Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission Records, 1965-1969


Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission Records, 1965-1969


Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission


Records, 1965-1969


110.28 linear feet (134 manuscript boxes; 38 archival boxes; 12 volumes; 47oversize items)


Commission created, 1965-1969, by the 74th Illinois General Assembly to commemorate the 150th anniversary of statehood. Correspondence, minutes of meetings, legal and business papers, reports, programs, publications, and audio-visual material make up the bulk of the material


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Acc. No.:   69-35


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                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 2

                                                            Scope and Content


Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission is records from1965 to1969 containing 134 manuscript boxes; 38 archival boxes; 12 volumes; 47oversize items. The collection is comprised of the papers of the commission’s chairman, Ralph G. Newman and of the working files of the commission’s staff. Correspondence, minutes of meetings, legal and business papers, reports, programs, publications, and audio-visual material make up the bulk of the material. The papers are arranged under the following categories: programs, national government, commission publication, commission issue, publicity, Illinois material, educational institutions, arts material, invitations, field events, souvenir items of the sesquicentennial, display materials, special projects, arts committee files, public information files, business and industrial relations files, director of field operations files, executive administrator files, Springfield files, assistant to the director file, Intelligencer files, fulfilled requests files, vendor’s vouchers 74th biennium, Gazateer and guide book files. Papers within each category are filed under numerous subheadings. An unpublished, 108 page “Archives Log” was received with the collection.


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 3

                                                               Table of Contents


A.        Programs

B.        National Government (United States)

C.        Commission Publications

D.        Commission Issue

E.         Publicity (Newspapers, Magazines, etc.)

F.         Illinois Material

G.        Education Institutions

H.        Arts Material

I.          Invitations

J.          Field Events (Chicago & CookCounty Committees)

K.        Field Events (CountyCommittees)

L.         Souvenir Items of the Sesquicentennial

M.        Display Materials

N.        Special Projects

O.        Arts Committee Files

P.         Public Information Files

Q.        Business & Industrial Relations File

R.        Director of Field Operations Files

S.         Executive Administrator Files

T.         Springfield (State) Files

U.        Assistant to the Director Files

V.        Intelligencer File

W.       Fulfilled Requests Files

X.        Vender’s Vouchers, 74th Biennium

Y.        Gazateer & Guide Book Files


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                      Page 4                                                                     Archives Log


A-1      SandburgPark Landscape Dedication Program – April 7, 1968


A-2      Saluting Illinois’ 150th Birthday Program – The Beverly Hills Woman’s Club – November

   6, 1968


A-3      Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission Youth Conference Program – April 29, 1967


A-4      Northern Illinois Gas Company Program – May 13, 1968


A-5      The 100th Memorial Day Program –Carbondale – May 30, 1968

               Memorial Day Address by Arthur Godfrey

               Photo – Arthur Godfrey

               Photo – Virginia Marmaduke, Arthur Godfrey

               Photo – Mayor David Keen, Ralph Banghart

               Photo – Godfrey Highes, Rear Admiral J.W. Kelly

               Photo – VerLynn Sprague

               Photo – Rep. Paul Randolph

               Photo – Rear Admiral J.W. Kelly

               Photo – Rue Starr

               Photo – Rear Admiral J.W. Kelly (3)

               Biographical Narrative on Rear Admiral J.W. Kelly

               Photostat of theChicago Tribune, December 27, 1886


A-6      Shadrach Bond Memorial Program


A-7      The History of the Negro inIllinois Program


A-8      United States Commemorative Postage Stamp, First Day of Issue Ceremonies,

   Shawneetown,Illinois Program and “Lincoln, the Postmaster” Speech Insert

               Official First Day Cover Envelope


A-9      Organization and Planning Conference Program, April 18, 1966


A-10    Fine Arts Conference Program, November 21, 1966


A-11    IllinoisState Fair Daily Program


A-12    The Greatest LivingIllinois Athletic Personalities Program


A-13    Moline’s Illinois Sesquicentennial Festival Program


A-14    Dedication of State ofIllinois Historical Marker (Rock Island Arsenal) Program


A-15    Illinois Sesquicentennial Sabbath, Vandalia, Program – April 21, 1968


A-16    Parkview United Presbyterian Church,Oak Park, Sesquicentennial Sabbath Program

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 5                                                                   Archives Log


A-17    85thAnnualMarionCounty Soldiers’ and Sailors’Reunion Program-Illinois

   Sesquicentennial Day, Friday 28, 1968


A-18    Illinois Sesquicentennial Commemorative Postage Stamp Design Ceremony Program


A-19    Grant Park Arbor Day Program


A-20    Territorial Day,Chicago, Program


A-21    1968 Spring Tour, Chicago, April 18-19-20,IllinoisState Historical Society, Program


A-22    Chicago Contract Bridge Association – Kibitzer, the Official Publication – CCBA Salutes

   TheIllinois Sesquicentennial Program – August 28-September 2


A-23    ShadrachBondSchool Dedication Program, September 29, 1968


A-24    New Citizens Reception Program, February 6, 1968 – Sponsored by theChicago

   Committee for theIllinois Sesquicentennial in Co-operation with the Citizenship Council

   of MetropolitanChicago and Peoples Gas, Light and Coke Company


A-25    Illinois Sesquicentennial Celebration Program –Springfield, August 24-25, 1968 – (The

   Civil War Round TableChicago andSpringfield Sesquicentennial Luncheon,Lincoln

   College; Old Capital Tribute Banquet; Constitution Day Celebration; Flag Raising and

   Constitutional Salute)


A-26    Shadrach Bond Memorial Program –EvergreenCemetery,Chester,Illinois, October, 1968


A-27    Sesquicentennial Gala, December 6, 1968 Program


A-28    CampFire Birthday Dinner Program – Old Orchard Country Club,Mt.Prospect – March

   18, 1968


A-30    Girl Scout Family Night –Museum ofScience and Industry Program – October 18


A-31    ChampaignCountyIllinois Sesquicentennial Activities Program – February 11, 1968


A-32    CookCountySesquicentennial Committee Luncheon Program – January 15, 1968


A-33    WAA Salutes Illinois Program – Women’s Athletic Association,WilburWrightCollege,

   Chicago City College Spring Award Banquet – May 14, 1968


A-34    Moline’s Illinois Sesquicentennial Festival Program – Moline School Board andMoline

   Jaycees – March 10, 1968


A-35    The Dedication of Carl Sandburg Hall Program –UniversityCenter,Northern Illinois

   University – May 21, 1968

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 6                                                                  Archives Log


A-36    Rosellian Fine Arts Society Program – December 3, 1967

            Rosellian Fine Arts Society Program – May 4, 1968


A-37    ChicagoTempleSesquicentennial Sabbath Program – April 21, 1968


A-38    Vandalia Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet Program – November 4, 1968


A-39    Cities Charter Day, Vandalia, Program – March 4, 1968


A-40    Dedication of Abraham Lincoln Statue,Decatur, Program – October 12, 1968


A-41    Landscape Dedication,SandburgPark, Program – April 7, 1968


A-42    1968 State 4-H Club Week at theUniversity ofIllinois Program – June 18-21, 1968


A-43    Illinois and The Irish,Chicago’s 1968 Saint Patrick’s Day Parade Program – March 16, 1968


A-44    Lee County Home Makers Extension Association 39th Annual Meeting Program –

   November 13, 1968


A-45    ShelbyvilleGarden Club Program, September 17-18, 1968


A-46    MoultrieCountyLincolnMonument Dedication Program – September 21, 1968


A-47    ArlingtonPark Official Program


A-48    Forreston Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner Meeting Program – February 20, 1968


A-49    1968 Rural Youth Winter Rally, Cooperative Extensive Service,University ofIllinois of

   IllinoisCollege of Agriculture,Urbana, Program – January 26-28, 1968


A-50    WinnebagoCountyIllinois Sesquicentennial Banquet Program – February 17, 1968


A-51    RandolphCounty Education Association Program – March 1, 1968


A-52    74th Annual BanquetOak Park –RiverForest Chamber of Commerce Program – May 15, 1968


A-53    Wilmette Heritage Annual Dinner Program – April 23, 1968


A-54    National Championship Outboard Boat Races Program –LakeDePue, DePue, August

   2, 3, 4, 1968


A-55    Illinois Sesquicentennial Press & Broadcasters Banquet Program – December 2, 1968


A-56    A Final Tribute to theIllinoisSesquicentennialWinnebagoCounty Banquet Program –

   December 2, 1968

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 7                                                                   Archives Log


A-57    Together We Organize For Tomorrow – Creve Coeur Council, Boy Scout ofAmerica

   Program – October 16, 1968


A-58    Chicago Presbyterian Society Evening Division Program – April 26, 1968


A-59    St. Paul 1968 Graduation Banquet Program – June 4, 1968


A-60    WhitesideCountyIllinois Sesquicentennial Banquet Program – April 25, 1968


A-61    National Grange 100th Meeting Commemorative Program – November 11-19, 1968


A-62    Chicago Philatelic Society 82nd Annual Banquet Program – November 16, 1968


A-63    Elgin Area Historical Society Annual Meeting Program – November 12, 1968


A-64    Old State Capitol Dedication, the 150th Year ofIllinois Statehood Program – December 3,

   1968 –Springfield


A-65    Monroe County Historical Society Annual Dinner Honoring the Sesquicentennial of the

   State ofIllinois – September 28, 1968


A-66    Illinois State Historical Society Sixty-Ninth Annual Meeting Program – Salut e tute to

   RandolphCounty’s “En Faire” –Chester – October 4-6, 1968


A-67    Federated Church Sycamore Women’s Club, Sycamore Junior Women’s Club, Program –

   April 3, 1968


A-68    74th Annual BanquetOak Park –RiverForest Chamber of Commerce Program – May 15, 1968


A-69    Illi-Nines AirDerby Banquet Program – May 11, 1968


A-70    Unveiling of theIllinois Sesquicentennial Commemorative Postage Stamp Design Program


A-71    Calumet Yesteryears Program – June 8-9, 1968


A-72    Dedication of Abraham Lincoln Statue Program Heritage Committee,Decatur,Illinois


A-73    Illinois Jaycees Sesquicentennial Awards Luncheon Program – May 5, 1968


A-74    Program Entertaining the Commandery-in-Chief for the Military Order of the Loyal

   Legion of theU.S. Commandery of the State ofIllinois


A-75    Exhibition Program for Suburban Collectors Club ofChicago – November 30-December 1, 1968


A-76    Program for a History ofIllinois in Paintings –Chicago Civic Center


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 8                                                                  Archives Log


B-1      Congressional Record,Washington, Wednesday, August 30, 1967, P.S12554


B-2      Illinois, the Sesquicentennial of Statehood Catalog – an Exhibition in the Library of

   Congress,Washington,D.C., December 3, 1968 to October 31, 1969


B-3      “A Lincoln Evening” Program – Reopening Performance at Ford’s Theater, January 13,

   1968,Washington,D.C. – Under the Honorary Chairmanship of Mrs. Johnson, the

   Members of the President’s Cabinet in Cooperation with the National Park Service


C-1      “TheJubileeState for ’68 Brochure Including Program of Events, Through May 31, 1968


C-2      Program of Events through December 1968


C-3      The Challenge of the Sesquicentennial


C-4      Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission “Celebrating 150 Years of Statehood” Brochure, 8 ½”

IllinoisSesquicentennial Commission “Celebrating 150 Years of Statehood” Brochure, 7 ½”


C-5      Stamp Design Contest Brochure


C-6      Facts about the State ofIllinois


C-7      Illinois Believes


C-8      Illinois Intelligencers (Issues #1-27)


C-9      “I Remember Illinois”, A Television Drama – Spectacular Celebrating Illinois’ 150th Years

   of Statehood Brochure


C-10    Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission Certificates


C-11    Award of Merit Certificate


C-12    Sesqui Scrapbook Set #1 of 15 and Mats


C-13    Communications Committee of One Hundred Fifty of theIllinois Sesquicentennial

   Commission Certificate


C-14    State ofIllinois Sesquicentennial Proclamation


D-1      Win Stracke, the Voice of the Sesquicentennial Brochure Record Album, “Songs of Old

   Town” by Win Stracke


D-2      45 Phonograph Record, “IllinoisState Song” by Win Stracks (Oversize)

            45 Phonograph Record, “Illinois” by Bill Reinhart’s Band, Jazz, Ltd. (Oversize)


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 9                                                                  Archives Log


D-3      Materials Unavailability Notice


D-4      Major Events Schedule and Significant Dates


D-5      Outstanding Events Calendar


D-6      Illinois Sesquicentennial Quiz


D-7      Song by VerLynn Sprague


D-8      Shadrach Bond – Otto Kerner Black and White Portrait Card Logo


D-9      White Place Card w/Red, White and Blue Seal

            White Place Card w/Red, White and Blue Seal

             Tan Place Card w/Bronze Seal


D-10    Black and White Logo, 3 ½``

            Black and White Logo, 3 ¾``

            Sesquicentennial Flag Logo, White and Black

            Page of Black and White Logo

            21 Star Flag Logo, Black and White

            Postage Stamp Logo, Black and White

            Black and White Logo for State and Sesqui Seals, 1 ½``


D-11    Scratch Pad


D-12    “Illinois in 1818” Acknowledgement Card


D-13    Info 68 Card


D-14    Press Kit, Compliments of theState Street Council and theIllinois Sesquicentennial

   Commission – January 18, 1968


D-15    First Day of Issue Stamp Envelope Notice to Our Patrons – the Editors of theIllinois



D-16    Intelligencer Democratic Convention Envelope


D-17    Gold Seal Invitation (Blank)


D-18    Press Kit Cover (Blank)


D-19    Press Kit for December 2 & 3Springfield Windup Festivities


D-20    “Joy inIllinois” Press Release


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 10                                                                Archives Log


D-21    Illinois Sesquicentennial Label


D-22    Illinois Retailers Letter


D-23    One Hundred and Fifty Facts about the State ofIllinois and Its Sesquicentennial

   “Celebrating 150 Years of the Good Life inIllinois”

   Some of The Outstanding Events of The Sesquicentennial Observance Governor’s Address

   Supplementary Report on Advertising Activities

   Supplementary Report on the Arts Program

   Supplementary Report on Business and Industrial Activities

   Supplementary Report on Communications

   Supplementary Report on Events, Celebrations & Local Activities

   Supplementary Report on Governmental Activities

   Supplementary Report on Historical Publications

   Supplementary Report on Medallions, Souvenirs, & Stamps


D-24    Television Business, Inc. Letter

            “I RememberIllinois” Brochure

            Chicago Daily News TV Guide – February 17-24, 1968

            New York Daily News Article – February 19, 1968

            Chicago Tribune Article – July 9, 1967

            Chicago Daily News Article – September 26, 1967

            Chicago Tribune Article – February 18, 1968

            Chicago Tribune Sunday Magazine – February 11, 1968

            “I RememberIllinois” Film Print (Oversize)


D-25    Josie Brown –CermakPlazaShopping Center File

            Josie Brown – Unfinished Work File

            Josie Brown – Bud Billiken Parade File


D-26    Long Distance Telephone Call Record Book (2)


D-27    Target ’68 Mailing List (Master Copy)

            CountyChairmen (Log)

            Press Mailing Lists (Log)

            Log and Lists: Commission Members, Elected State Officials, State Senators Etc.


D-28    Senate Bill No. 699 Approved August 7, 1965 – An Act Creating theIllinois

   Sesquicentennial Commission


D-29    Minutes ofIllinois Sesquicentennial Commission Meeting – January 21, 1966

            Minutes ofIllinois Sesquicentennial Commission Meeting – April 18, 1966

            Minutes ofIllinois Sesquicentennial Commission Meeting – March 1, 1967

            Minutes ofIllinois Sesquicentennial Commission Meeting – August 4, 1967



                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 11                                                                Archives Log


D-30    Report toIllinois Sesquicentennial Commission – December 2, 1968

            Report of Receipts and Disbursements July 1, 1965 through November 20, 1968


D-31    Photograph ofIllinoisState Seal

            Slide Color Photograph ofIllinois Sesquicentennial Seal


D-32    White and Blue Card – “Celebrating 150 Years of the Good Life inIllinois”


D-33    Ad Copy from August, 1968 Issue of Reader’s Digest


D-34    Major Events Schedule


D-35    “Tomorrow is a Day” Film (Oversize)


D-36    Logo for Sesqui Sports Patch (Oversize)


E-1      Gas News


E-2      Inland Magazine


E-3      National Geographic Reprinted from June 1967 Magazine

            National Geographic – October 1968


E-4      Illinois Public Official Magazine, November/December 1967

            Illinois Public Official Magazine, January/February 1968

            Illinois Public Official Magazine, March 1968

            Illinois Public Official Magazine, April-May 1968

            Illinois Public Official Magazine, August 1968

            Illinois Public Official Magazine, September/December 1968

            Illinois Public Official Magazine, November/December 1968


E-5      Fortune Magazine Supplement/Illinois-Mid American Empire, January, 1968


E-6      Press Kit (State Song, National Geographic, Intelligencer,JubileeState, etc.)


