Adin Baber (Hanks Genealogical Collection)


Adin Baber (Hanks Genealogical Collection)


Baber, Adin (1892-1974)


Hanks Genealogical Collection:


10.5 linear feet (10 archival boxes and 1 manuscript box)


Surveyor, cattleman, land holder, banker, and historian,Kansas,Illinois.


Correspondence, documents, and miscellaneous papers used for writing several studies of the Nancy Hanks family and for compiling the genealogy, The Hanks Family of Virginia and Westward… (privately printed, Kansas, Illinois, 1965).  A hundred or more books about the Hanks family accompany the papers.  Adin Baber’s grandmother, Mary Ellen Hanks (1844-1924), was a grand niece of Nancy Hanks, mother of Abraham Lincoln.


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                                                Correspondence and Notes

1          Notebook 1                 Correspondence and Notes: A-Co-Includes Barton

            Notebook 2                 Correspondence and Notes: B-C-Includes Bach and Cromie

            Notebook 3                 Correspondence and Notes: D-F-Includes Fisher

            Notebook 4                 Correspondence and Notes: G-Includes Galloway and Gatlin

            Notebook 5                 Correspondence and Notes: H, I, J-Includes R. Hall-no Hanks

            Notebook 6                 Correspondence and Notes:  Abraham Hanks and Descendants


2          Notebook 7                 Correspondence and Notes-Hanks: A-K

            Notebook 8                 Correspondence and Notes-Hanks: L-Z-IncludesNancy –

                                                   Washington, D. C.

            Notebook 9                 Correspondence and Notes, 1958-1964:  Luke Line-Hanks,Bryan

            Notebook 10               Correspondence and Notes, 1965-1970:  Hanks, Bryan-Vol. 2

            Notebook 11               Correspondence and Notes, 1951-1960:  Hanks, Mrs. Wm. F.-Vol. 1

            Notebook 12               Correspondence and Notes, 1961-1964:  Hanks, Mrs. Wm. F.-Vol. 2

            Notebook 13               Correspondence and Notes, 1965-1970:  Hanks, Mrs. Wm. F.-Vol. 3


3          Notebook 14               Correspondence and Notes: J-James Millinder Hanks-Member of


            Notebook 15               Correspondence and Notes: Johnson-K [Includes] Moses Hanks Line

            Notebook 16               Correspondence and Notes: L-M-Includes Littlefield

            Notebook 17               Correspondence and Notes: N-O-Includes Ostendorf

            Notebook 18               Correspondence and Notes: P-Q-Includes Parks

            Notebook 19               Correspondence and Notes: R-Includes Randall and Rudolph


4          Notebook 20               Correspondence and Notes: S-Sh-Includes Sandoz

            Notebook 21               Correspondence and Notes: Sl-Sz, T, U

4          Notebook 22               Correspondence and Notes: Tally, Mabel

            Notebook 23               Correspondence and Notes: V-W-Includes Werner

            Notebook 24               Correspondence and Notes: W, X, Y, Z-Includes Wood

            Notebook 25               Current Letters, 1968-1970: A-K

            Notebook 26               Current Letters, 1968-1970: L-Z


5          Notebook 27               Correspondence and Notes, 1949-1963:  Arthur H. Clark Co.

                                                   Publishers-Vol. 1

            Notebook 28               Correspondence and Notes, 1964-1970: Arthur H. Clark Co.

                                                   Publishers-Vol. 2

            Notebook 29               Correspondence and Notes-Societies and Libraries: A-K

            Notebook 30               Correspondence and Notes-Societies and Libraries: L-Z

            Notebook 31               Correspondence and Notes-Universities and Colleges


                                                Research Notes and Materials

            Notebook 32               Hanks Branches-Family Names

            Notebook 33               Hanks ofEdgarCounty,Illinois

            Notebook 34               Hanks Soldiers-Civil War North and South

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                                                Research Notes and Materials

6          Notebook 35               Hanks Unplaced; also Harper,Shipley,Berry, Wyatt and Cognate


            Notebook 36               Hanks War Records, 1776-1861

            Notebook 37               Hanks: Abraham Hanks’ Daughters-Mary Hanks, and Sophie, Sarah                                                  Hanks,Nancy Hanks Lincoln

            Notebook 38               First Hanks Notes: 1 to 27, 60 to 80; Hitchcock Notes; Myra Hank                                                                Rudolph Notes

            Notebook 39               Courthouse Records: Counties of West Virginia, Pennsylvania,                                                          Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri,                                                      Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi

            Notebook 40               Courthouse Records:  Counties ofKentucky,Indiana,Illinois

            Notebook 41               Courthouse Records: Counties ofVirginia,WestVirginia and


