Samuel Drake Lockwood Family Papers, 1817-1918


Samuel Drake Lockwood Family Papers, 1817-1918


Lockwood, Samuel Drake (1789-1874)


Family Papers, 1817-1918


.84 linear feet (2 manuscript boxes)


Illinois Supreme Court Justice from Pound Ridge, New York, he studied law, was admitted to the bar in New York and in 1818, moved toIllinoiswhere he continued the practice of law in Carmi. Lockwood moved to Edwardsville in 1821, after the legislature elected him to the office of Attorney General. He became the receiver of the Edwardsville Land Office in 1823. The legislature appointed him to the bench of the Illinois Supreme Court in 1825. In 1825 Judge Lockwood revised the Illinois criminal code. He moved to Jacksonville, Illinois in 1828. When the legislature divided Illinois into nine judicial circuits in 1841 and required Supreme Court Justices to preside over circuits, Justice Lockwood was responsible for the First Judicial Circuit. He represented Morgan County at the 1848 Illinois Constitutional Convention. Lockwood resigned from the bench that same year. In 1851, he was appointed Legislative Trustee of the Land Department of the Illinois Central Railroad. He served as a trustee of Illinois College and of the State Institute for the Insane, both located inJacksonville.


Samuel Lockwood’s papers include 24 letters to his wife, 1828-1850, written while he was in Vandalia or other towns where court was being held. He discusses his travels, accommodations, health and social affairs. Five of the letters, 1832-1833, discuss the impeachment proceedings brought against Judge Theophilus Smith. An August 7, 1832 letter to Lockwood from Francis Nash ofSt. Louis, discusses raising troops inMissourifor the Black Hawk War.


Mary Nash Lockwood’s papers include 11 letters to her husband, 1828-1852, sent from Jacksonville and Chicago and discuss family and social affairs with passing reference to Illinois College and its president, Julian Sturtevant. Her incoming correspondence includes 45 letters from family members including Eliza and Richard Bland of Florissant, Missouri; Ann Todd Dillon, of Hibernia and Florissant, Missouri; Mary Stuart, Mrs. John T. of Springfield, Illinois; and Elizabeth F.B. Todd.


The correspondence of Susan Lockwood Porter includes 120 letters, 1849-1859, that discuss social and family affairs in Jacksonvilleand Batavia. A number of letters from Charles Porter, 1865-1909.


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Samuel Drake Lockwood was born in Pound Ridge, Westchester County, New Yorkon August 2, 1789 and died on April 23, 1874. His father, Joseph, was an hotelier.  His mother was Mary Mark, nee Drake.  Samuel was the oldest of four and his siblings were Jesse (b. 1791) Rebecca (b. 1792), and Cornelius (b. 1793).  His father died in 1899 along with his brother, Cornelius of yellow fever.  His mother remarried the next year to Duncan McCall and they moved to Canada with his sister, Rebecca.  Jesse and he were in a private school until being taken in by his uncle (Francis Drake) at Waterford, New York. Studied Law with him, admitted to the bar in 1811.  He practiced law in New York until in 1818 when he came to Illinois (with Wm. H. Brown who settled at Vandalia) living at Carmi one year. In 1821 he became the 3rd Illinois Attorney General but resigned in 1822 to become the 2nd Secretary of State of Illinois for three months. He was then appointed as the Receiver of Public Moneys from President James Madison.  One reason he accepted the post was to give him the time and money to ensure that Illinois would remain a free state. In 1824-25 he was elected to Illinois Supreme Court remaining until 1848. In 1851 became State Trustee of the Illinois Central R.R. From 1828-1853 lived in Jacksonville serving on Illinois College board of trustees and of the state institute for the insane. As appointed agent of the First Board of Illinois-Michigan Canal Commissioners, he was given the duty of contracting with engineers to survey the route of the canal.  He spent his later years atBatavia, 1853-1874.


He was a Whig who then became a republican.

H e married Mary Stith Nash (d. 1875), whose family moved fromVirginiatoMissouriin 1822.

They had 3 children who lived Mary (1828-1877), Susan (1830-1864) and Anna (1838-?)


