N. Niles to Richard Yates


N. Niles to Richard Yates


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Belleville Ills.

Novr 10, 1864

Gov. Yates

Dr Sir:

We have done it handsomely all around. St Clair gives some 1800 majority. Baker is elected My joy at this result is a little alloyed with the thought that such a creature as Bob Smith should have kept me out of the nomination by the threat of his opposition, after I had recd within one vote, enough to make me the candidate

I had a frank talk with Metcalf some time ago. He will support you.

You spoke of going to Washington Had I not better go with you, or meet you there? I understand that officers have been reinstates with pay, after resignation and dismissal. I have been at work you know, for the hundred days service and otherwise for the country ever since I resigned and I think I have claims on Old Abe. Please write. Yours Truly

N. Niles


I have a boy a little over 15 (Kossuth) just out of the Hundred Days, really two hundred days service, as a Private soldier in Tennessee & Missouri where he earned praise from all. Could he be sent to Westpoint? I know the pressure on Senators & hesitated to mention him to you. Please remember him.

There is a matter to which I must allude as a true and loyal friend to you. There will be an opposition to you in the state of a personal character which you must dissipate scatter and crush out---at once. As U.S.G said to his boys, of the Johny Rebs, "you can whip them and you must," so you must succeed By success I mean complete triumph over the world, the flesh & the Devil---like St Paul's. There was a dead set made against me here as a drunkard and against Baker as a Temperance man I have firmly resolved on self reform; the removal of all grounds for such slanders. I write tremulously from an intemperate celebration of our victory, but hoping praying that this resolution is fixed Let us go together. Excuse the freedom of Your

True Friend


Niles Col N.

Belleville Nov 10/64

St Clair 1800 Baker is elected. His joy is a little alloyed from fact of his having been defeated in Nomination by such a man as Bob Smith.

Wants to know if he had better not meet Govr at Washington.

Wants him to get his son---a boy of 15 years just out of the Two hundred days service into West Point

Speaks of an opposition to Gov of a personal



Metcalf will support you.



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