John Wood to Richard Yates


John Wood to Richard Yates


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Supplies furnished to their Regiments, Companies H. which they failed to obtain at the time the supplies were furnished, and which it was necessary for them to have to enable them to settle their accounts with the Government. In the settlement of the accounts of the State with the Government it was deemed important to send an Officer of this Department to Washington to make such explanations as might be required to effect a prompt Settlement.

Accordingly in January last by your authority I ordered My Assistant, Major John H Schermerhorn to proceed to Washington and make such explanations as might be found necessary to a full understanding and Settlement of Our accounts, and to the efficiency of this Officer is the State much indebted for the service rendered by him, who in the period of about two months succeeded in having accounts allowed by the 3rd Auditor of the Treasury to the amount of 790356.28/100 dollars. I would here call your Excellency's attention to the fact that abstracts no. 172 to 192 inclusive of accounts passed upon by the Board of Army Auditors amounting to 111,624.96/100 dollars are still in the hands of the State Auditor and have never been presented at Washington for payment. Of this amount (111624.96/100 dollars) the State has paid 98919.52/100 dollars. The indebtedness incurred by this Department from June 1st 1863 to Dec. 31st 1864 as per abstract B. Vouchers Nos. 1 to 15 herewith submitted amounts to 4746.85/100 dollars, to this amount may be

added the expenditures incurred prior to June 1st 1863 as reported in Abstract B. of Expenditures of May 31st 1863 Vouchers nos. 1456 to 1458 inclusive and nos. 1460 to 1468 inclusive making a total of 6856.02/100 dollars remaining unpaid by the State. Of this amount I have paid from my own private funds 3878.07/100 dollars and there has been paid by order of your Excellency 763.88/100 dollars.

I would respectfully ask that your Excellency recommend to the Legislature that an Appropriation be made to pay these accounts with an additional amount Sufficient to cover all necessary Expenses to enable me to make a final Settlement of My Accounts.

For a full and detailed Report of the transactions of this Department from the date of its organization to May 31st 1863, with full Property Returns showing the total amount of all Property purchased, issued, and transferred, giving name of contractor, quantity purchased, and to whom issued, or transferred, with full written explanations of the same I would refer your Excellency to the Report Submitted by me under date of May 31st 1863 but not acted upon by the Legislature at its last session.

All which is respectfully submitted

John Wood

Quartermaster General

State of Illinois

Report of Quarter Master General

John Wood



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