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                                                               Scope and Content


Family Papers, 1817-1918 (2 MS Boxes). Collection consists of the family correspondence of Samuel D. Lockwood, 1817-1852, twenty-six items (Box 1); his wife, Mary (Nash) Lockwood, 1824-1852, fifty-six items (Box 1); and their daughter, Susan (Lockwood) Porter, 1847-1909, ca. three hundred items (Boxes 1-2). The correspondence of Judge Lockwood (Box 1) includes twenty-four letters, 1828-1850, by him to his wife, which were written from Vandalia and other cities where court was being held. He discusses his travels, accommodations, health and social affairs. Five of the letters, 1832-1833, refer to the impeachment proceedings brought against Judge Theophilus Smith. An August 7, 1832 letter to him from Francis Nash, ofSt. Louis, speaks of raising troops inMissouri for the Black Hawk War. The correspondence of Mary (Nash) Lockwood (Box 1), includes eleven letters, 1828-1852, by her to her husband. These are addressed fromJacksonville,Springfield, andChicago, and concern family and social affairs, with passing references toIllinoisCollege and its president Julian Sturtevant. Her incoming correspondence, 1824-1852, includes forty-five letters from family members. Among these are Eliza and Richard Bland, ofFlorissant,Missouri; Ann Todd Dillon, of Hibernia andFlorissant,Missouri; Martha Nash Dillon, ofSt. Louis; Hugh Dillon; Ann Eliza Holmes, ofMemphis,Tennessee; Eliza Maylor, ofRichmond,Virginia; General Francis (Frank) Nash, of St. Louis; Ann, Mary, and Susan Nash, of St. Louis and Jamestown, Missouri; Mary Stuart, Mrs. John T., of Springfield, Illinois; and Elizabeth F.B. Todd. The correspondence of Susan (Lockwood) Porter (Boxes 1-2) (b. 1830) includes 120 letters by her, 1849-1859, which deal with social and family affairs inJacksonville andBatavia,Illinois. Her incoming correspondence, 1865-1909, includes letters from her husband, Charles W. Porter, ofHudson,Wisconsin.

A small group of John D. Lockwood Papers (Acc. No. 90-59) has been added.




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                                                              Container List


Box     Folder


                        Samuel D. Lockwood (1789-1874)

1          1          Correspondence, 1817-1833

            2          Correspondence, 1835-1850


                        Mary Nash (Mrs. Samuel) Lockwood:

            3          Correspondence, 1824-1829

            4          Correspondence, 1830-1839

            5          Correspondence, 1840-1857 and No Date


                        Susan Lockwood (Mrs. C) Porter:

            6          Correspondence, 1847-1849

            7          Correspondence, 1850

            8          Correspondence, 1851

            9          Correspondence, 1852

            10        Correspondence, 1853

            11        Correspondence, 1854

            12        Correspondence, 1856


2          1          Correspondence, 1857-1859

            2          Correspondence, 1865-1867

            3          Correspondence, 1873-1875

            4          Correspondence, 1876

            5          Correspondence, 1880-1883

            6          Correspondence, 1886-1887

            7          Correspondence, 1888-1899

            8          Correspondence, 1900-1909

            9          Correspondence, No Date

            10        John D. Lockwood Papers, 1863-1864; 1867; 1918 (Acc. No. 90-59)


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Writers of the Letters


1. Eliza Bland, niece of Mrs. Samuel D. Lockwood, 1

2. Richard Bland, nephew of Mrs. Samuel D. Lockwood, 1

3. Samuel D. Drake (probably cousin of Samuel D. Lockwood), 11

4. Samuel D. Lockwood, 22

5. Mrs. Samuel D. Lockwood, 10

6. Francis Nash, 4

7. G.P. Nash, 1

8. Susan Fisher Nash (sister of Mrs. Samuel D. Lockwood), 5

9. Mrs. John T. Stuart (Mary V. Nash, niece of Mrs. Samuel D. Lockwood), 3

10. Mrs. John Todd (sister of Mrs. Samuel D. Lockwood), 3

11. Mary A. Wilkinson (sister of Mrs. Samuel D. Lockwood), 1



1.         Samuel D. Drake to Samuel D. Lockwood, Albany, New York on July 22, 1817       

            (Lockwood atAuburn,New York, Drake coming to be with him. L’s cousin)


2.         Samuel D. Drake to Samuel D. Lockwood, Waterford, New York on May 16, 1818 

            (Family health, mentions Lockwood’s trip to westIllinois, mentions Lockwood’s parents, sister

            and grandmother. Drake a cousin)


3.         Col. Francis Nash to Miss Mary Nash, March 22, 1826,St. Louis.

            Francis (Frank) brother of Mary.


