Enoch Sloan to Richard Yates


Enoch Sloan to Richard Yates


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Peoria, Dec. 26, 1864

Hon. Richard Yates,

Dear Sir Since you were in our city, I have had several conversations with our Representative Mr McCoy on the Senatorial question. My notion is you are his first choice, yet for some cause he declines committing himself to any one. On one or two occasions he has spoken very friendly of Mr. Washburn, and has expressed the belief that Mr. W. ultimately would be more influential at Washington than any one else in the state. this belief is based upon the fact that Washburn is the confidential and bosom friend of Gen. Grant, and that Gen. Grant's success in the ultimate capture of Richmond will make him the greatest man in the country, and thereby secure to Washburn in point of influence a great power of strength to the state. This is McCoy's reasoning in favor of Washburn, yet he says there is no man in the state he would more gladly

honor than you. Judge Williamson of our place was telling me yesterday that McCoy in his opinion would support you that he had as much as told him so. I think at your request, Judge Williamson, Judge Kellogg, Mr. Calligan Dr. Durham and others would visit Springfield, and if possible would labor with McCoy, on the ground, and induce him to support you through all opposition. I feel sure that the sentiment of the district is for you. Let this sentiment be represented as fully as possible at the Capitol, and there will be no trouble. I have heard of but one or two dissenting voices among Union men.

Senator Lindsay will not be Captious. From his conversations with some of his Union friends (personal) I am led to believe that he will take a stand which will bring down upon his devoted head the curses of many a cop.

What I have said with reference to McCoy please consider as confidential. I hope your success is sure.

Your &c

Enoch P Sloan

Sloan E P

Peoria Dec 26 1864

Has had a talk with Pat McCoy. He declines committing himself but is very friendly to the Governor &c



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