Romie J. Palmer Papers, 1964-1973


Romie J. Palmer Papers, 1964-1973



Palmer, Romie J.  (1921-    )


Papers, 1964, 1973-1976


3.25 linear feet  (4 archival boxes)


Illinois representative (Republican) from sixth and eighth districts.  Chairman of Railroad Grade Crossing Commission (1969-1970); vice chairman of Judiciary II Committee (1973-1976).


Correspondence, legislative bills, news briefs, committee and commission minutes, reports and printed materials concerning the State’s Attorney Study Commission and Judiciary II Committee.


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                                                            Romie J. Palmer                                                          Page 2                                                          Biographical Sketch


Romie J. Palmer, Republican State Representative (1969-1976) from the Sixth and Eighth Districts, was born on Pontotoc, Mississippi, on April 10, 1921.  Palmer graduated from DePaul University with a LL.B. degree and served in World War II.  He was admitted to the Illinois Bar in 1950.  During his legal career, Palmer served as an attorney for the Industrial Division of the Blue Island Chamber of Commerce and as a municipal, park district and township attorney.


In 1968, Palmer was elected to the 76th General Assembly from the Sixth District.  He was re-elected to the 77th General Assembly (1971-1972) and, when the state was redistricted, he was elected to the 78th and 79th General Assemblies (1973-1976) from the Eighth District.  Palmer served as vice-chairman of the Judiciary II Committee from 1973 to 1976 and was a member of the Education Committee.  Besides serving on the Intergovernmental Cooperation Commission, Palmer was also a member of the Governor’s Commission on “Operation Little Calumet River”.  As chairman of the Railroad Grade Crossing Commission (1969-1970), Palmer was the chief sponsor of legislation to eliminate railroad grade crossing traffic tie-ups.


Palmer has been a member of the Illinois Bar Association, American Judicature Society, Masons, American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Blue Island Chamber of Commerce, and First Lutheran Church of Blue Island.  Palmer’s civic activities included a term as chairman for the Burr Oak District of the Boy Scouts of America, and he was among the founders of the Blue Cap School for the Mentally Retarded.  In addition to serving as president of the Worth Township Regular Republican Organization, Palmer was also president of the South Suburban Bar Association and the Cook County Justices and Magistrates Association.


Palmer is married and the father of four children.  He served as a circuit judge for Cook County.

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                                                          Scope and Content


The Romie J. Palmer Papers, 1964, 1973-1976, consist of 4 cubic feet of correspondence, legislative bills, news briefs, committee and commission minutes, reports, and printed materials.  The collection documents Palmer’s service as a representative to the 78th and 79th General Assemblies but does not contain material from Palmer’s terms in the 76th and 77th General Assemblies.  His participation in the 1964 at large election for the legislature is also documented.  There are five files in the collection: Subject File, 1964, 1973-1974; Correspondence File, 1973-1974; Subject File, 1975-1976; Correspondence File, 1975; and Legislative File, 1973-1976.


Subject File, 1964, 1973-1974 (Box 1), is arranged alphabetically by topic and contains correspondence, reports, court decisions, bill markups, and clippings pertaining to legislation considered in the 78th General Assembly.  Topics include the death penalty and health.


Correspondence File, 1973-1974 (Box 1), contains constituent correspondence on specific issues (arranged alphabetically by topic) as well as general legislative letters (arranged alphabetically by correspondent).  Most of the correspondence is dated 1973.


Subject File, 1975-1976 (Box 2), is arranged alphabetically by topic and contains correspondence, reports, clippings, bill mark-ups, proposed legislation, and other items pertaining to legislation considered during the 79th General Assembly.  Topics include malpractice and a “court supervision” amendment to the Corrections Code.


Correspondence File, 1975 (Box 2) is arranged chronologically and contains correspondence from constituents.


Legislative File, 1973-1976 (Box 3-4), is arranged with committee and commission material first followed by numerically arranged bill files and special topics.  The file contains correspondence, bill drafts, committee minutes, clippings, questionnaires, case transcripts and contracts.  The bulk of the material dates from 1975 to 1976.  Major topics include the State’s Attorney Study Commission, the Judiciary II Committee, railroad crossings, policemen, education and judicial elections.


                                                            Romie J. Palmer                                                          Page 4

                                                              Container List


Box     Folder

                        Subject File, 1964, 1973-1974

1          1-2       At-Large Election, 1964 – Correspondence and Campaign Materials

            3          Abortion

            4          Bicentennial

            5          Board of Elections

            6          Chicago Board of Education

            7          Classifications of Offenses

            8          Death Penalty (HB 433)

            9          Death with Dignity (HB 74)

            10        Divorce

            11        Energy

            12        Grand Jury (HB 890)

            13        Health, Mental

            14        Health Care

            15        Higher Education

            16        House Rules

            17        Illinois Bicentennial Commission

            18        Judiciary I

            19        Judiciary II

            20        Lobbyists

            21        Miscellaneous

            22        No Fault Insurance

            23        Obscenity Decision – Supreme Court

            24        Politics

            25        Proclamations

            26        Railroads – Miscellaneous Information

            27        Republican News Briefs

            28        Republican Committee

            29        Resolutions

            30        “Sag Valley Site” Report

            31        Scenic Rivers (HB 1530)

            32        Special Assessments

            33        Township Collectors

            34        Township Terminations

            35        Sales Taxes, Fiscal Effects of Abolishing


                        Correspondence File, 1973-1974

            36        Correspondence, 1974

            37        Correspondence: Department of Transportation HB 1095-Conveyance by                                          Department of Transportation to Bohme, 1973