4.         Gen. Francis Nash to his sister Mary Nash, 1826,St. Louis.


5.         Gen. Francis Nash to Mary Nash, September 4, 1826,St. Louis. Rents out 2 Negroes. Says his

            brother died destitute.


                         6.        Susan F. Nash to Mrs. Mary Lockwood, November 2, 1827, Cottage. She has been to                                           Waverly,Missouri, family affairs.


                        7.         Mrs. Samuel D. Lockwood to her husband, June 10, 1828, Springfield, Illinois, visiting with                                 her aunt ________. Peter Cartwright preached. Mentions John M. Ellis itinerant preacher.                                     Lockwood is at Edwardsville.


            8.         Mrs. Samuel D. Lockwood to her husband, August 5, 1828, Springfield, Illinois,                                       Lockwood’s brother is ill at Shawneetown. Daughter Laura (2 ½ mos. Old) has been ill a                          week. Daughter Mary is well. Wm. Todd has been ill. Went to Elijah Iles store yesterday.                         Drunkenness at election yesterday.


            9.         Samuel D. Lockwood to his wife, December 6, 1828, Vandalia. McLean is elected Senator.                        McKinney & Co. inclined to turn out office holders. Expects Sup. Co. will dispatch its                             business in a week. Has not seen Govs. message. Saw Lippincott of Edwardsville yesterday.


            10.       G.P. Nash to Sam. D. Lockwood, Waverly, Missouri (postmaster there).

                                                            Samuel Drake Lockwood                                           Page 6


11.       Sam. D. Lockwood to Mrs. Mary V.F. Lockwood, Springfield, Illinois, September 18,      1829. Been in Tazewell County, held court in Jacksonville, court house walls are up. Mrs.             John Todd started for Edwardsville, took dau. Elizabeth along. Rev. & Mrs. John G.         Bergen has been ill. Dr. Todd has had but one call in a week.


12.       Samuel D. Lockwood to his wife, Vandalia, Illinois, January 30, 1830 (sent in care of Dr.             John Todd). His wife’s health. Bill onIllinoisCollege. Jesse B. Thomas arrived last night.


13.       Mrs. Samuel D. Lockwood to husband, December 11, 1830, Jacksonville, Illinois. 2 dau. Mary & Sue. About finishing of their house. Rev. Ellis preached – mentioned Sturdevant.          Meeting house is being finished.


14.       Francis Nash to Sam D. Lockwood, St. Louis County, Missouri, August 7, 1832. Ferry     operating. Troops to be raised. Mailed August 11, 1832.


15.       Eliza Bland to her aunt, Mrs. Samuel D. Lockwood, Florrisant, Missouri, August 22, 1832.           Bro. Richard is home.


16.       Sam. D. Lockwood to wife, Vandalia, Illinois, December 7, 1832. Staying at Col. Ewing. 4          beds & 8 people. $6.00 a week. Excitement in relation of Judge Theophilus Smith – to          remove him. Smith had jaw broken in encounter with Gov. Edwards.


17.       Mrs. Sam. D. Lockwood to husband, Jacksonville, Illinois, December 15, 1832 about the children Mary & Susan. Pres. Sturdevant has employed Theron Baldwin. Data on Dr. John   Todd & family in Springfield. Tells him to read his Bible & remember he is a member of        the Temperance Society.


