W. D. Henderson to Richard Yates


W. D. Henderson to Richard Yates


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Monmouth Dec 30th 1864

Dear Governor

I have been anxiously looking for a letter from you both in relation to the Prisoners or rather unfortunate troops confined at Nashville & in relation to my son in the 8th Ill Regmnt, but have received nothing yet please let me hear from you on this subject as soon as posible for I do feel much concern on my Brothers account.

I have been in Henderson County for the last few days & could not learn anything definite there in relatin to Simpsons views in relation to the senatorship Every one with whom I conversed was for you though I learned that there were some who were opposed to you but there only objection was they feared you would fall a victim to the habit of drinking infact this is the only objection that is urged against you in this region. I have conversed frequently and freely with Martin on the subject and I do feel confident that he wishes to vote for you & that if he can feel assured that you will cease that habit he will support you. See him and talk to him your self on the subject

The last conversation I had with Mr Strain he frankly acknowledged that you deserved the Senatorship that he prefered you to any other man but Said that he had dureing the canvass Spoken of Richardson as the drunken Senator of this State and that he did not want to have the Democrats charge him with voting for a man whose habits in that respect were not above suspicion but many of your friends here have unitedly been useing their best efforts to prevail on him to suport you and we feel in hopes that he will do so Although he did not pledge himself to you before leaving but while your friends were useing their efforts for you I Know there were some men of Influence here who were exerting themselves against you. And the only objective urged against you was this beseting Sin I think if you will see Mr Strain and assure him that his fears or apprehensions on that Subject are unnescessary that he will Still Support you. at least I hope so I had intended to have seen him again before he left for Springfield but he left a day sooner than I Expected. I would have liked to have been at Springfield next week and if nescessary have done anything that I could to have aided you in the contest but business at home presses me and I could not get away.

Very Truly Your Friend

W D Henderson

Henderson W D

Monmouth Dec 28/64

Is anxious to hear from you in relaetion to prisoners at Nashville and his son in 8th Regt.

Simpson has been labored with & will probably support you. so also Martin & Strain The only use one objection - that of your habits.



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