsons                                             Page 21

Partial Index to Major Correspondents


Trumbull, Lyman-cont.        2)  Lyman Trumbull to Pres. Lincoln, Chicago, Ill.:  Sept. 25, 1863;                                                    copy in “Parsons Personal History” file; five letters of Parsons to                                                     Trumbull in copy book “Political Letters, 1874-1894”

Trumbull Jonathan               The Painter – ANS

Wallace, Gen. Lew                telegram to L.B. Parson:  Sept. 4, 1862

Washburne, E. B.                  to E.M. Stanton, Galena, Ill.:  Aug 21, 1863; copy in “Parsons Personal                                          History” file; Galena, Ill.:  Mar. 18, July 24, 1863; Jan. 24, 1864; Jan.                                                 27, 1885

Welles, Gideon                       to Admiral D.D. Porter, Navy Dept:  Aug. 5, 1863 (copy)

William, Wm.                         ANS – Jan. 1783 (signer of Declaration of Independence)

                                                   Winslow, F.S. (Capt. and Asst. Quarter Master in charge of                                                             Cumberland River transportation) to Col. Lewis Parsons:  100                                                          letters and telegrams in 1864 

Wise, Henry A.                      to son, O. Jennings Wise, Richmond, Va.:  Mar. 26, 1856

Wolcott, Oliver, Jr.                D.S.-signer of the Declaration of Independence

Woolfolk, A.C.                      (Capt. and Asst. Quarter Master) to L.B. Parsons:  100 letters and                                                   telegrams in 1864

Yates, Richard                       1)  Richard Yates to Parsons, Springfield:  July 23, 1864; telegram                                                    to Parsons, Springfield, Ill.:  Apr. 29, 1862

                                                2)  Richard Yates to Maj. Gen. Halleck, Springfield, Ill.:  Feb. 25, 1862

                                                3)  Richard Yates-Maj. Gen. Robert Allen, Springfield, Ill.:  Feb. 15, 1864

                                                4)  Richard Yates-E.M. Stanton, Springfield, Ill.:  Sept. 9, 1863;                                                        Signed also by J.A. McClernand, O.M. Hatch, Wm. Butler, Joseph

                                                   Gillespie, J.K. Dubois (copy in “Parsons Personal History” file)


“Lewis Baldwin Parsons Papers, 1783-1908,” Chronicling Illinois, accessed June 20, 2018, http://alplm-cdi.com/chroniclingillinois/items/show/493.