E-7      “Illinois 150, A Salute to The Sesquicentennial” –Chicago’s American Supplement,

   January 30, 1968


E-8      “Illinois 68” – Newspaper Supplement – February 4, 1968


E-9      ASCE News,Illinois Section – American Society of Civil Engineers


E-10    Topics, the Junior League ofChicago, November 1968


E-11    “TheBestState of the Fifty” by Donald Culross Peattie


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 12                                                                Archives Log


E-12    IllinoisBell News – January/February 1968


E-13    Talmanac


E-14    Illinois Education – September 1968


E-15    The Robinson Argus


E-16    Museum of Science and Industry’s Progress Magazine – September-October 1968

            Progress Magazine – January/February 1968

            Progress Magazine – July/August 1968


E-17    Newsletter, January, 1968 – A Publication of the Research Council of the Great Cities

   Program for School Improvement


E-18    The Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine, October 1968

            The Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine, March 1968


E-19    The Counsellor – TheChicago Chapter, Public Relations Society ofAmerica, February



E-20    Muzzle Blasts – National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association, October 1968


E-21    The 1st Window – the First National Bank ofChicago, August 1968


E-22    The Infielder – Field Enterprises Educational Corporation, May/June 1968


E-23    F-F Saver – First Federal Savings and Loan Association ofChicago, Winter 1967


E-24    The Kiwanis Magazine – Kiwanis International, October 1968


E-25    OutdoorIllinois, the Magazine ofIllinois, December 1967

            OutdoorIllinois, the Magazine ofIllinois, December 1968

            OutdoorIllinois, the Magazine ofIllinois, May 1968

            OutdoorIllinois, the Magazine ofIllinois, June 1968

            OutdoorIllinois, the Magazine ofIllinois, September 1968


E-27    Edison Service News, January-February 1968 – Commonwealth Edison Company


E-28    Woodall’s Trailer Travel, February 1968 – Woodill Publishing Company


E-29    Port ofBaltimore Bulletin, August 1968 –MarylandPort Authority


E-30    Chicagoland Omnibus, February 1968 – Omnibus Incorporated

            Chicagoland Omnibus, July 1968 – Omnibus Incorporated


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 13                                                                Archives Log


E-31    Hi-Lines Magazine – Illinois Power Company – Stories of HistoricIllinois during Sesqui-

   Sixty Eight (Composite)

            Hi-Lines, June/July 1968

            Hi-Lines, May 1968

            Hi-Lines, April 1968

            Hi-Lines, February 1968

            Hi-Lines, August 1968


E-32    Rollins Today, September 1968 – Rollins, Inc.


E-33    Jewelers’ Circular – Keystone, September 1968


E-34    Journal of theIllinoisState Historical Society, Spring 1968


E-35    Griffins’ Trailer Magazine, February 1968


E-36    Camping Guide, June 1968

            Camping Guide, May 1968


E-37    Addison News Bulletin, September 11, 1968

            Addison News Bulletin, September 4. 1968


E-38    Aledo Times Record, September 25, 1968


E-39    The Amboy News, July 11, 1968

            The Amboy News, July 18, 1968


E-40    Aurora Beacon News, July 26, 1968


E-41    The Cairo Evening Citizen, October 25, 1967


E-42    Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, October 17, 1968


E-43    Chicago Tribune Magazine, February 11, 1968

            The Trib-Wheaton Edition, April 8, 1968

            Chicago Tribune Historic Map, May 29, 1968

            Chicago Tribune Chicagoland Summer Fun Almanac, May 26, 1968

            Chicago Tribune Chicagoland Fall Fun Almanac, September 29, 1968


E-44    ColesCountyDaily Times Progress Edition 1968


E-45    Day Publications Salute toIllinois

            Doris Haugh’s Weekly Historic Features


E-46    Decatur Sunday Herald and Review, September 22, 1968


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 14                                                                Archives Log


E-47    Des Plaines Publishing Company – Suburban Times – Sesquicentennial Parade

            Des Plaines Suburban Times – Julia Mathieu’s 14 Historic Features


E-48    Dixon Evening Telegraph, July 13, 1968


E-49    DuPageCounty the Trib Supplement, April 8, 1968


E-50    Elgin Daily Courier-News, July 30, 1968


E-51    Elgin Free Press, May 29, 1968


E-52    TheFulton Democrat, August 21, 1968


E-53    FultonCounty Life, July 10, 1968

            FultonCounty Life, August 14, 1968

            FultonCounty Life, August 28, 1968


E-54    TheGalena Gazette, April 27, 1968


E-55    TheGenoa Republican, June 20, 1968


E-56    Joliet Herald-News, August 17, 1968


E-57    HardinCountyIndependent, July 18, 1968

            HardinCountyIndependent, August 8, 1968

            HardinCountyIndependent, August 22, 1968


E-58    Hinsdale Doings Newspapers, June 27, 1968


E-59    Iliniwek, November/December 1967

            Iliniwek, January/February 1968

            Iliniwek, March/April 1968

            Iliniwek, May/June 1968


E-60    The Johnson Journal (Printed by theGeneseoRepublic), May 20, 1968


E-61    The Leroy Journal, August 15, 41968


E-62    TheLockport Herald (Lockport-Homer Townships), October 17, 1968


E-63    The Bluff Times – The Meredosia Budget, October 1968


E-64    The Metropolis News, June 27, 1968


E-65    Mount Pulaski Times News, July 4, 1968

            Mount Pulaski Times News, July 11, 1968

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 15                                                                 Archives Log


E-66    Paddock Publications, October 28, 1968


E-67    Pontiac Daily Leader, October 3, 1968


E-68    RandolphCountyHerald Tribune, March 28, 1968

            RandolphCountyHerald Tribune, June 20, 1968

            RandolphCountyHerald Tribune, June 27, 1968

            RandolphCountyHerald Tribune, July 4, 1968


E-69    The Republican-Reporter (Oregon), July 11, 1968


E-70    Rockford Morning Star and Register-Republic, February 15-16, 1968


E-71    Rockton Herald (Oversize)

            Rockton Herald, August 8, 1968


E-72    Sparta News-Plaindealer, July 4, 1968


E-73    IllinoisState Journal-Register (Springfield) – December 3, 1967

            IllinoisState Journal Register (Springfield) – January 14, 1968

            IllinoisState Journal Register (Springfield) – February 12, 1968

            IllinoisState Journal Register (Springfield) – March 11, 1968

            IllinoisState Journal Register (Springfield) – April 28, 1968

            IllinoisState Journal Register (Springfield) – June 23, 1968

            IllinoisState Journal Register (Springfield) – December 3, 1968


E-74    The Steeleville Ledger, July 5, 1968


E-75    TheVilla Park Argus, July 3, 1968


E-76    Zion-Benton News, August 29, 1968

            Zion-Benton News, September 5, 1968


E-77    SouthernIllinoisUniversity (Carbondale) Daily Egyptian, January 13, 1968


E-78    The Spokesman (WheelingHigh School), March 15, 1968


E-79    Illinois Bar Journal, December 1968


E-80    “Two Year’s Residence on The English Prairie of Illinois” by John Woods, Edited by Paul

   M. Angle, Published by theLakeside Press, Christmas 1968


E-81    Outlook-Roosevelt National Life Insurance Company-November-December 1967


E-82    News-Philo-Caldwell Plant Link-Belt Division of FMC Corporation-Spring-Summer 1968


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 16                                                                 Archives Log


E-83    Flick-Reedy Newsletter – August 16, 1968


E-84    Illinois Banker –Illinois Bankers Association – September 1968

            Illinois Banker –Illinois Bankers Association – October 1968


E-85    Our Town inIllinois – theNaperville Sun Illinois Sesquicentennial Section – August 22, 1968


E-86    Galvaland Magazine – May 1968


E-87    TheChicago Scottish Rite Magazine, March 1968


E-88    Western Courier,WesternIllinoisUniversity – June 26, 1968


E-89    Mueller Records Magazine-Mueller Co. August 1968


E-90    North West Federal Directions, Volume 7, Number 3 – April 1968


E-91    Dispatch, from theIllinoisState Historical Society – May 1968


E-92    The Hand Book, Meister Brau, Inc. Volume 20, Number 2


E-93    Automatic ElectricGenoa Branch News – March 29, 1968

            Automatic ElectricGenoa Branch News – May 10, 1968


E-94    Sparks, Junior League of Evanston, Inc. – June 1968


E-95    Time NewsmagazineIllinois Sesquicentennial Advertising


E-96    Newsweek Magazine Sesquicentennial Advertising


E-97    Public Aid inIllinois Sesquicentennial Issue


E-98    Travel Magazine – November 1968


E-99    TheLivingMuseum – December 1967

            TheLivingMuseum – January 1968

            TheLivingMuseum – February 1968

            TheLivingMuseum – March 1968

            TheLivingMuseum – April 1968

            TheLivingMuseum – May 1968

            TheLivingMuseum – June 1968

            TheLivingMuseum – July 1968

            TheLivingMuseum – August 1968

            TheLivingMuseum – September 1968

            TheLivingMuseum – October 1968

            TheLivingMuseum – November 1968

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 17                                                                 Archives Log


E-100  Letter from a Farmer’s Wife, Prairie Farmer Magazine


E-101  “George Washington Never Slept Here” by Larry Wolters –Chicago Tribune Magazine –

   July 21, 1968


E-102  “Is This Indian Mound Doomed?” by Anthony Monahan –Chicago Tribune Magazine –

   March 31, 1968


E-103  “Illinois’ Sunken City” by Grover Brinkman –St. Louis Globe-Democrat Sunday

   Magazine – June 2, 1968


E-104  “Mining the Lode of Mormon Love” by John Adam Morean –Midwest Magazine of the

   Chicago Sun-Times – December 24, 1967


E-105  Southern Illinois Souvenir Edition – Campers and Hikers Convention 1968 – Du Quoin


E-106  Meredosia Sesquicentennial Edition


E-107  St. Louis Commerce Magazine – June 1968


E-108  Flame, Northern Illinois Gas Company Magazine – Spring Issue 1968

            NI – Gas News – January 5, 1968

            NI – Gas News – March 5, 1968

            NI – Gas News – April 1, 1968

            NI – Gas News – May 1, 1968

            NI – Gas News – June 3, 1968

            NI – Gas News – July 5, 1968

            NI – Gas News – August 5, 1968

            NI – Gas News – September 6, 1968


E-109  The Wauconda Leader – August 16, 1968


E-110  CookCounty and Daniel Pope Cook – Their Story by Sidney L. DeLove


E-111  I.S.A. Camper – February 1968


E-112  “Prelude to Progress, the History ofMasonCounty 1818-1968” Book Jacket


E-113  Cook County Highway News – January 1968


E-114  Omaha,Nebraska Sunday World-Herald Television and Radio Schedules-February 18, 1968


E-115  Volts and Jolts, an S & Co-Electric Company Employee Publication – May 1968


E-116  Motor News – March 1968

            Motor News – April 1968

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 18                                                                Archives Log


E-117  IAA Record-Illinois Farm Bureau Magazine – January 1968


E-118  Certi-Flash Magazine-Certified Grocers of Illinois, Inc. – August 1966

            Certi-Flash Magazine-Certified Grocers of Illinois, Inc. – January/February 1968


E-119  Focus – Industrial Editors Association ofChicago – Spring 1968


E-120  Mimeographic – A.B. Dick Company, National Issues – April 15, 1968


E-121  Ford Times – May 1968


E-122  Iowa Motor News – November/December 1967


E-123  Chicago Tribune Weekly Report – December 4, 1967


E-124  The New World’s “The NewChicago” – February 16, 1968


E-125  SouthShore Scene – June 1968


E-126  The Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly – October 1968


E-127  The Illeiowan – January 1968


E-128  The Counsellor –Chicago Chapter, Public Relations Society ofAmerica – January 1968


E-129  Leaves – First Federal Savings ofBerwyn – Summer 1968


E-130  Issue No. 1 – Chicago Public Schools 1968 “We SaluteIllinois”


E-131  S & L News of theCookCounty Council of Insured Savings Associations – May-June 1968


E-132  “Illinois Sesquicentennial 1968”Shawneetown,Illinois – Illinois Power Company


E-133  “Hobbies – the Magazine for Collectors” – December 1968


E-134  “Dispatch” from theIllinoisState Historical Society – November 1968


F-1       “We’re Having a Party a Year Long and a State Wide” Pamphlet


F-2       A Traveler’s Guide to Illinois History – Standard Oil Map


F-3       Official HighwayMapIllinois

            Official Highway MapIllinois, City Map Supplement


F-4       Illinois Map – Standard Oil


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 19                                                                Archives Log


F-5       Illinois Sesquicentennial – A List of Book for Boys and Girls – TheChicago Public Library


F-6       Illinois – A Reprint from the World Book Encyclopedia


F-7       “Where History Was Made inIllinois” Map –Chicago Tribune – Wednesday, May 29, 1968

            Illinois – Travel Fun Brochure

            Boating and Swimming in ScenicSouthern Illinois Brochure

            ScenicWestern Illinois Brochure

            Lincoln Heritage Trail Brochure

            Hiawatha Pioneer Trail Brochure

            CampingSouthern Illinois Brochure

            IllinoisVacationLand Brochure

            Hiking – in the Ancient Shawnee Hills of ScenicSouthern Illinois Brochure

            100 Magnificent Museums inIllinois

            Illinois,Land ofLincoln – Things to Do – Places to See for You

            OutdoorIllinois – June 1968

            14Illinois Trips

            A Heritage Reborn



F-8       Heirloom Cook Book – Northern Illinois Gas Company

            Chicago Tribune Review

            Chicago’s American Review – February 8, 1968

            Rockford Morning Star Article – February 18, 1968

            Northern Illinois Gas Company and the State of Illinois Mark 150th Year of Statehood

   (Project and Objectives)

            100 Years of CreativeIllinois Cookery Brochure

            Photograph of Governor Samuel H. Shapiro

            Photograph of Governor Otto Kerner

            Photograph ofOrange Pecan Cake

            Chicago Historical Society Certificate


F-9       Telebriefs – June 1968


F-10     Illinois: AReading List, theChicago Public Library


F-11     Illinois Authors: Past and Present, theChicago Public Library


F-12     1968 Calendar of Events, Department of General Services,Illinois Information Service


F-13     150 Years of Education inIllinois, Office of Superintendent of Pubic Instruction


F-14     Abraham Lincoln Chronology,IllinoisState Historical Library


F-15     Illinois:Land ofLincoln, Island Empire;Illinois Information Service


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 20                                                                Archives Log


F-16     John Jones: A Biographical Sketch Based on Records from the Chicago Tribune by Charles             B. Johnson


F-17     American SightseeingTours Brochure


F-18     Illinois History, a Chronology –IllinoisState Historical Library


F-19     Moorman Manufacturing Company’s Full Color Movie “The Real American Farmer” Brochure

            Shooting Script of “The Real American Farmer”

            Moorman’s “The Little Red Barn” Traveling Exhibit Brochure

            Photograph of “The Little Red Barn”

            Moorman Souvenir Sesquicentennial Token


F-20     Legislative Synopsis and Digest of the Seventy-Fifth General Assembly, State ofIllinois,

   through October 19, 1967


F-21     Illinois Libraries A List ofIllinois Place Names


F-22     Illinois School Board Journal


F-23     J. David Jones Letter

            “American Mother of the Year” Photograph

            Sesquicentennial Seal

            “Concern for Life” –Illinois Welfare Association (2)


F-24     “TeachingIllinois – The Materials” –Illinois Education Association


F-25     Folk Festival Flyer – a Benefit for theOldTownSchool of Folk Music


F-26     New Members, 75th General Assembly, State ofIllinois, Issued by Paul Powell, Secretary

   of State


F-27     Christmas Vesper Service Program – Sponsored by The Cairo Women’s Club, December

   15, 1968


F-28     Bronco Boys Baseball, North Divisional Finals, World Series Program – August 8-11 and

   August 15-18, 1968


F-29     Austin Federal SavingsIllinois Sesquicentennial Appointment Calendar


F-30     Theta Omega Chapter, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Salutes Jean Baptiste Pointe Du Sable,             Chicago’s First Settler - Bag and Press Kit


F-31     IllinoisBell Telephone Directory Cover – Glencoe, Kenilworth, Wilmette,Winnetka, etc.

            IllinoisBell Telephone Directory Cover – Glen Ellyn,Wheaton, Winfield, etc.

            IllinoisBell Telephone Directory Cover –Naperville

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 21                                                                 Archives Log


F-31     IllinoisBell Telephone Directory Cover –Evanston

            IllinoisBell Telephone Directory Cover –Highland Park, Highwood

            IllinoisBell Telephone Directory Cover – Quincy

            IllinoisBell Telephone Directory Cover – Glenview, Golf,Northbrook

            IllinoisBell Telephone Directory Cover –Calumet City, Burnham

            IllinoisBell Telephone Directory Cover – Beecher, Crete, Monee,Park Forest, South, etc.

            IllinoisBell Telephone Directory Cover –Chicago Heights,Park Forest Area

            IllinoisBell Telephone Directory Cover – Bensenville,Itasca, Wood Dale

            IllinoisBell Telephone Directory Cover – Bellwood,Maywood,Melrose Park

            IllinoisBell Telephone Directory Cover – Skokie, Lincolnwood,Morton Grove,Niles

            IllinoisBell Telephone Directory Cover – Downers Grove, Lisle, Westmont,Woodridge

            IllinoisBell Telephone Directory Cover –Petersburg,Athens, Oakford, Tallula

            IllinoisBell Telephone Directory Cover – Gilman, Onarga

            IllinoisBell Telephone Directory Cover – Joliet,Lockport,Plainfield

            IllinoisBell Telephone Directory Cover – Chicago


F-32     Historical Map of Old Shawneetown


F-33     WabashValley Coonhunters Button


F-34     “If I Were Governor” Contest Poster, Sponsored by Childrens Press Inc.

