William Barry to Richard Yates


William Barry to Richard Yates


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[Seal of the Soc. Historic: Chicago Monumenta Histor Conser 1856]

Chicago, November 17, 1864

To His Excellency -

Richard Yates - Governor &c.


By this Society's direction I have the honor to accompany with this a certified copy of resolutions passed by them, relating to the desirableness of State action in Illinois, auxiliary to the designs of the United States Bureau of Emigration. The fact that several states of the Northwest have already organised such action, and issued publication---the two States of Ohio and Minnesota having for some years had a regular Bureau of Statistics,

whose annual reports, from the estimable commissioners, have been widely diffused, and presented at the European Congress of Statisticians, shows that the action proposed in Illinois is not unprecedented, but is imperatively demanded by a just regard for the interests of the State.

It is needless to suggest, that only publications emanating from, and hence sanctioned by the State authorities, can have full weight in foreign countries, and most certainly conduce to attract foreign emigrants to our territory.

I have the honor to be,

With the highest respect,


Your obedient Servant,

William Barry,

Secretary &c.

To His Excellency

Richard Yates,

Governor of Illinois.

At a statute meeting of the Chicago Historical [Society?] recently held, was passed the following - vis.

"Whereas the United States government, by order of Congress has recently established and organised a Bureau of Emigration, for the laudable purpose of encouraging and aiding the emigration of foreigners to the unoccupied or newly settled regions of the United States.
  1. 1 Resolved, that, in the opinion of this Society, the interests of the State of Illinois require the prompt establishment of a State Bureau of Statistics, to be filled by a commissioner of approved intelligence, judgment, and experience, for the purpose of seasonably collecting digesting and publishing, in an authentic form, from time to time, complete means of information respecting the resources, development and advantages to settlers, of this state; the said commissioner to hold correspondence with the United States Bureau of Emigration, and, in all ways, to serve effectively, as occasion may offer, the object of general good contemplated, in the late enlightened action of the general Government.

"Resolved that a copy of the above be transmitted by the Secretary, to His Excellency Governor Yates, as also to his successor, when elected."

A copy of Record.

William Barry, Rec. Secretary

Chicago. November 17, 1864

Barry Wm Secy Hist. Society

Chicago Nov 17th 1864

Encloses copy of resolutions passed by the Society in referrence to the Establishment in the State of a Bureau of statistics. auxiliary to the designs of the U.S. Bureau of Emigration






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