Martin H. Cassell to Richard Yates


Martin H. Cassell to Richard Yates


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Tremont House. Decr 26th 1864.

Dear Governor,

I saw your dispatch to Henry to day which satisfied you were not coming up which is all right and just as I should have telegraphed to you tonight, it is just as well and I think better for you that you so not come here before the Election. You will see by the Tribune of this morning that it has taken open ground for Washburn to the exclusion of Palmer, Logan and the field, this article or any other it may contain in the same direction and selfish spirit will be an advantage to you, it only gives the Journal and other papers the opportunity of fighting the Tribune in behalf of Palmer & others and not necessarily making you the objective point. I think you will see this in the sequel. I notice already that Wentworth talks very differently about the matter from what he has heretofore.

Your friends here are on the alert and I am well satisfied you have not lost any ground but matters seem to me in better shape than when we were here. I am glad I came up here because I have had the opportunity of seeing how the land lays here, and of seeing a good many from other parts of the state. I met here last night Col Beardslee of Rock Island and had considerable talk with him. he went home last night and promised me that he and his friends would be

busey from now until your Election was accomplished the member Lloyd from Rock Island is the brother in law of the Beardslees and they say he and Webster are for you without doubt. I also met your old friend Jesse Lynch of Marshall County who is more than alive to the issue and he says that it cant be possible for you to lose the vote of Stacy of Bureau County. Bureau & Marshall you Know voted together for Stacy. he says he will work in that direction until the election is over and that he will be on hand at Springfield at the opening. by the way he says you must write to him at Wenona, Marshall County. dont fail to do so pressing him to be at Springfield. send all those letters it was a Capital idea your friends are anxious and willing to come down and help you.

I had a great deal of talk with Genl Fuller on the way up here and after he had seen Washburn I have no doubt Fuller will return to Springfield your open and avowed friend and will give you his cordial support. I shall see him as he passes through here and talk to him.

It is Christmas here to day and of course not much doing I shall look round tomorrow and try my hand again on Charly Willson I have had some talk with him and think there is a prospect of doing something in that direction. he is all over against

Washburne and if the Tribune follows up its article in the same spirit of to days issue of Couse it is against Logan who is the Journal's Man and will drive the Journal to come out against W. this I think is natural and I shall direct my efforts in that quarter accordingly. Upon the whole I think things working well and that you are gaining ground in every direction I will write you again in a day or two and shall remain here as long as I think I can do any good. Write me here until friday night when I shall come down and be in Springfield on Saturday

Your friend

Martin H Cassell

Cassell M H

Tremont House

Dec 26 1864




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