            “If I Were Governor” Essay Awards Brochures


F-35     Then and Now, Water Resources inIllinois 1818-1968 – State Water Survey Division


F-36     Kemper Insurance – Forty-Second Annual Report, American Motorists Insurance Company

            Kemper Insurance – Fifty-Sixth Annual Report, Lumberman’s Mutual Casualty Company


F-37     Story ofIllinois – Inland Steel Company Brochure


F-38     DeKalb Trust and Savings Bank Envelope

            Village ofItasca Envelope


F-39     The Basset Hound Club of America, Inc. Catalog – South Beloit, Illinois, October 4, 1968


F-40     “Half a Billion Years ofIllinois History” –FieldMuseum of Natural History Tour Guide



F-41     “Here and There inIllinois” an Example of Regional Analysis- Office of the Superintendent

   of Public Instruction Booklet


F-42     History of 23 Illinois Auditors of Public Accounts – by the 24th, Michael J. Howlett


F-43     North West Federal SavingsIllinois Travel Guide, Scenic and Historic Map ofIllinois

            North West Federal Directions – April 1968

            North West Federal Directions – June 1968

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 22                                                                Archives Log


F43      North West Federal Savings Booklet Souvenir ofGreatState Days – “Illinois Pioneers

   First Citizens of aGreatState”

            Identify TheseIllinois Greats – Win Valuable Prizes – Contest Rules –North West Federal

            Your Personal Invitation toGreatState Days atNorth West Federal Savings

            North West Federal Brochure


F-44     “Sesquicentennial Salute toIllinois” – Words and Music byFlorence Grigsby Roberts


F-45     “Illinois in 1818” by Solon J. Buck with an Introduction by Allan Nevins Brochure


F-46     Tours Inc. Contest Brochure


F-47     “We SaluteIllinois” – Chicago Public Schools Booklet – Issue #1


F-48     News of the Chicago Public Schools – January 1968 – Volume 3 #4


F-49     Lincoln Trails Council 121, Inc., Boy Scouts ofAmerica Badge (Patch) (3)


F-50     Chicago Philatelic Society 82nd Anniversary Exhibition Booklet


F-51     Floral Birthday Cake Photograph – Chicago Park District


F-52     Chicago Headline Events Pamphlet, February 1968 –Chicago Association of Commerce

   and Industry


F-53     Harris Bank Salutes Illinois’ 150th Birthday Card

            “A Brief History ofIllinois 1818-1968” – Harris Bank


F-54     The Key –Clinton E. Frank Agency Booklet


F-55     “Illinois,Illinois” –Illinois in Print in the Member Libraries of the DuPage Library System


F-56     Kewanee Woman’s Club Booklet


F-57     Illinois Sesquicentennial Postcard Distributed by Joboul Publishing Co.


F-58     Dedication Carlyle Reservoir, September 15, Sticker


F-59     “Toluca 75” Pennant


F-60     IllinoisStateMuseum Certificate of Appreciation


F-61     Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive Brochure


F-62     “Illinois Under 5 Flags,” A Fourth of July Historical Tableau,FortKaskaskiaState Park Flyer


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 23                                                                 Archives Log


F-63     Meister Brau Draft Beer Label – Meister Brau Cotton Bowl Poster (Oversize)


F-64     Illinois the “PrairieState” Gold and Black Sticker


F-65     1968 Aquatennial Grande Day Parade List


F-66     Illinois State Fair 1968 Amateur Art Winners

            SouthernIllinoisUniversity Players “Make Her Wilderness LikeEden” State Fair Program

            “One Hundred Fifty Years – OurIllinois” by Earl Oyler, Sheet Music, State Fair Theme Song


F-67     Illinois Credit Card


F-68     Meister Brau Inc. 1968 Democratic National Convention “Welcome toChicago” Fanorama

            1968 Democratic National Convention Pin


F-69     Belvidere,Home of MissAmerica 1969 Sticker

            Belvidere’s Homecoming Miss America 1969 Pennant

            Belvidere’s MissAmerica 1969 Ribbon Pin

            Belvidere, Home of Judy Ford, MissAmerica 1969 Badge


F-70     Red Plastic Seal Disc – Ideal Industries, Inc., Sycamore

            Black Plastic Seal Disc. – Ideal Industries, Inc. Sycamore


F-71     Chicago Special Olympics Brochure – July 20, 1968

            Illinois Sesquicentennial News Release – July 20, 1968

            Chicago Special Olympics Brochure – July 20, 1868


F-72     Pictures of 21 Star Flag, Prophetstown Women’s Club – December 4, 1967


F-73     “Men of Faith inIllinois History” Brochure


F-74     “Full Grown Men, the Story of Illini” – Moody Bible Institute

            Radio Programs #6-13, 17 (Transferred to Audio-Visual)


F-75     “Illinois,Illinois” Tape –University ofIllinois Concert Choir and Soloist

            Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission Tape (3) (Transferred to Audio-Visual)


F-76     “The Man by the Sea” Brochure – Presented Jointly by the Diocese of Joliet and the Will

   County Council of Churches – Sesquicentennial Sabbath


F-77     Welcome to the Boston Double Header Envelope – A Salute to the Illinois Sesquicentennial –         June 23, 1968


F-78     Shadrach Bond Drawing,DedicationShadrachBondSchool,Mount Prospect, September

   29, 1968


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 24                                                                Archives Log


F-79     Illinois Sesquicentennial First Day Stamp Issue Dinner Ticket


F-80     Illinois Sesqui 68 10 sec. 2 Film Tape

            Illinois Sesqui 68 10 sec. 3 Film Tape

            Illinois Sesqui 68 10 sec. 4 Film Tape

            Illinois Sesqui 68 10 sec. 5 Film Tape

            Illinois Sesqui 68 10 sec. 6 Film Tape


F-81     Old Capitol Drawing Presented by the Illinois National Bank ofSpringfield – Old Capitol

   Tribute Banquet – August 24, 1968


F-82     HamiltonCountySesquicentennial Horse Show Poster – July 4, 1968


F-83     WMAQ – AM/FM Robert Sirott, Public Affairs Director, Letter

            “IceIllinois in ’68” Radio Tape (2) (Transferred to Audio-Visual)


F-84     Museum ofScience and Industry File


F-85     Rock IslandArsenalState ofIllinois Historical Marker Dedication Photographs


F-86     ZionBaptistChurch,Springfield, One Hundred and Thirtieth Anniversary Booklet

            “And God Spoke” Historical Pageant Program

            Photograph and Description


F-87     Office of Superintendent of Public InstructionIllinois Heritage Month Brochure

            Illinois Heritage Month Proclamation


F-88     “The Greatest Air Show on Earth” Poster


F-89     Open House Day in South Shore 5th Annual Four Brochure


F-90     First Annual Illinines AirDerby Official Schedule


F-91     LincolnBelmontAshland Business Association Calendar of Events for 1968


F-92     Illinois Federation of Women’s Club “Seventy Years in Review” andIllinois

   Sesquicentennial Club Observance


F-93     1968 Scout-O-Rama

            Celebrating theIllinois Sesqui


F-94     The Oak Park Historical Society Year Book, 1968-1969


F-95     List of Events forIllinoisState Fair


F-96     OldTown Art Fair Poster (Oversize)

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 25                                                                Archives Log


G-1      MonmouthCollege Sesquicentennial Convocation Speech “That Was a Time and Day”


G-2      Eureka College Founder’s Day Program


G-3      Open House,Beecher Hall,Illinois College Program


G-4      WesternIllinoisUniversity Summer Session Catalogue


G-5      AuroraCollege, Robert F. Richardson, Director of College Relations, Letter

            Aurora News, January-February 1968           

            Aurora News, March-April 1968

            Aurora News, Summer 1968


G-6      KnoxCollege Letter

            Photographs of Displays in Honor of Sesquicentennial

            Newspaper Articles


G-7      NorthernIllinoisUniversity

            Color Negative for Carl Sandburg Dedication Program


H-1      “Illinois Architecture” – Paperback Edition

            Invitation to reception for “Illinois Architecture” Publication

            Card for “Illinois Architecture” to Acknowledge Support ofIllinois Sesquicentennial

            “Illinois Architecture” – Hard Back Edition


H-2      Literary Awards Brochure

            Journalism Literary Awards Rules


H-3      First Annual One Act Play Brochure

            Second Annual One Act Play Brochure

            Second Annual One Act Play Brochure Rules


H-4      Invitation to Chicago Governor’s Mansion Benefit Dinner @ O’Hare

            InternationalAirport – December 9, 1967

            Carsons Illinois Rooms Brochure

            Carsons Illinois Rooms Article


H-5      “Illinois” Quickstep Band Arrangement

            “Illinois” Piano and Vocal Score


H-6      Ravinia Festival News Brochure


H-7      SouthShore Open House Brochure – June 9, 1968


H-8      1968Illinois Summer Youth Music Brochure & Programs


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 26                                                                 Archives Log


H-9      Arts Committee Newsletters No’s. 1-7


H-10    Arts Committee Music Projects Report toIllinois Music Educators Association

            Vision ’68 – The ABC’s of Art –Museum ofScience and Industry – Newsletter


H-11    Northern Illinois University Radio Theater Newsletter

            Radio Theater Reply Card

            Northern Illinois University Theater Presents 4 Plays in Reader’s Repertory Program


H-12    First Annual One Act Play Resume


H-13    Second Annual One Act Play Resume


H-14    “Make Her Wilderness LikeEden” Resume


H-15    Music Teachers Letter from Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction


H-16    Illinois Composers – Past and Present


H-17    The Visual Arts and theIllinois Sesquicentennial


H-18    “Make Her Wilderness LikeEden” Chamber Theatre Script

            “Make Her Wilderness LikeEden” Pageant Script


H-19    “Freedom Country” Cantata Store


H-20    “Illinois People” Ballad Unbound Copy

            “Illinois People” Ballad Bound Copy

            “Illinois People” Ballad Original Copy


H-21    “Make Her Wilderness LikeEden”Museum ofScience and Industry Program


H-22    “Make Her Wilderness LikeEden” Preview (Urbana, November 19, 1967) Kit


H-23    Arts Committee Opening Sesquicentennial Kit


H-24    “Illinois Architecture” Photographic Exhibition Brochure


H-25    IllinoisBell Telephone Programs Brochure

            “A History ofIllinois in Paintings” Brochure

            “A History ofIllinois in Paintings” Order Form

            “Illinois Sings” Brochure

            “Illinois Sings” Postcard


H-26    Chairman’s Report, Student Fine Arts Festival, Southern Illinois University Poster, Fine

   Arts Festival SouthernIllinoisUniversity

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 27                                                                Archives Log


H-27    SIU Drawing Show Brochure

            Crafts Festival Poster, SouthernIllinoisUniversity

            Permanent Collection Selections Brochure, SouthernIllinoisUniversity

            Faculty Art Exhibition Poster, SouthernIllinoisUniversity

            Selections from the Permanent Collection of SouthernIllinoisUniversity Poster


H-28    Description of Music Events at SouthernIllinoisUniversity

            SouthernIllinoisUniversity Music Programs:

               King David

               Student Recital

               Graduate Recital

               Illinois String Quartet

               SIU Brass and Percussion Ensemble

               Collegium Musicum

               University Male Glee Club

               Faculty Brass Quintet

               Altgeld Wind Quintet

               Graduate Recital

               Southern Illinois Symphony

               Visiting Artist Series

               University Women’s Vocal Ensemble

               Illinois String Quartet

               Faculty Recital

               The Tales of Hoffman

               Student Recital

               The Solo Ensemble of the Collegium Musicum, TheUniversity ofChicago

               Graduate Recital

               Mu Phi Epsilon – Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Joint Recital

               Guest Recital

               Student Recital (2)

               University Wind Ensemble

               University Chamber Choir

               Student Recital

               Symphonic Band

               University Choir

               Collegium Musicum

               Southern Illinois Symphony

               American Guild of Organists, Student Recital

               Student Recital (2)

               Graduate Recital

               Altgeld Wind Quintet

               University ofPittsburg Male Glee Club

               Student Recital

               Faculty Recital

               Student Recital

               University Male Glee Club

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 28                                                                Archives Log


H-28    SouthernIllinoisUniversity Music Programs:

               Student Recital

               University Percussion Ensemble

               Student Recital

               Illinois String Quartet

               Student Recital

               Visiting Artists Series, Henry Brant

               Student Recital (2)

               Graduate Recital

               Encore ’68 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia

               SouthernIllinoisUniversity Opera Workshop

               Student Recital

               Annual Concerto Program

               University Symphonic Band

               Student Recital

               Faculty Recital

               University Wind Ensemble

               Graduate Recital

               University Orchestra

               Chamber Choir, University Choir, Oratorio Choir and Members of the Wind Ensemble

               Vespers,CollegiumMuseum, SouthernIllinoisUniversity

               “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum”

               Faculty Recital

               “The Most Happy Fella”

               Summer Opera Workshop

               Visiting Artists Concert      

               Student Recital (2)

               Seventh Annual Music and Youth at SouthernIllinoisUniversity,Carbondale

               Student Recital

               Eleventh Annual Summer Opera Workshop

               SummerUniversity Choir Assisted bySummerUniversity Orchestra

               Student Recital

               “West Side Story”

               Duo-Piano Recital

               Student Recital

               Guest Recital

               “Sweet Charity”

               Student Recital

               Sumer Male Ensemble andSummerUniversity Choir

               Faculty Recital

               SouthernIllinoisHigh School Choral Clinic

               Artist in Residence Recital

               SouthernIllinoisUniversity Opera Workshop

               1968 Homecoming Concert

               University Wind Ensemble

               Illinois String Quartet

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 29                                                                 Archives Log


H-29    “Make Her Wilderness Like Eden” Press Coverage (2)        

            “Make Her Wilderness LikeEden” Memorial Day Program

            “Make Her Wilderness LikeEden” Press Coverage

            “Make Her Wilderness LikeEden” State Fair Program

            “Make Her Wilderness LikeEden” Press Coverage (4)

            “Make Her Wilderness LikeEden”Chicago Reviews

            “Make Her Wilderness LikeEden” Illinois State University Repertory Company Program

            “Make Her Wilderness LikeEden”San JoseHigh School Program

            “Make Her Wilderness Like Eden” Press Coverage (2)  

            “Make Her Wilderness LikeEden” Letter

            “Make Her Wilderness LikeEden” Southern Illinois University Repertory Company

   Program – December 9, 1967

            “Make Her Wilderness LikeEden” Fall Tour Program, SouthernIllinoisUniversity Players

            “Make Her Wilderness LikeEden” Press Coverage (2)


H-30    “Make Her Wilderness LikeEden” Script, Production Version, May 1968


H-31    “Mr. High Pockets” Press Coverage (5)

            “Mr. High Pockets” Letter

            “Mr. High Pockets” Lincolnland Drama Festival, Summer, 1968 Program

            “Mr. High Pockets” SouthernIllinoisUniversity Players Program

            “Mr. High Pockets” Review (2)

            Playwriting Competition for a New Play about Abraham Lincoln Brochure

            “Mr. High Pockets” Opening Performance Invitation


H-32    Playwriting Competition Symposium Announcement


H-33    One Act Play Competition Press Coverage


H-34    MundeleinCollege Target ’68 - Art Brochure


H-35    IllinoisCollege Open House Invitation

            IllinoisCollege Highlights of Events Brochure

            IllinoisCollege Open House Program

            IllinoisCollege Alumni Fund Brochure

            Visit HistoricJacksonville,Illinois Brochure


H-36    Art Newsletter, Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction

            The Visual Arts inIllinois

            Monograph #4

            List of O.P.S.I. Publications


H-37    TheBelvidere Civic Chorus – “The Messiah” Program

            TheRockford Symphony Orchestra Program

            “Illinois” Original Score, byDerby O’Downey

            “Illinois” Piano and Vocal Store, byDerby O’Downey

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 30                                                                Archives Log


H-38    Chicago Chamber Orchestra Calendar Program

            Chicago Chamber Orchestra Program (7)  

            Chicago Chamber Orchestra Calendar Program

            Chicago Chamber OrchestraUrbana Program

            Chicago Chamber Orchestra Program (4)

            Chicago Chamber Orchestra Compositions Performed List

            Chicago Chamber Orchestra Brochure

            Chicago Chamber Orchestra Music Notes for Members

            Chicago Chamber Orchestra Review

            Chicago Chamber Orchestra Press Coverage

            Chicago Chamber Orchestra Press Release (7)


H-39    University ofIllinois Football Band Program

            Commencement Concert Program

            University ofIllinois Concert Band Program (5)

            The First Regimental Band Program

            University of Illinois Concert Bank Program

            The Concert Band – The Regimental Bands Program


H-40    Wilmette Children’s Theatre Sesqui Revue Program


H-41    Millikin University’s “Lincoln atSpringfield” Program


H-42    MacMurrayCollege “SpoonRiver Anthology Program

            MacMurrayCollege Fine Arts Festival Program

            MacMurrayCollege Fine Arts Festival Envelope

            MacMurray Magazine, Summer, 1968


H-43    Richard Hunt’s and Frank Gallo’s Sculptures Brochure


H-44    TheLake Forest Antiques Show Program


H-45    New Trier High Schools Annual Spring Music Festival


H-46    21stNorthMississippiValley Artists Exhibition


H-47    “America’s Heartland –Illinois” – Messiah Lutheran School Program


H-48    The Arts Club of Chicago –KrannertArt Museum Exhibit Brochure Allen S. Weller,

