Thomas J. Henderson to Richard Yates


Thomas J. Henderson to Richard Yates


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as soon as I was able for duty and have been commanding it now for more than two months - There are in fact but few Brigades of my acquaintence Commanded by Brigadiers.

Since I came into the Service I have never sought any light duty. I have been in the field and at the front whenever able and oftentimes when really unfit for duty. My health although some better now, is much impaired. Unless it continues to improve I might not in justice to myself and my family remain much longer in the Service or at least on the field. And what I wanted to say to you in View of what you have said to my brother James is, that if I am promoted at all it must be done Soon. Promotion is with me a matter of pride perhaps. it would be some Vindication of my Character, which you know has been assailed by certain persons. And I Know it would be as gratifying to my friends at home and to the Officers & men of my Regiment here in the field, as it would be to me.

Pardon this long letter of a purly personal Character. I am almost ashamed to send it, now I have written it, It is so long. I cannot touch upon other Matters. I must, however, send my Congratulations to you upon the result of the late Elections and Especially in Illinois. It is glorious, and so regarded in the Army. The democracy must feel terribly rebuked and whipped by the Magnificent popular verdict

against them. I am much gratified to Know that Peoria and Stark Elected Union Representatives. And as the Stark County News, insisted upon their Election on the ground that a U.S. Senator was to be Elected and it was a question whether you or Richardson was to be returned as Senator, I infer everything is Right there. If I can Serve you in any way Command me.

Your Friend.

Thomas J. Henderson.

To His Exy

Richard Yates.

Governor of Illinois

Henderson Col Thos. J.

Pulaski Nov. 19th 1864

On account of your remark to his Bro James, he writes in refference to his promotion. Does not wish to praise himself but only states the facts &c Has always been at his post & done his duty to the best of his ability

If he is to be promoted it must be done soon.

Congratulates you on success of Union Party your prospects for Senate &c




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