            Notebook 42               Miscellaneous Hanks Exhibits-Hitchcock’s Journal


                                                Correspondence and Notes

6          Notebook 43               Gibbon Reports-Virginia


7          Notebook 44               Miscellaneous Census Records

            Notebook 45               Hanks Family Clippings

            Notebook 46               Miscellaneous Hanks Family Charts

            Notebook 47               Maps pertaining to theLincoln and Hanks Families of Indiana and


            Notebook 48               Early Hanks Signatures:  Abraham Hanks, Abram Hanks, Abe Hanks,                                               Moss Hanks, Joseph Hanks

            Notebook 49               Commendations of Book #1 – Nancy Hanks of “Undistinguished                                                      Families”

            Pam. Box 1                 Charleston Fight Notes, March 28, 1864

            Notebook 50               Lincoln Subjects

            Binder 1                      Loveless Family; also Hanks Data

            Binder 2                      Gilchrist Essay

            Binder 3                      Peter Hanks

            Binder 4                      Joicy Fitzgerald Hanks

            Binder 5                      Shipley, Mitchell, Thompson Families

            Binder 6                      The Hanks Family

            Binder 7                      Memoir of the Late Elder Elijah Hanks of Knobb Creek, Maury


            Binder 8                      Charleston Fight, 1864

            Binder 9                      The Tom Lincoln Log Cabins Mystery

            Envelope 1                  [To Adin Baber from Nancy Hanks, Washington, D. C. Genealogical                                                 Information, Photos, Clippings, Articles, etc.]

            Binder 10                    Orlando T. Hanks Memoirs, 1861-1865

            Binder 11                    Phillips County Historical Quarterly

            Binder 12                    Roumlous Lycurgus Hanks

                                                Adin Baber:  Hanks Genealogical Collection                              Page 4

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                                                Correspondence and Notes

7          Binder 13                    Index for Nancy Hanks “Undistinguished Families” by Adin Baber

            Binder 14                    Index for Nancy Hanks “Undistinguished Families” by Adin Baber

            Binder 15                    Index for Nancy Hanks “Undistinguished Families” by Adin Baber

            Binder 16                    James Millinder Hanks-the Congressman fromArkansas

            Binder 17                    Dowling Descendants of Dennis Friend Hanks

            Binder 18                    Lincoln’s Hanks Cousins in the Civil War North and South

            Binder 19                    TheCharleston,Illinois Fight

            Binder 20                    Dennis Friend Hanks: A Biography by June Cardell Cooper

            BV 1                           Moses Hanks-1956 [typed copy]


                                                Books and Periodicals

8          BV 2                           Nancy Hanks – The Destined Mother of a President, by Adin Baber,                                                 Kansas,Illinois, 1963

            BV 3                           Moses Hanks and Allied Families – 1965

            BV 4                           A. Lincoln with Compass and Chain by Adin Baber, Kansas, Illinois,                                                1968

            BV 5                           Indiana Magazine of History, 1917-1918

            BV 6                           Indiana Magazine of History, 1933

            BV 7                           Indiana Magazine of History, 1937

            BV 8                           Indiana Magazine of History, 1944

            BV 9                           Indiana Magazine of History, 1946

            BV 10                         Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine-1900

            BV 11                         Proceedings of the Historical Society ofPennsylvania, [1900]

            BV 12                         TheMississippiValley Historical Review, [1921]

            BV 13                         Tennessee Historical Magazine, [1919]

            BV 14                         New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 1887

            BV 15                         New England Historical and Genealogical Register, [1887]

            BV 16                         New England Historical and Genealogical Register, [1932]

            BV 17                         New England Historical and Genealogical Register-Indexes of Volume                                             LXXXVI-1932

            BV 18                         Northern Neck ofVirginia Historical Magazine-1958

            BV 19                         Register of theKentucky Historical Society-1953

            BV 20                         Lincoln Collection, 1952

            BV 21                         The American Mercury-1925

            BV 22                         The Southwestern Historical Quarterly-1949

            BV 23                         The Researcher-1927

            BV 24                         Atlantic Monthly-1920

            BV 25                         The History of the Town of Malmesbury by James T. Bird


                                                Correspondence and Notes

9          BV 26                         A Beautiful Blunder by William E. Barton

            BV 27                         Behold He Cometh In the Clouds by George Washington Noble

            BV 28                         Nancy Hanks by Caroline Hanks Hitchcock

                                                Adin Baber:  Hanks Genealogical Collection                              Page 5

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                                                Correspondence and Notes

            BV 29                         Lincoln-Vol. I, by William H. Herndon and Jesse William Weik

            BV 30                         Lincoln-Vol. II, by William H. Herndon and Jesse William Weik

            BV 31                         Lincoln-Vol. III by William H. Herndon and Jesse William Weik