   Dean,College ofFine and Applied Arts, Letter


H-49    “Salute to the City ofChicago” – DuSable Heritage Committee Program – November 15, 1968


H-50    “Drums and Banners” – Rock Valley College Theatre Program


H-51    “Exhibition 150” Program, Drake Galleries, Barat College, Lake Forest, May 1-June 2, 1968

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 31                                                                Archives Log


H-51    News Release fromBaratCollege

            Events Calendar fromBaratCollege


H-52    Festival of the Arts Pageant Program – by District 12,Chicago

            Board of Education: Kelly Park, Chicago Park District: Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts,

   Campfire Girls, Community Organizations – June 7 & 8, 1968

            Illinois Sesquicentennial Celebration Parade – June 8, 1968


H-53    Illinois Sesquicentennial Celebration Popular Concert Program –Chicago Symphony

   Orchestra, November 9, 1968


H-54    Illinois Sesquicentennial Press and Broadcasters Banquet Program –Illinois

   Sesquicentennial Literary Awards Presentation, December 2, 1968


H-55    Calendar of the Art Institute ofChicago – May-August 1968

            Art InIllinois, in Honor of theIllinois Sesquicentennial Checklist – The Art Institute of

   Chicago, June 15-September 8, 1968


H-56    “The Incredible Journey” Report –I.M.E.A.IllinoisAllState Band-Chorus-Orchestra

            I.M.E.A. 1968AllStateHigh School Band-Chorus-Orchestra Record Album

            Information Material Press Kit


H-57    Harold Zabrack Brochure and Concert Program


H-58    Chicago Creative Arts Foundation Poster


H-59    “Collected Stories, Volume III by Mark Van Doren – Literary Awards Fiction Prize


H-60    “Louis XIV” by John E. Wolf – Literary Awards Non-Fiction Prize


H-61    “The Last Train to Prophetstown” by Dave Etter – Literary Awards Poetry Prize


H-62    Ann Karkut, Editor, Lockport Herald – Journalism Awards, Newspaper Best Individual                  Effort

            Paddock Publications – Journalism Awards, Newspaper Best Group Effort of A Weekly

            Rockford Register – Republic – Morning Star – Journalism Awards, Newspaper Best

   Group Effort of a Daily


H-63    “The Village That George Pullman Built” by Sel Yackley

            Chicago Tribune Sunday Magazine – Journalism Awards, Magazine Best Individual Effort

            Talmanac – “How Rich is The Prairie State” – Journalism Awards, Magazine Best Group Effort


H-64    “The Giants and the Common Men” by Scott Craig – WMAQ-TV – Journalism Awards,

   TV Best Individual Effort

            “Illinois in the Civil War” by Ansorge-Munday Productions – Journalism Awards Radio

    Honorable Mention (Transferred to Audio-Visual)

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 32                                                                 Archives Log


H-65    “Northern Illinois University Theatre Presents Nathan Hale, Part I”

            “Northern Illinois University Theatre Presents Nathan Hale, Part II”

            “Northern Illinois University Theatre Presents The Virginian, Part I”

            “Northern Illinois University Theatre Presents The Virginian, Part II”

            “Northern Illinois University Theatre Presents The Great Divide, Part I”

            “Northern Illinois University Theatre Presents The Great Divide, Part II”

            “Northern Illinois University Theatre Presents Justice, Part I”

            “Northern Illinois University Theatre Presents Justice, Part II” (Radio Tapes) (Transferred to           Audio-Visual)


H-66    “Illinois Sesquicentennial Salute by the Kantorei, the Singing Boys ofRockford Program


H-67    An Evening with Win Stracke in “Songs Bridge the Gap” and the Marion Senior High

   School Mixed Choir in “Freedom Country” Program – November 9, 1968


H-68    “Illinois People” atFrancisW.ParkerSchool Announcement

            “Illinois People” Program


H-69    Peoria Symphony Orchestra Third Subscription Concert Program


H-70    LaSalle-Peru Township High School Department of Music Symphonic Band Winter

   Concert Program


H-71    Quincy Symphony Orchestra Brochure


H-72    Northern Illinois University Theatre 2 Prize WinningIllinois Plays Program


H-73    Morton Grove Theatre for Children “Up With Little People inIllinoisU.S.A.” Program


H-74    Crafts ofIllinois Announcement – NorthernIllinoisUniversityArtDepartment and Oak

   Brook Center


H-75    “Of Thee I Sing” Program – SouthernIllinoisUniversity Players


H-76    NorthwesternUniversitySchool of Music “A Program of Music Commemorating The

   Sesquicentennial of the Statehood ofIllinois”


H-77    “We Are Their Dreams” Program –FultonCounty Playhouse – November 1, 2 & 3, 1968


H-78    “Music on Campus”,RobertMorrisCollege Choir, Program


H-79    “An Echo on the Breeze”,IllinoisWesleyanUniversity, Announcement


H-80    Taft Journeymen, Volume 3, Number 1, March 1968



                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 33                                                                Archives Log


H-81    Easley Blackwood Piano Recital Program Flyer, the Contemporary Chamber Players of

   TheUniversity ofChicago


H-82    Kretzmann GalleryIllinois Sesquicentennial Exhibit Calendar


H-83    “An Imaginary Journey to the Past” Program –CassCounty Historical Society and Cass

   County 4-H Clubs – August 20, 1968


H-84    Chicago Drama League Sesquicentennial Luncheon Guest Photographs and Decorations


H-85    LakeviewCenter for the Arts and Sciences Cultural Events Calendar, September 1968


H-86    The Performing Arts Division of New Trier High Schools Annual Spring Music Festival

   and Commencement Concert of Senior Soloists Program


H-87    21stNorthMississippiValley Artists Exhibition,IllinoisStateMuseum, Springfield-Catalogue


H-88    “A Delicate Balance”,BaratCollege,Lake Forest Program

            Letter from Mr. Val Bettin, Chairman of the Speech and Drama Department


H-89    A Tribute to Pablo Casals Benefit Concert Brochure


H-90    “Little Town on The Prairie” Pageant Program – Old Settler’s Association, Metamora –

   August 15, 1968


H-91    “SpoonRiver Anthology” McKendree College Drama Department Program – March 29-

   30, 1968

            McKendreeCollege “Emphasis Fine Arts” Brochure


H-92    Illinois Foundation for the Dance, Letter

            Illinois Foundation for the Dance, Brochure

            Illinois Foundation for the Dance, A Sketch of Its History, Purpose and Structure


H-93    “The Natives Return” Catalogue – Ravinia Festival Art Exhibit 1968


H-94    Theatre on theLake, Ruth Schwartz, Drama Supervisor Letter

            Theatre on theLake 1968 Brochure

            “The Last Days ofLincoln” Program

            Production Photograph (4)

            Theatre on theLake 1968 Schedule

            “The Last Days ofLincoln” Poster


H-95    “SpoonRiver Anthology” EasternIllinoisUniversity Program


H-96    Gertrude Guthman, Director of Cultural Enrichment Project for Board of Education, City

   ofChicago, Letter

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 34                                                                Archives Log


H-96    News of the Chicago Public Schools – May 1968

            Guidelines for Teachers for “Young Abe Lincoln”

            “Young Abe Lincoln” Record Album (Oversize)


H-97    AnIllinois Sesquicentennial Pageant Presented by the Twelve Townships ofMarshall

   CountyProgram – June 21 & 22, 1968


H-98    The Pageant ofPalestine by Phillip J. Woodworth, Script


H-99    Illinois Arts Council Touring Shows, Brochures Packet


H-100  Copies of Original Scripts fromIllinois Sesquicentennial

            First Annual One Act Play Competition:

               “The Redemption ofFree State” by Maud E. Uschold

               “The Devil Baby” by Ruth M. Davis and Marion Y. Baker

               “Out BeyondMiddletown” by Abbie Whitaker

               “Prairie Man” by Patrick E. White

               “They Also Serve” by Betty W. Farmer

               “My Dear Husband” by Miriam Herron

               “An Irishman’s Dream” by Mrs. Milton Froeke

               “A Handful of Acorns” by Betty Head

               “The Long Nine” by Stephanie Jakus

               “Drums and Banners” byStanley J. Buckles


H-101  Copies of Original Scripts fromIllinois Sesquicentennial

            Second Annual One Act Play Competition:

               “The Legend of William and Willie Potts” by Donald A. Vanover

               “This Present Anguish” by Maud E. Uschold

               “A Fly in the Sugar” by John W. McLure

               “Today My Junie’s Coming Home” by Donald L. Plattner

               “The Governor Invites You” by Harriet Carlson

               “The Coney Men and the Body Snatcher” by William N. Monson

               “Prairie August” by Virginia Sparr

               “The Lament ofHancockCounty” by Daniel and Margaret Norton

               “Mating Dance of the Mockingbird” by Richard F. Stockton

               “Truth to Tell” by George Dear

               “The Migration” by Abbie Lane Whitaker

               “Less Than Meets the Eye” by Emmett W. Lally

               “The Case for Long Hair” by Betty Head

               “The First Rung” by Marcella Raive


H-102  Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission Arts Committee Final Report


H-103  “Make Her Wilderness LikeEden” Slides


H-104  “Taste for Violence” Program – December 6-9, 1967

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 35                                                                 Archives Log


H-105  Crafts ofIllinois Brochure


H-106  A Tribute to Pablo Casals Benefit Performance Program


H-107  Quad-City Music Guild


H-108  Program for Writers’ Workshop of the Organization of Black American Culture “A

   DuSable Festival of the Arts”


H-109  Program fromPlank Road to Rail Road Hinsdale’s Heritage


H-110  Program for Carsons Illinois Rooms Authentic Historical Miniatures in Celebration of the

   Sesquicentennial of the State ofIllinois


H-111  “Symphony” by Ulysses Kay (Oversize-2 Copies)


I-1       Invitation to December 2 & 3, 1968 Events inSpringfield (2)

            Insert Card – “December 2 is Monday, not Tuesday”


I-2       Invitation – Semi-Sesqui Tea – in Honor of Chicago’s 1893-ers


I-3       Invitation – Tenth Anniversary of theOldTownSchool of Folk Music


I-4       Second Annual Meeting of the Congress ofIllinois Historical Societies,Springfield,



I-5       DuSable Memorial Dedication,St. Charles,Missouri, Invitation Luncheon Invitation

   Following DuSable Memorial Dedication


I-6       Diamond Jubilees Luncheons Invitation –Chicago Grill of the Continental Plaza Hotel,

   Marking the 75th Anniversary of the Opening of The World’s Columbian Exposition of



I-7       Cook County Committee Luncheon Invitation, Commemorating The 137th Anniversary of

   The County of Cook and the 150th Anniversary of the State ofIllinois


I-8       Chicago Historical Society Member’s Preview of “Illinois Enters theUnion, 1818” Invitation


I-9       St. Vincent Ferrer Guild,RiverForest, “A Toast toIllinois” Invitation


I-10     United States Post Office Department and Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission, Unveiling            of The Illinois Sesquicentennial Commemorative Postage Stamp Design Invitation


I-11     Chicago Benefit Committee of theExecutiveMansion Commission Press Preview Invitation


I-12     Art Institute and Arts Committee Preview Exhibition “Art inIllinois” Invitation

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 36                                                                Archives Log


I-13     Saint JosephHospital Invitation


I-14     Sesquicentennial Gala, December 6, 1968 Invitation


I-15     Chicago Drama League Sesquicentennial Luncheon Invitation


I-16     DePaulUniversity Premiere Performance of Special Works byChicago Composers Invitation


I-17     OldState Capitol Tribute Banquet Invitation – August 24, 1968 –IllinoisState Historical

   Society andIllinois Sesquicentennial Commission


I-18     “Illinois Sculptors” Preview Opening of an Invitational Exhibit Invitation – December 2,

   1968 –IllinoisStateMuseum


I-19     Preview Showing of Carsons Illinois Rooms Invitation – April 5, 1968


I-20     “The Artist Sees HistoricIllinois” Reception and Preview Exhibition Invitation –Illinois

   StateMuseum Society – December 2, 1968


I-21     4thChicago Area Mayors Prayer Breakfast Invitation – May 2, 1968


I-22     Northern Illinois Luncheon – Invitation – May 13, 1968


I-23     “Tomorrow Is a Day” Preview Screening Invitation – Playboy Theatre,Chicago, June 26, 1968


I-24     Beecher Hall,Illinois College, Open House Invitation – December 3, 1967


I-25     Dames Club “Sesquicentennial Happening” Invitation – November 7, 1968


I-26     Chicago Creative Arts Foundation Invitation – October 24, 1968


I-27     Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission and WGN Continental Broadcasting Company

   After-Theatre Soiree Invitation – January 30, 1968


I-28     Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission Invitation to Press Conference and Reception

   Marking Opening of Sesqui Year November 30, 1967


J-1       Establishment ofCookCounty Committee and Its Structure (Section)


J-2       CookCounty Week andCookCounty Committee Luncheon (Section)


J-3       Dan Cook Booklet and Ceremonies (Section)


J-4       CookCountyReligious Heritage Committee (Section)


J-5       CookCountySesquicentennial Float (Section)

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 37                                                                Archives Log


J-6       CookCounty Miscellaneous


J-7       Tourism Council of Greater Chicago’s Second Annual Meeting Invitation


J-8       Wilmette,CookCounty Report by Miner Coburn


J-9       Chicago, Cook County Coordinator’s Files (ArchivalBoxes 1-2)


K-1      AdamsCounty


K-2      AlexanderCounty


K-3      BooneCounty


K-4      CalhounCounty


K-5      CarrollCounty


K-6      ChampaignCounty


K-7      ClarkCounty


K-8      ClintonCounty


K-9      ColesCounty


K-10    CrawfordCounty


K-11    CumberlandCounty


K-12    DeKalbCounty


K-13    DeWittCounty


K-14    DouglasCounty


K-15    DuPageCounty


K-16    EdgarCounty


K-17    EdwardsCounty


K-18    EffinghamCounty


K-19    FordCounty


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 38                                                                Archives Log


K-20    FranklinCounty


K-21    FultonCounty


K-22    GallatinCounty


K-23    HamiltonCounty


K-24    HancockCounty


K-25    HardinCounty


K-26    HenryCounty


K-27    IroquoisCounty


K-28    JacksonCounty


K-29    JasperCounty


K-30    JeffersonCounty


K-31    JerseyCounty


K-32    JoDaviessCounty


K-33    JohnsonCounty


K-34    KaneCounty


K-35    KnoxCounty


K-36    LakeCounty


K-37    LaSalleCounty


K-38    LeeCounty


K-39    LoganCounty


K-40    McDonoughCounty


K-41    McHenryCounty


K-42    McLeanCounty


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 39                                                                Archives Log


K-43    MacoupinCounty


K-44    MadisonCounty


K-45    MarionCounty


K-46    MarshallCounty


K-47    MassacCounty


K-48    MonroeCounty


K-49    MontgomeryCounty


K-50    MorganCounty


K-51    MoultrieCounty


K-52    PeoriaCounty


K-53    PerryCounty


K-54    PiattCounty


K-55    PikeCounty


K-56    PopeCounty


K-57    PutnamCounty


K-58    Quincy


K-59    RandolphCounty


K-60    Rock IslandCounty


K-61    St. Clair County


K-62    SalineCounty


K-63    Schuyler-BrownCounty


K-64    ShelbyCounty


K-65    StarkCounty


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 40                                                                Archives Log


K-66    Union


K-67    VermilionCounty


K-68    WabashCounty


K-69    WarrenCounty


K-70    WashingtonCounty


K-71    WashingtonCountySesquicentennial Plate


K-72    WayneCounty


K-73    WhiteCounty


K-74    WhitesideCounty


K-75    WhitesideCounty Scrapbook (Oversize BV)


K-76    Will County


K-77    WilliamsonCounty


K-78    WinnebagoCounty


K-79    WinnebagoCounty History

            “Sinnissippi Saga” by Milton Mahlburg


K-80    WoodfordCounty


K-81    Adams,Hancock & PikeCounty Material in “Illiamo” Tourist Guide


K-82    Miscellaneous Counties


K-83    “Indian Trails to Tollways”, the Story of the Homewood-Flossmoor Area – by Anna Adair

   & Adele Sandberg


K-84    Christian, Menard & Sangamon Counties (Springfield) – Laurin A. Wollan Jr., Assistant

   Director,Illinois Sesquicentennial Committee, Final Report


K-85    Northern Illinois Field Representative File (ArchivalBoxes 3-4)


K-86    Western Illinois Field Representative File (ArchivalBoxes 4-5[Start withCookCounty])


K-87    Eastern &Southern Illinois Field Representative File (Archival Boxes 5-6 and MSBox 7)

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 41                                                                 Archives Log


L-1      WGN Flag & Decorating Company Price List (Flags)