18.       Sam D. Lockwood to wife, January 25, 1833,Vandalia,Illinois, Smith’s trial goes on slowly.


19.       Mrs. Sam. D. Lockwood to Sam. D. Lockwood, College Hill, Jacksonville, Illinois,           February 2, 1833. She has been ill for a week, going to have another baby. Several students    have left college. Says there may be a revival of religion there.


20.       Sam. D. Lockwood to wife, Vandalia, Illinois, February 7, 1833, trial of Judge Smith        ended yesterday. Mills finished 3 day speech yesterday. John T. Stuart makes appropriate     speech. John J. Hardin will take the letter. Senate failed to convict Smith. 2/3 to convict.


21.       Samuel D. Lockwood to wife, February 15, 1833, Vandalia, Illinois. Excitement still about           Smith trial.


22.       Hugh Dillon to Mrs. Anne T. Dillon,Chihuahua,Mexico, November 10, 1833 (to his sister).


23.       Samuel D. Lockwood to wife, November 12, 1833, St. Louis. Wife’s bro. _____ Dillon    died. Mary Virginia Nash is inconsolable. Expects to bring Peter F. Nash to live with her.




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24.       Samuel D. Lockwood to wife, December 19, 1833, Vandalia. Judge Smith has asked an   inquiry into his conduct. Lockwood staying at Browns. Are Illinois College students          cutting wood?                                                


25.       Mary Lockwood to her sister Mrs. Ann Dillon, January 10, 1834, Vandalia. Spent a day at            James Duncans, bro. of Gov., family affairs. Church at Vandalia, half members only attend         – preacher is ____ Stuart.


26.       Richard Bland to Aunt Mary Lockwood,Florrisant,Missouri, February 28, 1834.


27.       Mary V. Nash to Samuel D. Lockwood, December 24, 1835, Jacksonville. She later          married John T. Stuart. Family affairs at home. Wm. Thomas men.


28.       Sam. D. Lockwood to wife, December 15, 1836, Vandalia. Trip from Jacksonville to         Vandalia. Rooming with Wm. Thomas. Accommodations in town indifferent. Brown has      moved away to _____. Little Sup. Court business.


29.       Sam. D. Lockwood to wife, December 30, 1836, Vandalia. Busy in Sup. Court. Bro. was             here a few days. Leg. Business very slow.


30.       Sam. D. Lockwood to wife, January 24, 1837, Vandalia. Stays with Justice Wilson at       Browns old house. Met Dr. Todd returning from Vandalia. J.T. Stuart is there.


31.       Sam. D. Lockwood to wife, December 14, 1837, Vandalia. Lockwood at Shawneetown &           then to Carmi. Sup. Court docket is large.


                        32.       Sam. D. Lockwood to wife, December 27, 1838, Vandalia. Going to resign unless salary is                             raised. Mrs. John T. Stuart has gone to Jacksonville to help her sick aunt, Mrs. Sam. D.                               Lockwood. Leg. Affairs go slowly. Sup. Court business increased. Mrs. Wm. Thomas is                            well.


                        33.       Samuel D. Lockwood to wife, January 12, 1839, Vandalia. Sup. Court business increased.                                 Little business done in the leg. Place is healthy. Governor to Carlin’s son ill. Parties, order                         of the day. Col. A.P. Field gave party. Linn gave one last nite.


                        34.       Mrs. Sam. D. Lockwood to husband, January 17, 1839, Vandalia. Mrs. John T. Stuart has                         gone home after 3 weeks, had her baby along. Baby fat.


                        35.       Mrs. John T. Stuart to Mrs. Sam. D. Lockwood, September 8, 1839, Springfield. Mr.                                 Stuart’s circuit will commence Monday. She wants to go to Jacksonville. Mrs. Gershom                            Jayne is very ill. Data on the Dr. John Todd family.


            36.       Sam. D. Lockwood to his daughter Mary, September 28, 1840, Chicago. Staying with Wm.                      H. Browns. Mrs. John T. Stuart was along. Going toBurlington on way home.




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            37.       Sam. D. Lockwood to wife, September 24, 1841, Jerseyville. Has been at Col. Ross’ at                                   Pittsfield. Goes to Carlinville tomorrow. Staying at Dr. Van Dyke who has just opened a                               tavern – excellent.