            38        Correspondence (Abortion), [1973]

            39        Correspondence (ERA), 1973

            40        Correspondence (Department of Aging), 1973

            41        Correspondence (“No-Fault”), 1973

            42        Correspondence (RTA), 1973

                                                            Romie J. Palmer                                                          Page 5

                                                              Container List


Box     Folder

                        Correspondence File, 1973-1974

1          43        Correspondence (State Board of Education – PTA Members, 1973)

            44        Correspondence (HB 177), 1973

            45        Correspondence (Handguns), 1973

            46        Correspondence: A-D, 1973

            47        Correspondence: E-H, 1973

            48        Correspondence: I-L, 1973

            49        Correspondence: M-R, 1973

            50        Correspondence: S-Z, 1973


                        Subject File, 1975-1976

2          1          Administrative Review Act References

            2          Attachment Act

            3          Circuit Breaker Forms

            4          Corrections

            5          Crosstown

            6          Dentists

            7          Divorce Reform

            8          Elmwood Cemetery

            9          House Resolution 919 – Exoneration

            10        Fund Raisers

            11        Generic Drugs

            12        Illinois Church Action on Alcohol Problems

            13        Illinois State Animal

            14        Insurance and Pension Law Reform

            15        Legislative Contests

            16        Legislative Scholarships

            17        Library Information Bulletin

            18        Malpractice

            19        Marijuana

            20        Miscellaneous

            21        News Summary

            22        Orland Park Garbage Disposal

            23        Orland Park Project – Land Acquisition, Mannheim Road, Route 45

            24        Proposed Legislation

            25        Roll Calls

            26        Prison Furloughs

            27        Supervision

            28        Scenic Rivers

            29        Railroads

            30        Regional Transportation Authority

            31        SB 609 (Exempting Cooling Lakes from Thermal Regulation)

            32        Truancy

            33        Unemployment Compensation (HB 488)

            34        User List

                                                            Romie J. Palmer                                                          Page 6

                                                              Container List


Box     Folder

                        Correspondence File, 1975

2          35        Correspondence – March

            36        Correspondence – April

            37        Correspondence – May

            38        Correspondence – June

            39        Correspondence – July


                        Legislative File, 1973-1976

3          1          State’s Attorney Study Commission:

                           HB 1299, (July 1, 1977)

                 Minutes, 1976


                 Illinois Law Enforcement Commission

                 Sentencing in Criminal Cases (Cook County)

                           Attorney General

                                       Cases – Circuit Court


                                       Advisory Commission

                                       Chicago Crime Commission

                                       NIPC Projects



                           Plea Bargaining

                           Preliminary Draft – Commission Report, 1974


                           For A More Perfect Union – Prosecution Reform

                           Crime in Illinois, 1972

                           Agency Reporting Exposure Document, April 15, 1974

                           Illinois Institute for Environmental Quality Annual Report, 1974

            2          Judiciary II: Committee

            3          Judiciary II: Corrections

            4          Judiciary II: Illegitimate Children (HB 2946 – 79th G.A.)

            5          Judiciary II: Sentencing (79th G. A.)

            6          Judiciary II: Juvenile Justice (79th G.A.)

            7          Judiciary II: Bail (79th G. A.)

            8          Judiciary I

            9          Judiciary II

            10        House Joint Resolution 22

            11        House Joint Resolution 42

            12        House Resolutions – 79th General Assembly

            13        HB 88 Probation Period for Municipal Employees

            14        HB 89 Policemen Dismissals and Suspensions

            15        HB 90 Policemen Posting Records of Examinations

            16        HB 214 Township Community Buildings

            17        HB 215 RTA – Forbids Political Activities

                                                            Romie J. Palmer                                                          Page 7

                                                              Container List


Box     Folder

                        Legislative File, 1973-1976

3          18        HB 216 Distribution of Township Funds

            19        HB 316 Policemen Carrying Firearms

            20        HB 317 Boating Bill

            21        HB 318 Township Civil Defense

            22        HB 319 Fire Protection Districts – Ambulance Service

            23        HB 504

            24        HB 637 Act to Revise Law in Relation to Divorce

            25        HB 798 Act Providing for Sale of State Lands

            26        HB 1293 Transfer to Title to All Vehicular Bridges

            27        HB 1294 Motor Fuel Tax Funds Maintenance of Grade Crossings

            28        HB 1295 Railroad Crossings – Public Authority to Fix

            29        HB 1296 Signals at Grad Crossings – Share by Public Utility and Grade Crossing                             Protection Fund

            30        HB 1297 Fiscal Year 1976 Expenses – State Attorney’s Study Commission

            31        HB 1298 Amends Mobile Home Park Licensing Act - Maximum Fees that a                                     Municipality or County May Charge

            32        HB 2091 Joint Investment of Policemen’s and Firemen’s Pension Funds in                                        Municipalities Under 500,000

            33        HB 3138

            34        HB 3279 Judicial Elections

            35        Senate Bills 655 and 656 – Senator Regner


4          1          Anti Suicide Prevention Centers

            2          Bail Bond Laws

            3          Civic Federation

            4          Court Reform

            5          ERA – Yes

            6          ERA – No

            7          HB 1541

            8          Illinois Mississippi Canal

            9          Illinois State Chamber of Commerce

            10        Illinois School Problems

            11        Illinois Tax Facts

            12        Intergovernmental Cooperation Commission

            13        SB 1076

            14        Speedy Trial

            15        Tax Equalizers

            16        U.S. Steel – Lake Michigan (Harry Yourell)

            17        Wiretapping Laws






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