            WGN Flag & Decorating Company Special Order Blank


L-2      John M. Newkirk & Company Price List


L-3      Attleboro Printing and Embossing Company Price List


L-4      104th RegimentIllinois Volunteer Infantry Price List


L-5      Para-Gift, Incorporated Price List


L-6      Wells, Inc. Price List


L-7      Getzelman Decals Price List – Souvenir Plates


L-8      Etchcrafters Art Guild Price Lists


L-9      Chicago Decal Company Price List


L-10    Salgaedi Studios Price List


L-11    Arrco Playing Card Company Price List


L-12    Domino Placemats


L-13    Illinois Sesquicentennial Plastic Plaque

            Mercury Plastics Price List


L-14    Pitney Bowes Order Form


L-15    Southern Illinois Arts and Crafts Guild Approved Souvenirs Brochure

            S.I.A.C. Plaque, Ash Tray Brochure


L-16    WGN Flag and Decorating Company Official Price List

            WGN Flag and Decorating Company Envelope with Complete Brochure


L-17    Staples Foundry Company Price List


L-18    HaegerPotteries Kit


L-19    Para-Gift Inc. Brochures


L-20    Walgreen Drug Stores Salute Promotion


L-21    Shirley Place’s Barbie Doll Dress


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 42                                                                Archives Log


L-22    Kingsman Brittany Ltd.Illinois Sesquicentennial Banners Brochure


M-1     Illinois Sesquicentennial Paper Seal

            Illinois Sesquicentennial Arts Committee Poster

            Illinois Sesquicentennial Paper Seal


M-2     Sesqui 68 Sticker


M-3     Drive Safely Flag


M-4     Metal Sesquicentennial Lapel Buttons (2)

            Art Work for “The Story of Dan Cook” (Oversize)


M-5     Sesquicentennial Patch


M-6     Dural-Cal Sesquicentennial Decal Small (2)

            Dural-Cal Sesquicentennial Decal Large


M-7     Sesquicentennial Seal Mat

            Small Sesquicentennial Seal Mat


M-8     Target 68 Sticker


M-9     Metal Sesquicentennial Lapel Pin


M-10   Sesquicentennial Flag Stick Pin


M-11   Sesquicentennial Plastic Flag on a Stick

            State ofIllinois Plastic Flag on Stick (Oversize)


M-12   Gold Sesquicentennial Seal Sticker

            GoldState ofIllinois Seal Sticker


M-13   Gold Matchboxes, theJubileeState for ‘68


M-14   Illinois Sesquicentennial Blue, Red and White Seal Stick-On


M-15   Small Sesquicentennial Silk Flag with Gold Trim


M-16   Small Bronze Stick-On Sesquicentennial Seal


M-17   5 Scenes of HistoricIllinois Notepaper Created for theIllinoisState Sesquicentennial Commission


M-18   Small Blue, Red & Gold Stick-on Sesquicentennial Seal


M-19   Set of 3 Flags (American, State ofIllinois, Sesquicentennial) Nylon

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 43                                                                Archives Log


M-20   Sesquicentennial Cufflinks


M-21   Sesquicentennial Bag


M-22   Sesquicentennial Shirt Bag


M-23   Sesquicentennial Cowboy Hat (Oversize)

            Sesquicentennial Straw Hat (Oversize)


M-24   Target ’68 Sign


M-25   Giant Sesquicentennial Post Card


M-26   Arts Committee Poster


M-27   Illinois Central Railroad Photographic Display


M-28   Northern Illinois University Theatre Poster


M-29   “Taste for Violence” Theatre Poster


M-30   Dedication of theOldState Capitol Poster (Oversize-2 Copies)


M-31   DuSable Grove Marker Rendering


M-32   Mt. Pulaski July 4th Poster (Oversize-2 Copies)


M-33   Illinois Historical Map Poster by Jewel Company


M-34   “Make Her Wilderness LikeEden” Poster (Oversize-2 Copies)


M-35   Steeleville July 4th Poster (Oversize-2 Copies)


M-36   Large Sesquicentennial Seal Poster


N-1      Illinois Sesquicentennial Announcement Medallion Advertising Stand-Up Card

            Illinois Sesquicentennial Medallions Advertising Stand-Up Card


N-2      Illinois Sesquicentennial Stamp Design Contest List


N-3      Picture of Each Side of Medallion






                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 44                                                                Archives Log


O-A                 Cities & Towns inIllinois


O-A1               Aledo


O-A2               Alton


O-A3               Avon


O-A4               Belvidere


O-A5               Berkeley


O-A6               Bishop Hill


O-A7               Bloomington


O-A8               Blue Island


O-A9               Champaign


O-A10            Chester


O-A11            Chicago


O-A12            Chicago Ridge


O-A13            ClarkCounty


O-A14            Clinton


O-A15            CookCountySesquicentennial Committee


O-A16            Decatur


O-A17            Des Plaines


O-A18            DeKalb


O-A19            East Alton


O-A20            Effingham


O-A21            Evanston


O-A22            Fayette


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 45                                                                Archives Log


O-A23            Flossmoor


O-A24            Forest Park


O-A25            Fort De Chartres State Park


O-A26            FortKaskaskia


O-A27            Freeburg


O-A28            Freeport


O-A29            Galatia


O-A30            Galena


O-A31            Galesburg


O-A32            Golconda


O-A33            Granite City


O-A34            Harrisburg


O-A35            Hinsdale


O-A36            Homewood


O-A37            Indiana


O-A38            Jacksonville


O-A39            Joliet


O-A40            La GrangePark


O-A41             LakeBluff


O-A42            LaSalleCounty


O-A43            Leland


O-A44            Lexington


O-A45            Lincoln


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 46                                                                Archives Log


O-A46            Kankakee


O-A47            Knox


O-A48            Macomb


O-A49            Marengo


O-A50            Moline


O-A51            Monmouth


O-A52            Monticello


O-A53            Morrison


O-A54            Morton Grove


O-A55            Mount Prospect


O-A56            Mount Vernon


O-A57            Naperville


O-A58            Nauvoo


O-A59            Neoga


O-A60            NewSalem


O-A61            Normal


O-A62            Oglesby


O-A63            Olney


O-A64            Ottawa


O-A65            Park Ridge


O-A66            Peoria


O-A67            Plano


O-A68            Pontiac


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 47                                                                Archives Log


O-A69            Quincy


O-A70            RandolphCounty


O-A71            Ringwood


O-A72            Red Oak


O-A73            Riverdale


O-A74            Rockford


O-A75            Rock Island


O-A76            Roselle


O-A77            Rushville


O-A78            St. Charles


O-A79            St. Louis


O-A80            San Jose


O-A81            ShelbyCounty


O-A82            Shirley


O-A83            Skokie


O-A84            Sparta


O-A85            Springfield


O-A86            Springfield #2


O-A87            Spring Valley


O-A88            Stockton


O-A89            Sullivan


O-A90            Sycamore


O-A91            Taylorville


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 48                                                                Archives Log


O-A92            Tri CitiesRock Island,Moline,Davenport


O-A93            Vandalia


O-A94            Virginia


O-A95            Walnut


O-A96             Watseka


O-A97             Washington


O-A98             Waukegan


O-A99             West Chicago


O-A100           Wheeling


O-A101           Wilmette


O-A102           WinnebagoCounty


O-B                 Colleges & Universities


O-B1               AugustanaCollege


O-B2               AuroraCollege


O-B3               BaratCollege


O-B4               BlackHawkCollege


O-B5               BradleyUniversity


O-B6               ChicagoSchool of Art & Design Ltd.


O-B7               WinstonChurchillCollege


O-B8               ColumbiaCollege


O-B9               ConcordiaTeachers College


O-B10             DePaulUniversity


O-B11             EasternIllinoisUniversity


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 49                                                                Archives Log


O-B12             EurekaCollege


O-B13             IllinoisCollege


O-B14             Illinois Institute of Technology


O-B15             IllinoisWesleyanUniversity


O-B16             IllinoisStateUniversity


O-B17             JudsonCollege


O-B18             KnoxCollege


O-B19             LincolnCollege


O-B20             LoyolaUniversity


O-B21             MundeleinCollege


O-B22             MacMurrayCollege


O-B23             MallinckrodtCollege


O-B24             MillikinUniversity


O-B25             RobertMorrisUniversity


O-B26             NationalCollege of Education


O-B27             NorthCentralCollege


O-B28             North Eastern IllinoisState College


O-B29             NorthernIllinoisUniversity


O-B30             Northwestern University


O-B31             OlivetNazareneCollege


O-B32             ParksCollege of Aeronautical Technology


O-B33             PrincipiaCollege


O-B34             QuincyCollege


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 50                                                                Archives Log


O-B35             RockfordCollege


O-B36             RooseveltUniversity


O-B37             School of the Art Institute


O-B38             ShimerCollege (Mt.Carroll)


O-B39             SouthernIllinoisUniversity – Art & Design


O-B40             SouthernIllinoisUniversity – English Department


O-B41             SouthernIllinoisUniversity – Jazz


O-B42             SouthernIllinoisUniversity – Bottje


O-B43             SouthernIllinoisUniversity – Photography


O-B44             SouthernIllinoisUniversity – R. Buckminster Fuller


O-B45             SouthernIllinoisUniversity Shryack


O-B46             SouthernIllinoisUniversity (Carbondale)


O-B47             SouthernIllinoisUniversity (Edwardsville)


O-B48             University ofChicago


O-B49             University ofIllinois (Chicago Circle)


O-B50             University ofIllinois (Urbana)


O-B51             WesternIllinoisUniversity


O-B52             WheatonCollege


O-C                 Literary Awards


O-C1               Literary Awards Budget


O-C2               Journalism


O-C3               Creative Writing Committee


O-C4               Literary Awards


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 51                                                                Archives Log


O-C5               Literary Award Brochure Requests


O-C6               Literary Award Entries – Acknowledged


O-C7               Poetry [Gwendolyn Brooks Interview]


O-D                 Dance


O-D1               American Ballet Theatre


O-D2               Dance Programs & Projects


O-D3               Dance


O-E                 Architecture


O-E1               Architecture Committee


O-E2               “Illinois Architecture” (Book)


O-E3               Architectural Book


O-E4               Architectural Book Press Party


O-E5               Illinois Architecture Thank-You’s


O-E6               Photos Not Used in Exhibition “Ill. Architecture”


O-E7               Architectural Exhibit


O-E8               Architectural Publications


O-F                  Art


O-F1                Art Committee


O-F2                Art Committee Report (6-15-67)


O-F3                Art Committee Meeting (June 15, 1967)


O-F4                Arts Events Scheduled


O-F5                Art Fairs


O-F6                Art Institute ofChicago


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 52                                                                 Archives Log


O-F7                Art Requests


O-F8                Exhibition Areas


O-F9                FieldMuseum of Natural History


O-F10              Handicrafts


O-F11              KrannertArt Museum


O-F12              Sculpture Brochures


O-G                 Music


O-G1               Music Committee


O-G2               Air Force Band


O-G3               American Symphony Orchestra League, Inc.


O-G4               Band Music


O-G5               Barber Shop Quartets


O-G6               Broadcast Music, Inc.


O-G7               Chicago’s Business Men’s Orchestra


O-G8               Chicago Chamber Orchestra


O-G9               Chicago Symphony Orchestra


O-G10             Choirs


O-G11             Down Beat Magazine


O-G12             Paul Fromm Music Foundation


O-G13             Illinois Composers


O-G14             Illinois Music Educators Assoc.


O-G15             “Illinois People” by Earl Robinson


O-G16             Jazz


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 53                                                                Archives Log


O-G17             Marine Band


O-G18             Music Programs & Brochures


O-G19             Music Requests


O-G20             Opera


O-G21             Orchestras


O-G22             Ravinia Festival Association


O-G23             Earl Robinson “Illinois People”


O-G24             Win Stracke


O-G25             Louis Sudler Showcase


O-G26             “Up With People”


O-G27             The Visitation


O-G28             YoungLincoln Opera (Hunkins)


O-G29             Original Music


O-H                 Theatre


O-H1               Theatre Committee


O-H2               Theatre – General


O-H3               Theatre Conference (March 15, 1967)


O-H4               Goodman Theatre


O-H5               Theatre – Local Pageants


O-H6               Theatre – McLeod


O-H7               Theatre – Moe


O-H8               Theatre Requests (One Act Plays & “Wilderness”)


O-H9               Miscellaneous Theatre Contracts


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 54                                                                 Archives Log


O-H10             Historical Play


O-H11             “Mr. Highpockets”


O-H12             Hull House Theatre


O-H13             Little Theatre Production Schedules


O-H14             “The Rivalry”


O-H15             TheRogers Company


O-H16             Scene Designers Exhibit


O-H17             Hedwig Schoch


O-H18             SpoonRiver Anthology


O-H19             “Taste for Violence”


O-H20             Theatre Programs


O-H21             Whitman Portrait


O-H22             The World of Carl Sandburg


O-I                  “Make Her Wilderness LikeEden”


O-I1                Programs & Press Clippings


O-I2                Requests for Scripts


O-I3                Scripts


O-I4                Pageant


O-I5                Pageant Script


O-I6                Preview inUrbana


O-I7                The Museum of Science & Industry


O-I8                Summer Tour


O-I9                Other Performances

                        Slide Rentals and Invitation Orders

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 55                                                                 Archives Log


O-I10              Dr. Kirk Correspondence


O-I11              Photographs


O-I12              County Fair Correspondence


O-I13              Summer Tour Questionnaires


O-I14              Summer Tour Contracts


O-J                  One Act Plays


O-J1                First One Act Play Contest


O-J2                Second One Act Play Contest


O-J3                One Act Play Entry Form Request (1967)


O-J4                One Act Play Competition – 1968 (Requests for Rules)


O-J5                One Act Plays 1967-1968 First Contest


O-J6                One Act Plays 1968-1969 Second Contest


O-K                 Radio Plays


O-K1               Theatre – Radio Scripts by NorthernIllinoisUniversity


O-L                 Arts Committee General


O-L1               Adler Planetarium


O-L2               Adult Education Council of GreaterChicago


O-L3               Allied Arts


O-L4               American Federation of Arts


O-L5               American Legion July 4 Fireworks Show


O-L6               Arts Committee Newsletter


O-L7               Arts Committee Reports


O-L8               The Arts Club ofChicago


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 56                                                                 Archives Log


O-L9               Associated Booking Corp.


O-L10             Association of American Colleges


O-L11             Auditorium Theatre


O-L12             John B. Austin


O-L13             Wm. Bealmer, Office of Supt. of Public Instruction


O-L14             Board of Education


O-L15             Budget


O-L16             Calendar of Events


O-L17             Calendar of Events – Schedules from Arts Committee


O-L18             Camera Clubs


O-L19             Capitol Restoration


O-L20             Carson’s Miniature Rooms


O-L21             Casals, Pablo – Tribute to 5-6-68


O-L22             Francis Chapin Paintings


O-L23             Chicago American


O-L24             Chicago Association of Commerce & Industry


O-L25             TheChicago Community Trust


O-L26             Chicago Creative Arts Foundation


O-L27             TheChicago Historical Society


O-L28             Chicago Public Library


O-L29             ChicagoSchool of Architecture Foundation


O-L30             Chicago Tribune


O-L31             Chronology ofIllinois History


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 57                                                                 Archives Log


O-L32             Clayville Tavern


O-L33             Cobert Artists Management


O-L34             College & University Dept. Heads


O-L35             Columbia Artists Management


O-L36             Columbia Special Products (CBS Records)


O-L37             Commission Members


O-L38             Communications Committee


O-L39             Community Concerts


O-L40             Contracts


O-L41             James W. Cook


O-L42             Costumes


O-L43             CountyChairmen


O-L44             County Fairs


O-L45             December 6th Dinner Dance


O-L46             Democratic Convention


O-L47             Dept. of Public Instruction


O-L48             Directions


O-L49             Senator Everett M. Dirksen


O-L50             Donnelley Printers


O-L51             DuSable Project


O-L52             Educational Projects


O-L53             Equitable Life Assurance Society


O-L54             Essay Contest


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 58                                                                Archives Log


O-L55             Executive Committees (Arts)


O-L56             Fact Book


O-L57             Fashion Show


O-L58             Field Representatives


O-L59             Films


O-L60             Fine Arts Conference (11-21-66)


O-L61             Flags


O-L62             Ford Theatre


O-L63             Governor’s Mansion Committee Meetings & Lists


O-L64             Governor’s Mansion – Slide Lecture & Brochures


O-L65             Governor’s Mansion –Carson’s Correspondence


O-L66             Governor’s Mansion – Directives & Bills


O-L67             Governor’s Mansion – Promotion & Publicity


O-L68             Governor’s Mansion Commission – Rep. Paul Edward


O-L69             Governor’s Mansion Benefit –Springfield


O-L70             Governor’s Mansion Benefit Dinner


O-L71             Haeger Potteries Inc.


O-L72             Heritage Military Music Foundation Inc.


O-L73             Historical Committee


O-L74             Historic Homes


O-L75             Historymobile


O-L76             Mal Hoffmann


O-L77             Senator William G. Horsley


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 59                                                                 Archives Log


O-L78             Hotel & Meeting Room Information


O-L79             Donald W. Howorth


O-L80             Huook Attractions, Inc.