            BV 32                         The Sorrows of Nancy by Lucinda Boyd

            BV 33                         Lincoln’s Parentage and Childhood by Louis Austin Warren

            BV 34                         History of Wolfe County compiled by Wolfe County Woman’s Club

            BV 35                         Up From the Hills by N. C. Hanks

            BV 36                         Up From the Hills by N. C. Hanks

            BV 37                         The Paternity of Abraham Lincoln by William E. Barton

            BV 38                         Random Thoughts and the Musings of a Mountaineer by Judge Feliz E.                                             Alley

            BV 39                         A Portrait of Abraham Lincoln edited by Paul M. Angle

            BV 40                         The Life of Abraham Lincoln by Ward H. Lamon

            BV 41                         The Eugenics of President Abraham Lincoln by James Caswell Coggins

            BV 42                         Eighteen Sermons Preached by Rev. George Whitefield, Transcribed                                                 by Joseph Gurney

            BV 43                         Better Angels by Richard Henry Little

            BV 44                         Abraham Lincoln and His Books by William E. Barton

            BV 45                         Frontiers Are Not Borders by Stedman Shumway Hanks

            BV 46                         The Child That Toileth Not by Thomas Robinson Dawley, Jr.

            BV 47                         In the Bosom of the Comanches by T. A. Babb

            BV 48                         A Story of Nancy Hanks by Ethel Calvert Phillips

            BV 49                         The Ancestry of Abraham Lincoln by J. Henry Lea and J. R.


            BV 50                         Lincoln Among His Friends by Rufus Rockwell Wilson

10        MS Box 1                    Alphabetical Address Cards in Three Groupings: Hanks Family,

                                                   Descendants, and Correspondents; Binder of Index for Nancy Hanks

                                                   “Undistinguished Families by Adin Baber; Folder of Hanks Material

                                                   (Correspondence, Photos, Clippings, Genealogical Information);

                                                   Envelope from Adin Baber Containing Erroneous Information on Nancy                                                    Hanks, Shipley, and Sparrrow Family; Genealogical Charts


11        BV 51                         Reminiscences of Abraham Lincoln Collected and Edited by Allen

                                                   Thorndike Rice

            BV 52                         The Lineage of Lincoln by William E. Barton

            BV 53                         In Freedom’s Dawn by Alice Shelbourne

            BV 54                         Abe Lincoln and Nancy Hanks by Elbert Hubbard

            BV 55                         Abe Lincoln and Nancy Hanks by Elbert Hubbard

            BV 56                         Abraham Lincoln and Coles County, Illinois by Charles H. Coleman

            BV 57                         Two Centuries in East Texas by George Louis Crocket

            BV 58                         A Raft Pilot’s Log by Walter A. Blair

            BV 59                         The Life and Times of Hon. Humphrey Marshall by A. C. Quisenberry

            BV 60                         The Founding of Harman’s Station by William Elsey Connelley

                                                Adin Baber:  Hanks Genealogical Collection                              Page 6

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Box     Container


                                                Correspondence and Notes

            BV 61                         The Life of Abraham Lincoln-Vol. I by William E. Barton

            BV 62                         The Life of Abraham Lincoln-Vol. II, by William E. Barton

            BV 63                         The Missing Chapter in the Life of Abraham Lincoln by Bess V. Ehrmann

            BV 64                         Campbell Chronicles and Family Sketches by R. H. Early

            BV 65                         Nancy Hanks Lincoln by Harold E. Briggs

            BV 66                         Kentucky Directory by Frank K. Kavanaugh

            BV 67                         Truth is Stranger Than Fiction; or the True Genesis of a Wonderful Man

                                                   by James H. Cathey

            BV 68                         The Genesis of Lincoln by James H. Cathey

            BV 69                         Footprints of Abraham Lincoln by J. T. Hobson

            BV 70                         The Matrix by Maria Thompson Daviess

            BV 71                         Abraham Lincoln a North Carolinian by J.C. Coggins

            BV 72                         Third Eclectic Reader by Wm. H. McGuffey

            BV 73                         Primary Grammar of the English Language by T. S. Pinneo


                                                Booklets, Photos, and Collected Memorabilia

10        Pam Box 2                  Hanks Family Photos-Transferred to Audiovisual Collection

            Pam Box 3                  Hanks Miscellaneous-Bound Volumes of New Testament;

                                                   Correspondence and Photos; Malmesbury Official Guide Booklet

            Pam Box 4                  Hanks Miscellaneous-Booklets, Catalogues, Stamps, etc.

9          Pam Box 5                  Hanks Miscellaneous-Booklets

11        Pam Box 6                  Hanks Miscellaneous-Booklets, Typed History, etc.


“Adin Baber (Hanks Genealogical Collection),” Chronicling Illinois, accessed April 19, 2018,