George S. Bangs to Richard Yates


George S. Bangs to Richard Yates


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Aurora Nov. 26. 1864

Dear Governor:-

I was in Chicago yesterday. Went ther upon an invitation by telegraph & when I got there found that it was hoped that I would help make up the combination against you. My paper of this week went to Chicago by the same train that I did. It told the tale that I was not wanted. So I was not invited to the meeting held yesterday, by the opposition. Washburn once went back upon a young but quite prominent Lawyer in Chicago, but Jones was green enough to let him into the ring and from him I get the most that I learned. Of him I will tell you some other time. Logan is a full fledged Candidate---this I know & his friends will make the bigest show they are capable of making. There are a number in Chicago who feel a new-born zeal in his behalf. The Journal boys will be for him, but I do not think they will say so in their paper, unless some of your friends attack Logan in some way. There were a number of stories afloat yesterday charging that your friends had said harsh, mean things of Logan & I think these stories [somed?] up to Logan by various slinks have determined him to be a candidate. Washburn knows well how to set these things [agoing?] & he has a lot of [cuses] on his staff that know how to do these things. The Tribune will be neutral

with strong proclivities to go for the winning man. Col. Loomis will tell you his impressions about that establishment. I called upon Logan upon the urgent solicitation of Charley Wilson. [Kyrkendall?] talked about Logans being a candidate in his presence, and he will be back in Chicago to look after the interests of the combination in a week or so. [Dove?] L. Phillipps was laying around looking as weak as a veritable Uriah Heeps. I hope he is for you, but you know best.

I write in haste. If I see anything worth wright will report. Of course you will put forth your best efforts. Do not let them fool you.

Yours truly

Geo S. Bangs

Bangs Geo. S.

Aurora Nov. 26th 1864

Senatorial---in relation to combination &c

Bangs---No 2.





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