O-L81             Illinois Arts Council


O-L82             Illinois Arts Council – Paintings


O-L83             Illinois Authors


O-L84             Illinois Bell Telephone Company


O-L85             Illinois Bell Historical Paintings


O-L86             Illinois Craftsmen’s Council


O-L87             Illinois Federation of Women’s Club


O-L88             Illinois Mid-State Educational Center


O-L89             ISC April 18, 1966 Meeting


O-L90             ISC Organization


O-L91             ISC Projects


O-L92             IllinoisState Fair


O-L93             IllinoisState Library


O-L94             IllinoisStateMuseum


O-L95             Illinois Travel


O-L96             Illustrious Illinoisans


O-L97             Inter Office Memo


O-L98             Job Applications


O-L99             Junior League ofChicago &Evanston


O-L100           Ulysses Kay


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 60                                                                Archives Log


O-L101           H. Fred Koeper


O-L102           Jack Koten


O-L103           Lake Forest Antique Show


O-L104           LakeviewCenter for the Arts & Science


O-L105           TheLawndale Project


O-L106           LincolnAcademy


O-L107           Norman Luboff


O-L108           Earle Ludgin


O-L109           Mailing Lists


O-L110           Mayor’s Committee Report


O-L111           Medallion


O-L112           Merchandisers


O-L113           Museum ofModern Art (New York)


O-L114           Museum ofContemporary Art – Robert B. Mayer Collection


O-L115           Museum ofContemporary Art – Hydroscapes


O-L116           Museum ofNegro History & Art


O-L117           The Museum of Science & Industry


O-L118           National Arts Council


O-L119           National Geographic Society


O-L120           National Lecture Bureau


O-L121           Newberry Library


O-L122           Ralph Newman


O-L123           Shirley Newman


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 61                                                                Archives Log


O-L124           News Bulletins


O-L125           News Bulletins


O-L126           New York Times


O-L127           New York Trip – July 1967


O-L128           New York Trip – November 1967


O-L129           Northern Illinois Gas Co.


O-L130           100 Magnificent Museums inIllinois


O-L131           Oakbrook Association Crafts Festival


O-L132           Organization of Black American Cultures


O-L133           Photographic Society ofAmerica


O-L134           Poster Contest


O-L135           Press Kit


O-L136           Press Party – November 30, 1967


O-L137           Pre-View Open House


O-L138           Press Releases


O-L139           Preview Reports


O-L140           Public Aid inIllinois


O-L141           Religious Conference – May 18, 1967


O-L142           Riverboats


O-L143           The Roadstead Foundation


O-L144           Norman Ross


O-L145           St. Nicholas Hellenic Orthodox Church


O-L146           Sample Invitations


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 62                                                                Archives Log


O-L147           Carl Sandburg


O-L148           Scrolls


O-L149           Sculpture Exhibit (Touring)


O-L150           Sculptures – Hunt & Gallo


O-L151           Senate Bill 699


O-L152           Governor Samuel H. Shapiro


O-L153           Smithsonian Institute


O-L154           Source Lists for Fine Arts


O-L155           SouthsideCommunityArtCenter


O-L156           VerLynn Sprague


O-L157           Special Events


O-L158           Square Dance Festival


O-L159           Stamp Design Contest


O-L160           Rue Gene Starr


O-L161           State Song “Illinois”


O-L162           Adlai Stevenson Institute


O-L163           Talmanac


O-L164           Territorial Day – April 18, 1968


O-L165           TV Program – “I RememberIllinois”


O-L166           Talent Agencies


O-L167           Television Stations inIllinois


O-L168           Theatre in the Streets


O-L169           “Tomorrow is a Day” (Sesqui Movie)


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 63                                                                Archives Log


O-L170           Touring Recommendations


O-L171           Travel Vouchers


O-L172           U.S. Treasury Dept.


O-L173           Volunteers


O-L174           W.G.N.


O-L175           Paul W. Whear


O-L176           Paul Wayland


O-L177           White House Art Dinner and Kerner


O-L178           Larry Wollan


O-L179           World’s Fair


O-L180           Youth Group Conference


O-L181           Mr. Harold Zabrach


O-L182           Music Requests


P-A                  Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission


P-A1                Commission Members – Biography & Pix


P-A2                Speeches by Commission Member


P-A3                Governor Otto Kerner


P-A4                Governor Samuel Shapiro


P-A5                Commission Meeting – April 18, 1966Champaign,Illinois


P-B                  Ralph G. Newman – Commission Chairman


P-B1                Ralph G. Newman – Biography


P-B2                Ralph G. Newman – Pictures


P-B3                Ralph G. Newman & the ISC


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 64                                                                Archives Log


P-B4                Speeches Made by R.G. Newman 1966-1967-1968


P-B5                RGN & ISC by Larry Wolters 1968


P-B6                Staff-Pix & Biographies


P-B7                Staff Meetings


P-B8                Thank You Letters & Medallions from RGN


P-C                  Correspondence


P-C1                Correspondence – Paul Angle – 1966


P-C2                Correspondence – Jack Foster 1967 & 1968


P-C3                Evelyn Nelson – Miscellaneous Correspondence


P-C4                The Associated Press


P-C5                Jack Benny


P-C6                James Hanlon, VP WGN-WGN-TV


P-C7                Holiday Magazine


P-C8                Bob Hope


P-C9                Illinois Press Association – Arthur Strang

                        Secy.-Mgr. 1967 Correspondence


P-C10              Irv Kupcinet


P-C11              Inter-Office Correspondence


P-C12              Correspondence with Media


P-C13              Ward L. Qual – Pres. WGN Continental Broadcasting Co.


P-C14              Correspondence Mike Sembrat


P-C15              Walter Schwimmer


P-C16              Lawrence Welk


P-C17              Larry Wollan, Asst. Director –Springfield Sesqui Office

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 65                                                                Archives Log


P-C18              Original Stories aboutIllinois Written by Larry Wolters


P-C19              1966 Correspondence Larry Wolters


P-C20              1967 Miscellaneous Correspondence – Larry Wolters


P-C21              1968 Correspondence – Wolters


P-D                  News Releases 1967-1968


P-D1                Master File – Releases Issued byIllinois Info Service,SpringfieldIllinois – Statewide


P-D2                Master File on Releases Issued by theIllinois Information Service fromSpringfield


P-D3                News Release – Wolters, Foster & Nelson June ’68-December ‘68


P-D4                Own Copies of Original Releases


P-D5                Tribune Sunday Feature – Wolters “George Washington Never Slept Here” July

   21, 1968


P-D6                1967 Releases –Illinois Information Service Released fromSpringfield by Carl



P-D7                News Releases – Local


P-D8                Media & Public Relations Lists


P-D9                Illinois ’68 Supplement February 4

                        Contributors – Distribution


P-E                  Press Kits – Articles


P-E1                Press Kits 1967-1968


P-E2                News Bulletins


P-E3                “Joy inIllinois” Wolters Feature, Available Statewide – News Media


P-E4                “Celebrating 150 Years of the Good Life inIllinois”


P-E5                Release: “Bob Hope inIllinois”


P-E6                Man-of-The-Year Award to Newman –Illinois News Broadcasters Assoc. May 26, 1968


P-E7                VerLynn Sprague –BiographyState Director

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 66                                                                Archives Log


P-E8                Memorandum – VerLynn Sprague


P-E9                Donald W. Howorth – Executive Assistant to the Chairman


P-E10              Win Stracke Biography


P-E11              Field Representative


P-E12              Milburn P. Akers, Mg. Editor of the Illinois Intelligencer


P-F                  Photographs


P-F1                Pix-Chicago-Museums, Zoos, Parks, etc.


P-F2                Miscellaneous Pictures – Sesqui Events


P-F3                Photos – Historical Sites inIllinois


P-G                  Television Programs


P-G1                Hugh Downs onLincoln Speech atSpringfield, February 11, 1967


P-G2                The Grants and the Common Men – WMAQ-TV December 6, 1967 9 p.m.


P-G3                Illinois Signs – Illinois Bell Telephone Co.


P-H                  “I RememberIllinois”


P-H1                “I RememberIllinois” Sunday, February 18, 1968


P-H2                “I RememberIllinois” Sunday, February 18, 1968


P-I                   “Tomorrow is a Day” Film


P-I1                 “Tomorrow is a Day” Narrated by Charlton Heston – Guggenheim Film


P-J                   Radio


P-J1                 Radio Station Managers – Quiz


P-J2                 Report on Amateur Radio Program QSL


P-K                  News Letters


P-K1                Target ’68 News Letters Complete File 1967 & 1968


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 67                                                                Archives Log


P-K2                News Letters 1967-1968


P-K3                Arts Committee – Newsletter Target ’68 H.T. Geraghty


P-L                  General


P-L1                Advertising Advisory Committee


P-L2                MissAlaska Centennial – Colleen Pettit Anchorage, July 20, 1967


P-L3                MissAmerica – Judith Ann Ford

                        Belvidere Homecoming October 30, 1968


P-L4                Allied Arts – American Ballet


P-L5                Antique Cars – July 19-20, 1968


P-L6                “Illinois Architecture” Guide by Frederick Koeper – Reception June 3 – Glessner                             House


P-L7                Art & Soul –Lawndale Fine Arts Project Opening November 13, 1968


P-L8                Arts Committee – Literary Awards Contest


P-L9                Art inIllinois – Special Exhibit at the Art Institute ofChicago


P-L10              Athletes Nominated forIllinois Honor at University November 22-23, 1968


P-L11              Athletic Observance November 22-23, 1968University ofIllinois Greatest Living

   Illinois Athletes


P-L12              Athletic Observance Nominations


P-L13              University ofChicago – Birth of the Atomic Age


P-L14              Chicago Bears Football Team Files Sesqui Flag Home Games


P-L15              Chicago Blackhawks Salute toSesquiWearState Patch on Uniforms – All Games


P-L16              National Championship Outboard Boat RacesDePue,Illinois – August 2-3-4, 1968


P-L17              Josie Brown Sesqui Projects


P-L18              IllinoisStateBridge Tournament –Chicago Contract Bridge AssociationSherman

   House – August 28-September 2


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 68                                                                Archives Log


P-L19              Bud Billiken Day – August 10, 1968


P-L20              Chicago Bulls Wear Sesqui Patch on Basketball Uniforms


P-L21              National Campers & Hikers Association July 11-18


P-L22              Canoe Trip to Expo ‘67


P-L23              Dedication of Old CapitolSpringfield,Illinois December 2-3, 1968


P-L24              Chicago Committee


P-L25              Chicago Cubs Salute Labor Day September 2


P-L26              Chicago Day Dinner


P-L27              Chicago Park District – Sesqui Salute toIllinois August 1968


P-L28              Cities Charter Day March 4, 1968Vandalia,Illinois


P-L29              Civil War Round Table – Events Saluting Sesquicentennial


P-L30              George RogersClark March Muzzle Rifle


P-L31              Concerts – Plays – Opera


P-L32              CookCounty 1-15-68


P-L33              DanielPopeCook & JohnJonesSculptureProjectChicago & CookCounty


P-L34              Crafts ofIllinois – July 12


P-L35              Crafts Festival October 5-6, 1968 Clayville Stagecoach Stop


P-L36              Democratic National Convention Special News Kits – August 19-23, 1968


P-L37              A.B. Dick Company


P-L38              National Coon Dog Trials October 19-22, 1968


P-L39              “Drums & Banners”RockValleyCollege March 9-10, 1968


P-L40              DuSable Heritage Committee Salute toChicago


P-L41              Ray Page – Special Pamphlet – 150 Yrs. Of Education inIllinois


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 69                                                                 Archives Log


P-L42              Easter Service – April 14, 1968 Starved Rock

                        Marquette BaldKnobMt. – Circuit Rider


P-L43              Sesqui Calendar of Events – Special Releases


P-L44              Illinois Believes – Religious Program for State


P-L45              Illinois Sesqui Ethnic Committee –Stanley Balzekos, Chairman


P-L46              Illinois Sesqui Float Meister Brau, Inc.


P-L47              Sesqui Float –Dallas,Texas Cotton Bowl Parade January 1, 1968


P-L48              Sesqui Float –Louisville,Kentucky –KentuckyDerby


P-L49              Sesqui Float –BentonHarbor – Blossomtime Parade


P-L50              Sesqui Float atIndianapolis 500 Race


P-L51              Sesqui Float –Carbondale Memorial Day


P-L52              Sesqui Float in Shrine Parade July 9, 1968


P-L53              Sesqui Float –MinneapolisMinnesotaState Fair July 17-25


P-L54              Illinois Sesqui Float – August 9, 1968 State Fair –Springfield


P-L55              Float – Venetian Nights Parade August 23, 1968


P-L56              “Concept in Food” Show


P-L57              January – Fortune Supplement – 60 Pages Special Section –Illinois


P-L58              Future Homemakers ofAmerica


P-L59              ISC Gala – Conrad Hilton – December 6, 1968 Reception, Dinner & Hall


P-L60              GirlScoutHeritageTown – August


P-L61              Chicago World Flower & Garden Show March 23-31, 1968


P-L62              Gold Coast Art Fair August 9-11


P-L63              Sesqui Golf Tournament August 21-22


P-L64              GooseLake Prairie – Grundy Prairie

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 70                                                                Archives Log


P-L65              Background Information Governors ofIllinois


P-L66              “Great Race” August 23-24 Stations WJBC & WJOL


P-L67              JohnHancockCenter Dedication May 6, 1968 Luncheon


P-L68              A History ofIllinois in Paintings – Illinois Bell Telephone Co.


P-L69              “Huck Finn” Paddleboat Trip Teen Adventure Club – International Harvester Project


P-L70              Illinois Architecture


P-L71              Illinois Assess & Accomplishments


P-L72              Illinois Sesqui Baby – Janet Kay Blanton


P-L73              Illinois Stamp Design Contest


P-L74              First Issue –Illinois Commemorative Stamp – Shawneetown, February 12, 1968

                           Designer Prof. George Barford


P-L75              Famous Illinoisians


P-L76              Illinois Governor’s Wives


P-L77              Illinois Power Co. –Decatur,Illinois


P-L78              International Livestock Show


P-L79              “If I Were Governor….”


P-L80              “Illinois” Jazz Record – Bill Reinhardt’s Arrangement Jazz Ltd. Salutes the Sesqui


P-L81              Marshall County Marathon – Jaycees Hike 87 Miles to Link Indiana andIllinois Sesquis


P-L82              Jewel Companies Inc. Maps


P-L83              Illinois Jewry – November 22-23, 1968K.A.M.Temple Salute


P-L84              “Joy InIllinois”


P-L85              Junior Chamber of Commerce


P-L86              Historic Kaskaskia – July 4 March fromFortMassac


P-L87              Governor’s Mansion Library

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 71                                                                Archives Log


P-L88              U.S.M.C. “Illinois Sesquicentennial Co.” 150 Marines


P-L89              Governor’s Mansion Benefit Dinner – December 9


P-L90              Illinois Sesqui Medallions 1st Gilroy Roberts 2nd Trygve A. Rovelstad


P-L91              News Media Downstate – Suggested Mailing List


P-L92              Mailing Lists


P-L93              Carbondale Memorial Day – May 30 Arthur Godfrey


P-L94              “Make Her Wilderness LikeEden” Preview


P-L95              Press Kits for County Fairs “Make Her Wilderness LikeEden”


P-L96              National Geographic Magazine –Illinois Feature


P-L97              Navy Day – Four Gallery Brothers


P-L98              The Negro inIllinois History


P-L99              Negro History inIllinois – Various DuSable Events


P-L100            Joint Negro Appeal Benefit – Judge Otto Kerner Honored – December 8, 1968


P-L101            January Events – E. Nelson


P-L102            February Events – E. Nelson


P-L103            March Events – E. Nelson


P-L104            April Events – E. Nelson


P-L105            May Events – E. Nelson


P-L106            June Events – E. Nelson


P-L107            July Events – E. Nelson


P-L108            August Events – E. Nelson


P-L109            September Events – E. Nelson


P-L110            October Events – E. Nelson


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 72                                                                Archives Log


P-L111            November Events – E. Nelson


P-L112            December Events – E. Nelson


P-L113            Nippon TV Network Corp. Correspondence on Proposed Project inJapan


P-L114            OldTown Art Fair – June 8-9, 1968


P-L115            Chicago Special Olympics


P-L116            Older Adults Sesqui Event Pilgrimage toSpringfield


P-L117            Open Lands Project to Consider


P-L118            Press Party Invitation List


P-L119            Chicago Press Veterans


P-L120            Press Releases – Wolters, Foster, Nelson – November 1967-May 1968


P-L121            Duplicates of Press Releases from theIllinois Information Service


P-L122            Public Relations Clinic


P-L123            Purple Heart Cruise – Kupcinet


P-L124            Illinois Radio Quiz Offered to All Downstate Radio Stations


P-L125            IllinoisRailwayMuseum Planned Opening Could Be Sesqui Event –Union,Illinois


P-L126            Ravinia Season – Special Sesqui Programs


P-L127            Illinois Rose Produced by Wm. N. Andrew –Decatur,Illinois


P-L128            Rose Bowl Parade Correspondence – Gov. Reagan


P-L129            Reader File – Jean Simpson June 1968-December 1968


P-L130            Reading File – November, December 1967, January 1968


P-L131            Don Russell’s “Inland” Story “Anyone for State Pride”


P-L132            Sculpture Exhibit –Pioneer Court – GreaterNorthMichigan Ave. Association


P-L133            Dedication –ShadrachBondSchool


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 73                                                                Archives Log


P-L134            State’s Sesqui Seal Logo Sheet – Decals – Color Slide


P-L135            Shadrach Bond Memorial –Chester,Illinois


P-L136            Illinois Federation of Stamp Clubs News – Special Issue Honoring Sesqui


P-L137            Senate Bill #699


P-L138            Sinclair Oil Corporation Historical Tablet


P-L139            Illinois – TheTallState – Promote New Tagline


P-L140            Target 68 Signs


P-L141            “A Taste for Violence”Urbana

                        University ofIllinois Elijah Lovejoy, Abolitionist Editor


P-L142            Trailer Magazines – Feature onIllinois


P-L143            Transcript of Tape Recording, 1st National Bank ofChicago’s Cornerstone


P-L144            Travel Trailer Owners – Publicity to Promote Interest inIllinois Sesqui


P-L145            “Hello Charlie” Queen – June 7 Western Electronic Contest


P-L146            LeRoy Winbrush – Art Director Correspondence Regarding Displays and Decorations


P-L147            White Sox Sesqui Salute June 23, 1968 –WhiteSoxPark


P-L148            WillCountyCelebrations


P-L149            Wind Radio


P-L150            World Book Article onIllinois


P-L151            May 1 – World’s Columbian Exp. ‘83


P-L152            Youth Conference


                        Oversize Bound Volumes

P-M                 Press Clippings


P-M1               Press Clippings – January ’66-February ‘67


P-M2               Press Clippings – January ’67-October ‘67


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 74                                                                Archives Log


                        Oversize Bound Volumes

P-M3               Press Clippings – November ’67-May ‘68


P-M4               Press Clippings – December ’67-June ‘68


P-M5               Press Clippings – June ’68-September ‘68


P-M6               Press Clippings – October ’68-December ‘68


P-M7               Press Clippings – July ’68-December ‘68


P-N                  Information Exchange Files


Q                     Business & Industrial Relations


Q-1                  Advertising


Q-2                  Advertising Advisory Committee


Q-3                  Advertising Media Correspondence


Q-4                  Advertising – Media Plan


Q-5                  Advertising – Media Plan


Q-6                  Advertising – Outdoor


Q-7                  Advertising – Print


Q-8                  Advertising – Radio & TV


Q-9                  Americana Free Enterprise Foundation


Q-10                Antique Car Display


Q-11                Arts Committee Newsletter


Q-12                Business Organizations


Q-13                Sesqui Birthday Candles


Q-14                Candle File & Pioneer Court File


Q-15                Pablo Casals


Q-16                Chicago Convention Bureau, Inc.