            38.       Sam. D. Lockwood to his wife, December 24, 1841, Springfield. About Sup. Court                                   business.  Dr. John Todd family well. Lockwood’s children have measles.


            39.       Sam. D. Lockwood to his wife, September 13, 1842, Pittsfield. Health – no court on 12th or                       13th. Large docket at Pittsfield. Wm. Thomas with him. John J. Hardin to meet him at                                 Jerseyville. Suppose Mr. and Mrs. John T. Stuart are with you.


            40.       Sam. D. Lockwood to wife, January 8, 1843, Springfield. Judge Wilson & himself at Mrs.                         Enos. Has been to see Mrs. John T. Stuart – mentions John T. Jr. John T. is in Congress.                            Mrs. John Todd is getting better.


            41.       Susan Ellen Lockwood & her mother to Sam D. Lockwood, January 23, 1843,                                           Jacksonville.  Sister Martha wants a book for birthday, February 14. Mother thinks of                                sending eldest dau. Mary toMonticello Seminary.


            42.       Mrs. (John) Elizabeth F.B. Todd to her sister Mrs. Sam. D. Lockwood, Fall 1843,                                      Springfield, Illinois. Health of family. Mrs. John T. Stuart is well – John T. Stuart on the                           circuit. Mentions death of her mother.


            43.       Sam. D. Lockwood  & wife to daughters, June 19, 1848, Chicago. Describes boat trip from                       Meredosia, met Mrs. Robert Blackwell. Peoria described. Enjoyed the canal. Mrs. Wm. H.                        Brown was Mrs. Lockwood’s sister.


44.          Sam. D. Lockwood to his wife, September 27, 1850, Chicago. Trip from Naples to                                    Chicago. At Wm. H. Browns. Going to Little Fort (Waukegan).


45.          Mary A. Wilkinson to her sister Mrs. Sam Lockwood, April 16, 1851, Pittsburgh. Explains                        how they will travel across Pa. At Burnet House in Cincinnati. Saw Gen. Winfield Scott.                          Jennie Lend & Gen. Tom Thumb are inCincinnati.


46.             Mrs. Sam. D. Lockwood to husband, May 31, 1852, Jacksonville, also note from dau.                               Mary now married to Wm. Coffin.


47.             Mrs. John Todd to Mrs. Sam. D. Lockwood, March 19, 1857, Springfield, Illinois. They                           have returned from trip to Chicago. Spent Sat. with Mrs. Judd. Mrs. Lizzie Todd Grimsley                        mentioned twice. Mrs. John T. Stuart.


48.             Mrs. John Todd to Mrs. Sam. D. Lockwood ________, Spg. Illinois, Martha Lockwood                           (3rd dau.) is dead.


49.             Mrs. John T. Stuart to Mrs. Sam. D. Lockwood, April 17 & 22, [1842], Prince Edward,                             Virginia. Visiting relatives of General Francis Nash, her father’s friends and relatives.


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50.       Susan Fisher Nash to sister Miss. Mary S. Nash, _____, [1826], Edwardsville, Illinois. Her                        bro. Frank is teaching in order to save his property. Mentions Rev. John M. Ellis and Rev._____ Chamberlain.


51.       Susan Fisher Nash to Mrs. Mary Lockwood, August 30 _____, Waverly, Missouri. Family            affairs.


52.       Susan Fisher Nash to Miss. Mary Nash, February 14 _____, Dardenne, St. Charles County,           Missouri. Has a brother Frank. Meeting House being built – Pres. Martha B.


53.       Mary Lockwood (Mrs. Sam) to Richard T. McKinney ______, Jacksonville, Illinois. Rev.             John Mason Peck spoke on temperance inJacksonville. AsksMcKinney to give up drink.


54.       Mrs. Sam. D. Lockwood to husband, December _______,Batavia,Illinois.


                        55.       Susan Nash to Mrs. Sam. Lockwood, _______, Hibernia, Missouri. [Jefferson City, Missouri]                                                   with sister Nancy. Stayed with Edward Bates. Mary V. [later Mrs. John T. Stuart] is                                             mentioned.



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