Alexander W. Randall to Richard Yates


Alexander W. Randall to Richard Yates


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State of Wisconsin

Executive Office

Madison Nov 6. 1861

His Excellency Richard Yates,

Governor of the State of Illinois.

Sir: As an individual State and as a part of the Great West, Wisconsin is anxious, not only to do her full duty in the present struggle for free government but at the same time to do everything in her power for the advancement of her own and the nation's industrial interests.

With this view, I appointed in September last, a Commissioner to represent this state at the Great Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations, to be held at London in the year 1862, not doubting that State Commissioners would be recognized by the Royal Commissioners, as in 1851. Finding that this will not be the case, however, and moreover, having discovered by the appointments already made of U.S. Commissioners to make preparations for said exhibition, that the authorities at Washington who have the whole matter in charge are not disposed to recognize the claims of the Northwest to a share either in the making of those arrangements or in the representation at London, I have thought it well that the several states constituting the Northwest should unite in the appoint

ment of a single Commissioner with authority to take such measures as he may deem best to insure a creditable exhibition from this division of our country to represent the states so appointing him, at the London Exhibition, and to make such a report thereof as may best calculated to advance the special industrial interests of those states.

If such action were taken by the Northwestern States, there can be no doubt that it would result in a far more worthy exhibition than they will otherwise make, and in the official recognition and authorization of such Commissioner by the President, in which case the expenses of the proposed Joint Commission would undoubtedly be provided for in the appropriation for which the President intends to ask at the next session of Congress. But if the expenses should not be so provided for, the amount, which need not exceed the sum of two thousand dollars altogether, would be but a trifle for the five or six states represented.

Should the foregoing views meet with your approval, I would ask the favor of nominating as said Joint Commissioner, the appointee of this State, Dr. John W. Hoyt, Sec'y of the Wis. State Agricultural Society, Vice Prest of the U.S. Agricultural Society, &c. In addition to possessing the

highest qualifications for the important duties of the commission, he has, by the official action of your own State Agricultural Society and of the Societies of four other Northwestern States, been made a candidate for the appointment by the President, of Commissioner for the U.S., and is strongly indorsed by numerous officers of Eastern Boards of Agriculture. He has likewise a thorough familiarity with what is necessary to be done in the premises, and if duly authorized will earnestly and at once devote himself to the work of securing to the West an honorable position at the great industrial gathering of the Nations at London.

In conclusion, I may be allowed to suggest that, inasmuch as all articles intended for the Exhibition must be reported to the Royal Commissioners as early as January 1st and ready for shipment from New York by the 28th of February, it is important that whatever is done by the West should be done with the least possible delay.

With assurances of high consideration,

I am sir, very truly yours,

Alex. W. Randall

Gov A W Randall

Madison Nov 6

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