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 75                                                                Archives Log


Q-17                Chicago Creative Arts Foundation


Q-18                ColesCountyFly In


Q-19                DuPageCounty – “Greatest Air Show on Earth”


Q-20                Eastman Kodak


Q-21                Facts onIllinois


Q-22                Famous Illinoisians


Q-23                Forum of the Future


Q-24                Governor’s Day


Q-25                Governor’s Correspondence


Q-26                GreaterNorth Michigan Avenue Assoc.


Q-27                Hancock Tapping Out


Q-28                James Beam DistillingCo.


Q-29                IllinoisBell Paintings


Q-30                Illinois in the Civil War Information


Q-31                IllinoisState Society –Washington,D.C.


Q-32                Illinois, University of


Q-33                IS Rifle –Winchester – Western – Div. Olin-Mathieson Corp.


Q-34                Indiana


Q-35                Info on Various Sesqui Projects from Sesqui Staff inChicago


Q-36                Labor Press


Q-37                Latvian Days


Q-38                Memo’s from Sesqui Staff


Q-39                Miniature Rooms Project


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 76                                                                Archives Log


Q-40                Miscellaneous Correspondence


Q-41                Museum ofContemporary Art


Q-42                Ralph G. Newman Correspondence


Q-43                Patriotic Composition & Inquiries


Q-44                Planning Conference


Q-45                PlantTours


Q-46                Reader’s Digest


Q-47                Research History of Advertising


Q-48                Sesquicentennial Merchandising Efforts


Q-49                Special Olympics for Retarded Children


Q-50                Speech


Q-51                Film Distribution List for “Tomorrow Is A Day”


Q-52                “Tomorrow Is A Day” Guggenheim Production


Q-53                “Tomorrow Is A Day” Charlton Heston


Q-54                “Tomorrow Is A Day” Miscellaneous Info


Q-55                “Tomorrow Is A Day” Reception & Preview Screening


Q-56                West Virginia Centennial


Q-57                Business & Industrial Relation Director’s Files (ArchivalBox 10)


R-A                 General Office Files


R-A1               Air Travel Cards


R-A2               Credit Cards


R-A3               Ford – 2 Door XL


R-A4               IBM Typewriter


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 77                                                                Archives Log


R-A5               Insurance


R-A6               Inter-Office Memos


R-A7               Mimeocrafters


R-A8               Miscellaneous


R-A9               News Bulletins


R-A10             North Park Apartments


R-A11             Pontiac Station Wagon


R-A12             Postal Information


R-A13             Right Girl Temporary Service, Inc.


R-A14             Rogers Telephone Answering Service


R-A15             Supplies Furnishings, Equipment


R-A16             Telephone


R-A17             Travel


R-A18             Travel Vouchers


R-A19             Xerox


R-B                 Commission – General


R-B1               Commission Meeting – November 30, 1967


R-B2               Commission Meeting – August 4, 1967Chicago


R-B3               Commission Meeting – March 1, 1967Springfield


R-B4               Commission Meeting – April 18, 1966


R-B5               Commission Meeting – January 21, 1966


R-B6               Commission General


R-B7               April 18, 1966 Champaign Conference General


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 78                                                                Archives Log


R-B8               April 18, 1966Champaign Conference Speeches & Transcripts of Meetings


R-B9               Illinois Congressional Delegation


R-B10             Commission – Senate Bill #699


R-B11             Commission Staff Meeting 9-26-66


R-B12             April 18, 1966Champaign Conference Program


R-B13             April 18, 1966 Champaign Conference “Information Sheet”


R-B14             April 18, 1966Champaign Conference “Why This Meeting”


R-B15             April 18, 1966Champaign Conference Letters of Invitation to Organizations


R-B16             April 18, 1966Champaign Conference – Letter of Invitation to Press


R-B17             April 18, 1966Champaign Conference – Letter of Invitation to County Boards of



R-B18             April 18, 1966Champaign Conference – Letter Acknowledging Receipt of Reservations


R-B19             Champaign Sketchbook


R-C                 Commission Members


R-C1               Burnham P. Spann


R-C2               Mr. James Cook


R-C3               Lawrence DiPrima


R-C4               Gene Graves


R-C5               William Horsley


R-C6               Patrick H. Hoy


R-C7               Goffrey Hughes


R-C8               George P. Johns


R-C9               Senator Richard R. Larson


R-C10             Lennox R. Lohr

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 79                                                                Archives Log


R-C11             Virginia Marmaduke


R-C12             Robert W. McCarthy


R-C13             Elmo F. McClain


R-C14             Senator Tom Merritt


R-C15             Clarence E. Neff


R-C16             Richard H. Newhouse


R-C17             Paul Powell


R-C18             Paul J. Randolph


R-C19             Earl Robinson & Carl Haverlin Contracts


R-C20             William J. Schoeninger


R-C21             Walter Schwimmer


R-C22             J.W. “Bill” Scott


R-C23             John H. Sengstacke


R-C24             Glenn H. Seymour


R-C25             Senator Paul Simon


R-C26             Senator Hudson Sours


R-D                 Commission Staff


R-D1               Personnel Applications Pending


R-D2               Sick Leave Reports – October 18, 1966


R-E                  State Agencies


R-E1                Governor’s Remarks – Dedication of Lincoln Memorial atChampaign – Spring 1964


R-F                  Sprague - Personnel


R-F1                Milburn P. Akers


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 80                                                                Archives Log


R-F2                Paul M. Angle


R-F3                Diane April


R-F4                Molly Brady


R-F5                John W. Allen


R-F6                Vera Bright


R-F7                Josie L. Brown


R-F8                John Clayton


R-F9                John Conte


R-F10              Arleen DeSmet


R-F11              Virginia S. Eifert


R-F12              Margaret A. Flint


R-F13              Hal Foust


R-F14              Gary Garmisa


R-F15              Helen Tieken Geraghty


R-F16              Lourian Greening


R-F17              Caroline R. Heath


R-F18              Malvin Hoffman


R-F19              Wm. Bl Joyce


R-F20              John H. Keiser


R-F21              Judity Kelly


R-F22              Howard F. Koeper


R-F23              John A. Koten


R-F24              John P. Leland


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 81                                                                Archives Log


R-F25              Evelyn McCree


R-F26              Mary Lynn McCree


R-F27              Marilyn Mooney


R-F28              Shirley Newman (S.A. Miller)


R-F29              Don Russell


R-F30              Ver Lynn Sprague


R-F31              Rue Gene Starr


R-F32              Arvarh Strickland


R-F33              Joel A. Tarr – Centennial History


R-F34              Phil Tobias


R-F35              Rudolph Vecoli


R-F36              Clyde C. Walton


R-F37              Jerry Warshaw


R-F38              Joyce Warshaw


R-F39              Paul Wayland


R-F40              Frieda Weisbach


R-F41              Otha Williams


R-F42              LeRoy Winbush


R-F43              Laurin A. Wollan


R-F44              Percy Wood


R-F45              Larry Wolters


R-F46              General


R-F47              Chicago Convention Bureau


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 82                                                                Archives Log


R-F48              Northwestern University


R-F49              Chicago Association of Commerce & Industry


R-F50              De Paul University


R-F51              OldTown Chamber of Commerce


R-F52              RooseveltUniversity


R-F53              LoyolaUniversity


R-F54              TheUniversity ofChicago


R-F55              University ofChicago


R-F56              Out-of-State Correspondence


R-F57              Advertising Advisory Council


R-F58              Sources: Printers & Publishers


R-F59              Sources: Promotional – Advertising Public Relations


R-F60              Pamphlet – Advisory Advertising Council


R-G                 Projects


R-G1               Altgeld Observance – 1967


R-G2               American Flotilla


R-G3               Beauty Pageants


R-G4               Copyright Data


R-G5               Carson, Pirie Scott & Company Miniature Rooms – Governor’s Mansion


R-G6               Dates (Historic)


R-G7               Disneyland


R-G8               Expo ‘67


R-G9               Film – TV


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 83                                                                Archives Log


R-G10             Golf Tournament


R-G11             “Heroes ofIllinois” Project (Robert S. Kunkel)


R-G12             Medallion


R-G13             Music – General


R-G14             Norman Luboff Cantata


R-G15             Ulysses Kay – Symphony


R-G16             Illinois Song


R-G17             Illinois Song: Recording


R-G18             Museum ofNegro History & Art


R-G19             Plant Tour Program


R-G20             Ross-McElroy Productions, Inc.


R-G21             St. Gaudens Bust for the President


R-G22             Souvenirs & Mal Hoffmann: General


R-G23             Statehouse –Springfield


R-G24             Adlai Stevenson Institute


R-G25             Robert Thom


R-G26             World Flower & Garden Show


R-H                 Historical Publications


R-H1               Education – General


R-H2               Historical Publications: General


R-H3               Suggestions from History/Education Group, Champaign Conference 4/18/66


R-H4               American Association of University Women


R-H5               American Library Association


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 84                                                                Archives Log


R-H6               Author’s Contract


R-H7               Centennial History ofIllinois


R-H8               History of Sesquicentennial Celebration


R-H9               Freeport Conference – October 1966 Programs & Reservation Forms


R-H10             Freeport Conference – October 1966


R-H11             Freeport Historical Soc. Conf. RGN Speech on Centennial


R-H12             Freeport Conference – October 2-3, 1966 – Tapes of Proceedings


R-H13             Historical Advisory Committee


R-H14             John Clayton –Illinois Fact Book Correspondence


R-H15             Illinois Congress of Parents & Teachers


R-H16             Illinois Federation of Teachers


R-H17             Illinois Guide Book


R-H18             “Illinois Inventory”


R-H19             Travelers’ Anthology – Paul Angle


R-H20             State Publications Exchange


R-H21             University ofIllinois Press


R-I                   Historical Societies


R-I1                 Macon County Historical Society


R-I2                 Decatur Civil War Round Table


R-I3                 VermilionCountyMuseum Society


R-I4                 University ofIllinois


R-I5                 Illiana Genealogical & Historical Society


R-I6                 Palos Historical Society


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 84                                                           Archives Log


R-I7                 Wilmette Historical Society


R-I8                 Winnetka Historical Society


R-I9                 FieldMuseum of Natural History


R-I10               Evanston Historical Society


R-I11               Historical Societies – General


R-I12               Illinois State Historical Society Spring, 1964 Tour –Evanston


R-I13               Illinois State Historical Society – “Dispatch”


R-I14               Illinois State Historical Library


R-I15               Illinois State Historical Society


R-I16               IllinoisStateMuseum


R-I17               LincolnAcademy


R-I18               Chicago Heights Historical Society


R-J                   Business


R-J1                 Business: General


R-J2                 Allis-Chalmers Company


R-J3                 Alpha Delta Sigma: National Advertising Fraternity


R-J4                 Certified Grocers ofIllinois


R-J5                 Hertz Corporation


R-J6                 Illinois Bell Telephone Co.


R-J7                 Illinois Electric Cooperatives


R-J8                 Illinois Retail Merchants Assoc.


R-J9                 Illinois State Chamber of Commerce


R-J10               Jaycees –Illinois


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 86                                                                Archives Log


R-J11               National Secretaries Association


R-J12               Nichols Investment Corp.


R-J13               Pick Hotels Corp.


R-J14               Polk Brothers


R-J15               Transportation Industry – Air, Rail, Bus & Oil Companies


R-K                 Communications


R-K1               Communications – General


R-K2               ABC Television


R-K3               CBS Television


R-K4               CBS-TV “TheLincoln People”


R-K5               Chicago Sun Times


R-K6               Chicago Tribune


R-K7               Children’s Press, Inc.


R-K8               Courier News –Charleston


R-K9               Economist Newspapers – Bruce Sargon


R-K10             FieldEnterprise


R-K11             Illinois Broadcasters Association


R-K12             IllinoisState Journal – Register


R-K13             National Geographic Magazine


R-K14             OutdoorIllinois – Magazine


R-K15             Readers Digest


R-K16             WGN Television


R-L                  Fine Arts


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 87                                                                Archives Log


R-L1                Arts Committee


R-L2                Fine Arts


R-L3                Fine Arts Conference, November 21, 1966 Sheraton-Blackstone Hotel,Chicago


R-L4                Illinois Arts Council


R-L5                David Sibley – Lecture Tour


R-M                 Government


R-M1               Suggesting from Government Group – Champaign Conference 4/18/66


R-M2               Illinois Association of Supervisors &CountyCommissioners


R-N                 Service, Financial, Civic, Youth, Patriotic


R-N1               Citizenship – General


R-N2               Boy Scouts ofAmerica


R-N3               American Legion


R-N4               Citizenship Council of MetropolitanChicago


R-N5               Daughters of the American Revolution


R-N6               Girl Scouts ofAmerica


R-N7               Grand Army of the Republic, Inc.


R-N8               Illinois Federation of Women’s Clubs


R-N9               Kiwanis Club


R-N10             League of Women Voters


R-N11             Masons & Shriners


R-N12             Rotary International


R-N13             Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War


R-O                 Tourism & Recreation


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 88                                                                 Archives Log


R-O1               Suggestions from Recreation GroupChampaign Conference 4/18/66


R-O2               Tourism – General


R-O3               American Automobile Association


R-O4               Discover America, Inc.


R-O5               Hiawatha Pioneer Trail


R-O6               Illiamo Travel Council


R-O7               Illinois Association of Park Districts


R-O8               Illinois Innkeepers Association


R-O9               Land ofLincoln Tour – Morrison Travel


R-O10             Lincoln Heritage Trail


R-O11             Midwest Travel Directors


R-O12             Mississippi River Parkway Commission


R-O13             Mormon Trails Assoc.


R-O14             N.A.T.O. National Association of Travel Organizations


R-O15             National Campers & Hikers Association I.S.A. Camper


R-O16             National Park Services – 50th Anniversary Promotion Kit


R-O17             Northern Great Lakes Area Council


R-O18             Region 1 Tourism Council


R-O19             Region 2 Tourism Council


R-O20             Region 3 Tourism Council


R-O21             Region 4 Tourism Council


R-O22             Region 5 Tourism Council


R-O23             Region 6 Tourism Council


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 89                                                                Archives Log


R-O24             Region 7 Tourism Council


R-O25             Region 8 Tourism Council


R-O26             Region 9 Tourism Council


R-O27             Region 10 Tourism Council


R-O28             Southern Illinois Tourism & Investment Conference


R-O29             The Economic Potentials of Tourism & Recreation inSouthern Illinois


R-O30             Tourism Council of GreaterChicago


R-O31             Travel Publicity & Promotion Newsletter


R-O32             United States Travel Service –U.S. Dept. of Commerce


R-P                  General


R-P1                Medallion File Units Sold Per County


R-P2                Press Releases – Medallion Checks


R-P3                Appropriation & Reapportions Acts


R-P4                Checks for Counties (Medallion)


R-P5                Artillery at Hazel Grove


R-P6                Arts Committee Projects


R-P7                Chicago Committee


R-P8                Chicago Conventions 1/1/66 to 7/1/66


R-P9                Chicago Historical Society Agreement


R-P10              Civil War Round Table – Stationery


R-P11              Civil War Round Table Meetings 67-68


R-P12              Commemorative Stamp – Slogan Die Cancellator’s


R-P13              Commission Report, Projects, Budget Organizations of Activities


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 90                                                                Archives Log


R-P14              Communication Tightrope


R-P15              August 4th Commission Meeting Coach Room (202) at Carriage House


R-P16              Commission Meeting – August 4, 1967


R-P17              Committee Members & Addresses


R-P18              Cook County/Chicago Committee


R-P19              CookCounty – Dan Pope Cook


R-P20              Desaulniers & Company,Moline,Illinois


R-P21              Display (Le Roy Winbush Memos)


R-P22              Film Requests (for Showing)


R-P23              Letters Re; 21 Star Flag


R-P24              Flags


R-P25              Golf Tournament


R-P26              Suggested Guidelines for the Preparation of aCountyHistory


R-P27              Fireworks Correspondence


R-P28              Hearts & Flowers


R-P29              Historymobile


R-P30              History – Religious


R-P31              Letter Re: Sen. Horsley’s Statements


R-P32              I.S.A. Camper


R-P33              Employee News - State ofIllinois


R-P34              Illinois ’68 Newsletter Magazine Hope Norris, Editor


R-P35              Illinois Bibliography Revision – Purpose


R-P36              Illinois Libraries


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 91                                                                Archives Log


R-P37              Illinois –OfficialState Song


R-P38              Illinois Retailer Letter by J. Leland


R-P39              Illinois Sesquicentennial Proclamation


R-P40              Intelligencer Mailing List


R-P41              Laws ofIllinois


R-P42              Letters Re: Consent Cards


R-P43              Lincoln Coin


R-P44              Main Street Voice ofSpringfield


R-P45              Mailing Lists


R-P46              Major Sesqui Events Scheduled


R-P47              Memoranda to Field Representatives


R-P48              Memo to Sesqui Historians


R-P49              Memo to Sesqui Planners


R-P50              Miscellaneous


R-P51              MissIllinois 1967


R-P52              Music – Ballad forIllinois


R-P53              National Association of Travel Organizations


R-P54              News –Illinois Information Service


R-P55              News Releases


R-P56              News Releases – Tourism Council of GreaterChicago


R-P57              Pasadena Tournament of Roses Assoc.


R-P58              Patriotic Committee – Armistice & Memorial Days


R-P59              Personnel – Applications for Leland Job


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 92                                                                Archives Log


R-P60              Posse (Program of Sesqui Special Events)


R-P61              Requests for Sesqui Literature


R-P62              Proclamation – Sesqui


R-P63              Sprague Correspondence by VMB 1966 – Personal


R-P64              TheRogers Company


R-P65              Song – The Corn inIllinois


R-P66              Specifications for a Historic of County


R-P67              Sports Committee


R-P68              Staff Meetings October 1967


R-P69              Staff Meetings October 1967


R-P70              The State Treasurer – Pamphlets


R-P71              Stationery – Lincoln Heritage Trail Board of Econ. Devel.


R-P72              Win Stracke – Norman Luboff Freedom Country (Cantata)


R-P73              Suggestions for Sesqui Events & Activities for Women’s Club


R-P74              Target ’68 Newsletter


R-P75              Tourism


R-P76              University ofChicago


R-P77              Calendar of Events –University ofIllinois


R-P78              Recreation Portfolio – So.Illinois


R-P79              Waukegan –Lake County,Illinois


R-P80              Laurin Wollan, June Correspondence


R-P81              Words to Song


R-P82              Youth Committee


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 93                                                                Archives Log


R-P83              General Correspondence March-June 1967


R-P84              General Correspondence 7/3/67 to 7/14/67


R-P85              General Correspondence 7/15/67 to 7/30/67


R-P86              General Correspondence 7-31 to 8/4/67


R-P87              General Correspondence 8/7/67 to 8/11/67


R-P88              General Correspondence 8/14/67 to 8/18/67


R-P89              General Correspondence A


R-P90              General Correspondence B


R-P91              General Correspondence C


R-P92              Civil War Round Table –Vicksburg Battlefield – Senator Karl Berning


R-P93              Chicago World Flower & Garden Show


R-P94              CountyHistories


R-P95              Miner Thompson Coburn (Speaker)


R-P96              General Correspondence D


R-P97              General Correspondence E


R-P98              General Correspondence F


R-P99              Full Grown Men


R-P100            Under 5 Flags


R-P101            Freedom Foundations


R-P102            Float


R-P103            Under 5 Flags


R-P104            General Correspondence G


R-P105            Glossaries


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 94                                                                 Archives Log


R-P106            General Correspondence H


R-P107            General Correspondence I


R-P108            Illinois People


R-P109            General Correspondence J


R-P110            General Correspondence K


R-P111            General Correspondence L


R-P112            General Correspondence M


R-P113            Medallions – County Financial Reports


R-P114            General Correspondence MC


R-P115            General Correspondence N


R-P116            General Correspondence O


R-P117            General Correspondence P I


R-P118            General Correspondence P II


R-P119            General Correspondence Q


R-P120            General Correspondence R


R-P121            Earl Robinson “Illinois People”


R-P122            General Correspondence S I


R-P123            General Correspondence S II


R-P124            Win Stracke


R-P125            Shapiro


R-P126            General Correspondence T


R-P127            Time Records – VerLynn Sprague


R-P128            Time Records – Minerva Taft


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 95                                                                Archives Log


R-P129            General Correspondence U-V


R-P130            General Correspondence W


R-Q                 Speeches and Speakers


R-Q1               Anne Coyne – Referrals forChicago & CookCounty


R-Q2               Eleanor Sprague – Speeches


R-Q3               Washington,D.C. – Speeches – December 4, 1967


R-Q4               January 1968 – Speeches


R-Q5               January 1, 1968 – Cotton Bowl Parade


R-Q6               February 1968 – Speeches


R-Q7               February 12, 1968 – First Day of Issue Shawneetown


R-Q8               March 1968 Speeches


R-Q9               March 4, 1968 Charter – Vandalia


R-Q10             April 1968 – Speeches


R-Q11             April 14, 1968 – Easter Sunday – Bald Knob


R-Q12             April 19-21, 1968 Sesquicentennial Sabbath


R-Q13             Memorial Day – May, 1968 –Carbondale


R-Q14             May 1968 – Speeches


R-Q15             June 1968 – Speeches


R-Q16             July 4, 1968 –FortKaskaskia


R-Q17             Aquatennial Parade –Minneapolis July 20, 24, 1968


R-Q18             July 1968 – Speeches


R-Q19             August 26, 1968 – Constitution


R-Q20             State Fair – August 8-18, 1968


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 96                                                                Archives Log


R-Q21             August 1968 – Speeches


R-Q22             September 1968 Speeches


R-Q23             Constitution Day


R-Q24             October 1968 – Speeches


R-Q25             October 5-6, 1968


R-Q26             Inaugural Balls – October 5, 1968Springfield & Statewide


R-Q27             November 1968 – Speeches


R-Q28             December 1968 – Speeches


R-Q29             VerLynn Sprague – State Car Expenses


R-Q30             VerLynn Sprague – Jubilee Wagon


R-Q31             Philip Maxwell,Chesterton,Indiana


R-Q32             Eleanor Sprague – Biography & Picture


R-Q33             Speakers – List of Possibles


R-Q34             Harold Bradley, Jr.


R-Q35             McMacken


S-1                   Sembrat – Follow-Up


S-2                   Sembrat – Reading File


S-3                   Arts Committee – Target ’68


S-4                   Josie Brown


S-5                   Anne Coyne


S-6                   J. Stuart Doyle (Chicago Committee)


S-7                   Field Operations


S-8                   Ford Theatre – Reopening Program Tuesday, January 30, 1968


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 97                                                                Archives Log


S-9                   Jack Foster


S-10                 Helen Tiekin Geraghty


S-11                 Guggenheim Productions, Inc.


S-12                 Guggenheim Contract


S-13                 Malvin K. Hoffmann


S-14                 Don Howorth


S-15                 Illinois Sesquicentennial Arts Program

                        Literary Awards Contest


S-16                 “Illinois Believes …”


S-17                 “Illinois, theJubileeState for ‘68”

                        Sesquicentennial Highway Map


S-18                 Illinois Sesquicentennial


S-19                 IllinoisSesquicentennialState Booklet & Calendar of Events


S-20                 “Info ‘68” – Evelyn McCree


S-21                 Jack Koten


S-22                 Virginia Marmaduke


S-23                 Ralph G. Newman, Chairman


S-24                 Newsletter – Target ‘68


S-25                 Press Conferences


S-26                 Michael Sembrat – Executive Administrator


S-27                 Sesqui Activities for theIllinois State Bar Association


S-28                 Sesquicentennial Sabbath April 19, 20, 21, 1968


S-29                 Shawneetown Mailing – February 12, 1968

                        $ .06 Sesqui Commemorative Stamp


S-30                 VerLynn Sprague

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 98                                                                Archives Log


S-31                 Staff Conferences


S-32                 Staff Members – Job Responsibilities


S-33                 State ofIllinois


S-34                 State Street Council Luncheon Thursday, January 18, 1968


S-35                 Win Stracke


S-36                 Supplement


S-37                 Television Show


S-38                 Unveiling of the Illinois Sesqui Stamp & 1st Day of Issue Ceremonies


S-39                 Larry Wollan


S-40                 WGN Flag & DecoratingCo. Supply Catalog & Price List


S-41                 Joyce Warshaw


S-42                 LeRoy Winbush


S-43                 Larry Wolters


T-1                   State Agencies – General


T-2                   Office of the Governor


T-3                   Governor’s Committee for Distinguished Foreign Guests


T-4                   Office of the Attorney General


T-5                   Office of the Auditor of Public Accounts


T-6                   Office of the Lieutenant Governor


T-7                   Office of the Secretary of State


T-8                   Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction


T-9                   Board of Higher Education


T-10                 Budgetary Commission


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 99                                                                Archives Log


T-11                 Department of Aeronautics


T-12                 Department of Agriculture


T-13                 Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Board of Vocational Education & Rehabilitation


T-14                 Cities & Villages Municipal Problems Commission


T-15                 Commission for Economic Development


T-16                 Commission on Mental Health


T-17                 Computer & Data Processing Equipment Study Commission


T-18                 Fair Employment Practices Commission


T-19                 Illinois Commerce Commission


T-20                 Illinois State Fair – 1966 Photographs


T-21                 Illinois Veterans Commission


T-22                 Illinois Youth Commission


T-23                 Intergovernmental Cooperation Commission


T-24                 Legislative Council


T-25                 Legislative Reference Bureau


T-26                 Office of EconomicOpportunity


T-27                 Office of the Treasurer


T-28                 State Toll Highway Commission


T-29                 Supreme Court


T-30                 Dept. of Business & Economic Dev.


T-31                 Dept. of Children & Family Services


T-32                 Dept. of Conservation


T-33                 Dept. of Finance


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 100                                                              Archives Log


T-34                 Illinois Information Service

                        Div. of Dept. of Finance


T-35                 Dept. of Financial Institutions


T-36                 Div. of Info by Publications


T-37                 Dept. of Labor


T-38                 Dept. of Mental Health


T-39                 Dept. of the Military & Navy


T-40                 Dept. of the Mines & Minerals


T-41                 Dept. of Personnel


T-42                 Department of Public Aid


T-43                 Dept. of Public Health


T-44                 Dept. of Public Safety


T-45                 Dept. of Public Works & Buildings


T-46                 Dept. of Registration & Education


T-47                 Div. of Tourism


T-48                 News Releases


U-A                 Events, Projects & Promotions


U-A1               Miscellaneous Events


U-A2               Adlai Stevenson Institute


U-A3               Architecture Book – Glessner House Preview


U-A4               Armenian Day Celebration


U-A5               Bud Billiken Parade, Chicago 8/10/68


U-A6               Chicago Committee on UrbanOpportunity


U-A7               Chicago Playing Card Collectors Annual Con.

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 101                                                              Archives Log


U-A8               Chicago Public Library – Sesqui Month June, 1968


U-A9               Chicago Special Olympics – Joseph P. Kennedy Foundation


U-A10             April 18th, 1968 Commission Mtg. andChicago Day Dinner


U-A11             The Cradle,Evanston


U-A12             Des Plaines River CanoeMarathon, May 26, 1968


U-A13             Executive Chefs Association


U-A14             Head Start Sesquicentennial ProgramChicago 8/14/68


U-A15             Hinsdale Community Stamp Collectors Show: November 30-December 1


U-A16             “The Huck Finn” – Teen Adventures Club Trip by Paddlewheel Boat toNew Orleans


U-A17             Illinois Jaycees: Sesqui Events 1968


U-A18             Illinois Miniature Room


U-A19             IllinoisState Society –Washington,D.C.


U-A20             Ivanhoe Restaurant & Theatre: Celeste Holm Opening & Sesqui Dinner


U-A21             Jazz Festival –Chicago


U-A22             Lawndale Project: ISC & Museum of Contemporary Art Proposal


U-A23             Lincoln College Political Action Forum for Young People


U-A24             “Make Her Wilderness LikeEden”


U-A25             Marie Koupal Lusk Collection


U-A26             Natural Heritage Project


U-A27             New Nickname forIllinois


U-A28             NorthernIllinoisUniversity Sesqui Plays & Crafts Festival: July 1968


U-A29             OldTown Art Fair


U-A30             C.D. Peacock’s Jewelry Store Opening & Reception:Chicago, June 12, 1968


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 102                                                              Archives Log


U-A31             Press Conference & Commission Mtg. November 30, 1967 –Chicago


U-A32             Sesquicentennial Baby (July 4th)Champaign


U-A33             Sesquicentennial Flag RaisingChicago Civic Center 12/4/67


U-A34             Dedication ofShadrachBondElementary School,Mt. Prospect, 9/29/68


U-A35             Sports Car Club ofAmerica “Railsplitter Rally” October 4-5, 1968


U-A36             Statehood Day: December 3, 1968


U-A37             Volkswagen Club of America, Inc.

                        13th National Convention;Chicago, July 1968


U-B                 Publications


U-B1               “Sesqui Scrapbook” – Newspaper Ad Mat Service


U-B2               Submission of Publication in Graphics & Design Contests


U-B3               Art, Displays, Publications Miscellaneous File


U-B4               Brochure on Commission Members & Staff


U-B5               Fact Book Brochure


U-B6               Illinois Road Map for 1968


U-B7               One-Sheet Brochure


U-B8               Place Cards Production File


U-B9               Religious Heritage Brochure


U-B10             Win Stracke – Brochure


U-C                 General Files


U-C1               Joyce Warshaw – General Reference Material File


U-C2               Joyce Warshaw – General or Miscellaneous Filing


U-C3               Films, Radio & TV


U-C4               Ideas

                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 103                                                              Archives Log


U-C5               Illinois Governors – Brief Biographical Sketches


U-C6               Illinois Newspapers – Xerox

                        Copy of Ayers Directory Pages


U-C7               General Information File for Conference Room


U-C8               Literature & Souvenirs


U-C9               General File on Literature Distribution & Requests


U-C10             General Staff & Administrative Memos & Reports


U-C11             Jerry Warshaw


U-D                 Illinois Sesquicentennial Stamp Design Contest &Illinois Commemorative Postage

   Stamp (ArchivalBox 11)


U-D1               General Planning & Administrative Files, Entries 1 through 199 (ArchivalBoxes 11-12)


U-D2               Contest Entries 100 through 499 (ArchivalBoxes 12-13)


U-D3               Contest Entries 500 through 799 (ArchivalBoxes 13-15)


U-D4               Contest Entries 800 through 1199 (ArchivalBoxes 15-16)


U-D5               Contest Entries 1200 through 1290 (ArchivalBoxes 16-17)

                        Disqualified, Miscellaneous or Unidentified Entries


U-E                 Sesquicentennial Brochure (Illinois, theJubileeState for 68) and Calendar of

   Events, Production & Distribution File (ArchivalBoxes 17-18)


V                     Intelligencer Files


V-1                  Intelligencer Editorials


V-2                  Intelligencer Printing


V-3                  Correspondence


V-4                  Copy to Edit


V-5                  Sources


V-6                  Mailing List Miscellaneous


                                                Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission                         Page 104                                                              Archives Log


V-7                  Illinois Intelligencer


V-8                  Letters


V-9                  Future


W-1                 Fulfilled Requests (ArchivalBoxes 19-20)


W-2                 Fulfilled Requests (ArchivalBoxes 20-21)


W-3                 Fulfilled Requests (ArchivalBoxes 21-23)


X                     Vender’s Vouchers – 74th Biennium (Archival Boxes 24-25?)


X-1                  Vender’s Vouchers – 74th Biennium A thru N (Archival Boxes 23-24)


X-2                  Vender’s Vouchers – 74th Biennium O thru Z (ArchivalBox 24)


Y                     Gazateer & Guide Book Files


Y-1                  File #1 (ArchivalBox 26)


Y-2                  File #2 (ArchivalBoxes 26-28)


Y-3                  File #3 (ArchivalBoxes 28-30)


[Divisions Between Files Are Marked]




   Medallions Shipped, 1967: 1-2400 (ArchivalBoxes 30-31)


   Medallions Shipped, 1968: 2401-6450 (ArchivalBoxes 31-34)


   Medallion Correspondence, etc (Archival Boxes 34-35)


Research Director’s File (Archival Boxes 30-36)


Chairman’s File (Archival Boxes 36-37)


Accountant’s File (Archival Boxes 37-38)


Oversize-Loose on Shelf




“Illinois Sesquicentennial Commission Records, 1965-1969,” Chronicling Illinois, accessed June 24, 2019,